5 Grants for Single Moms

Everyone is aware of how hard it is for a single mother to take care of her children, paying bills and managing all financial expenses incurred. This looks like a never ending struggle many a times. However, there is still a good news. There are various grants offered by Government – Federal or State, private grants, non profit organization grants, church grants and many others which can help beat up your financial problems.

You can find more information and a list of 15 grants at this location. Below are the 5 grants for single moms which you should apply for and avail the advantage of getting some help to take care of your family as a single mother.

1. Private grants

There are certain private organizations and Universities who are willing to offer grants for single moms to pursue their education. These are all private institutions and encourage the single moms to apply and avail the benefit. They, along with Government organizations strive hard to eradicate this income gap from the single moms. Unlike Government aids where you do not have to return the grants, private grants definitely expect you to return back the money you get from them – some with interest and some waiving the interest visit the site http://www.wahm.com/articles/5-resources-for-financial-assistance-for-single-mothers.html for more single mom grants information.

2. Government aided grants

This money is aided by the President. This is most commonly called as Pell grant for single moms. If you are thinking what is so special about this, then off course it is very special and different from other grants. You do not really have to pay back this money to Government or anybody. However, you can avail this grant only if you meet certain income requirements. But single moms have better chance of winning this grant.

3. Non profit agency grants

If a single mom is interested in going back to school there are many non-profit agencies where you can get aid from. Some of the non profit agencies like the Department of Human services, or the department of social services, can get you financial aid for going back to school and earn your living. Major advantage of this kind of non profit agencies is that, they not only provide financial assistance for going back to school, but also offer food, clothing, transportation to and from work to school.

4. Grants from community, church or religious organizations

Most of the community groups, churches and various religious organizations offer grants for single mothers from sympathy point of view. These grants help them with resources for going back to school as well as help them make sure they are fed and feed their family well and pay the bills on time.

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5. Reserved grants for single mothers

This is much similar to the private grants for everyone, however there are some reserved grants for single moms which can help them go back to school and earn a degree. Once they get a good education, they will be capable of working somewhere to earn and take care of their family. Some of these are institutional grants, Sunshine lady foundation, Women’s opportunity awards and many others.

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