4 New Hobbies for Work-at-Home Moms

Work-at-home opportunities are blessings for a single mom. Because regular office hours in the corporate world can be very demanding, working outside in a typical office setting may not be suitable for single moms anymore. Raising a child requires a lot of your time and energy and it is important to give your baby the healthy home environment that he/she deserves.

Apart from the time you get to spend with your kids, working at home also gives a lot of extra hours for yourself. Use this time wisely to discover yourself more and work on towards a better you. Discover new hobbies that can contribute to your significant improvement and overall happiness.

Work-at-Home Moms

Here are some great hobbies you can take on while you are enjoying your stay at home:


When you first moved in the house, there were surely a lot of wonderful plans that might have been put aside because of budget or lack of time. Now that you have hours and hours to spend at home, you can finally work on the home improvement projects you promised to do. Gardening is a great way to spruce up the house. The addition of gorgeous flowers can brighten up any old place and can also boost your mood. Decorate your garden with magnolias, roses, daises and throw in a couple of exotic plants like woodrose, which aside from being beautiful also has healing effects.


Let out your creative side with a set of paint and paintbrushes. Painting is a fairly inexpensive hobby that can open up your mind to new things. While art may be an intimidating subject, especially for those who have not tried it yet, you don’t have to create a masterpiece right away. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn as you go along. The great thing is – you don’t even have to enroll in an art school anymore because the Internet is filled with tutorials that can teach you how to paint.


For those single moms who are looking to express their feelings through words, writing and journaling is a great outlet for you. Plus, because all you need is a pen, paper and your thoughts, this is also a very inexpensive hobby. For a fun and more personal twist to your journal, incorporate pictures, stickers, tickets and other memorabilia and turn your diary into a scrapbook. You will definitely have fun looking back to your entries after a couple of years.


Every mom wants to work on their figures, not just to look better but also to live a healthier and fuller life. No matter how busy your day is, find time to exercise even for just 1 hour daily. Because of modern conveniences, you don’t even have to leave the house and go to the gym. Just pop in a yoga, pilates or cardio workout DVD and you are good to go! Getting fit is very challenging, especially if you are not used to being active. But, if you do exercises regularly and watch what you eat, the results are going to be so worth it!

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