10 Best Exercises for Stay at Home Moms

Between nursing, preparing meals, changing diapers, bathing your baby, feeding, and other chores with your children, it is very much essential to exercise for stay at home moms. Stay at home moms work as hard as people working outside home. However most of them get stuck in their household chores that they often tend to forget and find no much time to exercise. This will create ample number of problems to them health wise as well as in their life style.

Here are 10 best exercises for stay at home moms.

1. Join gym

It does not matter if you do not enjoy outdoors. You can still enjoy the indoor exercising going to a gym. Besides this, the onsite children facilities for child care is very convenient. Some gyms have fitness classes for you as well as your children. These are much better than the fitness supplements for moms.

2. Exercise with your kids

Exercise is a great way to bond with your kid. You can teach them how to be fit and healthy in their early childhood. You can start with jumping jack, push up stations or the skipping rope there are more details can be found at http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=483.

3. Jog with your baby in the stroller

No matter your kid is too young or getting older. You can put them in the stroller and go for jogging. This will be a change for your kid and can introduce them to your new life style as you jog.

4. Strap baby in the baby carrier

If your baby is too young to exercise with you, you need not have to wait until it gets older for exercising. Strap your baby in the baby carrier and get set for walking or jogging or running, whichever you choose as the most appropriate exercise for you.

5. Join yoga classes

Yoga gives great strength to you and your kids. It increases stamina, reduces stress as well as offer a great bonding opportunity for you and your kids.

6. Buy exercise videos and practice at home

If you do not want to go out and exercise, then you can easily buy some videos and practice at home along with your kids.

7. Aerobics

This is a great way of introducing yourself with music plus exercise early morning or late evenings. Aerobics are a great way to shape your muscles and you will not hurt your body much as they are light weight exercises only and nothing brisky.

8. Join a dance class

Dance is a great way of exercising. Whether you opt for salsa or disco or classical dance, you would definitely be benefited by dancing.

Best Butt Exercises

9. Abs

Burning abdominal fat is very essential because this is where fat forms a tire. Doing abs regularly will help deplete this abdominal fat gradually. You can do leaping, sit ups, cycling or something simple to help you lose your abdomen weight.

10. Leap Cordage

This is a great fat loss exercise where you can improve your heart rate and improve your metabolism leading to increased burning power.

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