5 Ancient Craft Ideas Worth Teaching Your Kids

Many of you might be wondering why bother about craft ideas related to ancient days when we have the most modern and innovative means in the present world. Well, there is a valid and most appropriate reason for this. If you want your kids to learn history – be it American history or any other country, you should definitely put them to work on those historical topics and make them work on their crafts. This not only gives them a good way of thinking about ancient crafts, but also learn a lot about their history, ancestors and many other things.

Below are the 5 ancient craft ideas which are worth teaching your kids.

1. Salt dough amulets

Amulet is something that a person carries for luck. Ancient American stories say that people used to wear them as jewelry. Below are the steps to make salt dough amulets.

You will need the below ingredients:

● make salt dough
● use acrylic paint with different color combinations
● use varnish optionally
● string

Shape the salt dough for making your amulet. Make a hole on the amulet and bake it for 160 degree Fahrenheit. With the help of acrylic paint you can paint the amulet moulded into different colors. Dry it and varnish. Slide a string to wear http://ancienthistory.mrdonn.org/Ideas.html has a lot of things to do with it.

2. Paper plate beetle

This is a great way of teaching the anatomy of beetle insects to the little kids. You can paint the paper plate and allow it to dry for sometime. With the help of black marker or pen draw the beetle. From black paper cut strings depicting beetle legs and glue them underneath the paper plate. Here comes your little one’s beetle.

3. Collar necklace craft

You need old T-shirt and colors. Make a curve from one shoulder to another and open it out. Start creating your own designs and colors using the fabric paints. Wear this proudly for Halloween!

4. Paper weaving

You will need color paper, scissors and color paper stripes. Fold your base paper and cut slits where you can weave your colorful threads one by one. Make sure you leave the ends without cutting so that the stripes will not fall off from the base paper. Evenly space the slits, unfold the paper and start weaving over and under of the base paper.for more information, follow her latest blog post.

You can even trim up the edges and you are done with this simple weaving craft. Just like this one, there are weaving loom options in the children’s craft. You can find variety of kids weaving looms in the market which are easy, lightweight and simple to use.

Ancient Craft

5. Horn book

This was used by the colonial children for learning alphabets. This paddle shaped wood with parchment containing upper as well as lowercase alphabets and numbers helped kids in their early schooling. Children will learn how other kids of their age can learn reading and writing in their early childhood. You can draw paddle shaped cardboard with cut out letters and decorate it with animal drawings.

Next you can glue this in the paddle. Then paint the square of tracing paper with shiny glaze for representing the horn sheet. Once it gets dried, glue the tracing paper over the letters and new students can practice writing letters using the tracing paper and the parchment.

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