A Safer and More Affordable Way to Entertain Your Kids

It can be tough to keep your kids entertained when there is so much on the TV that you simply don’t want them to watch.  Even kids shows can promote terrible behaviors and result in a lot of family arguments.  What is worse is that cable TV is becoming extremely expensive and you are often faced with the situation where you can scan through all hundred channels and won’t find a single thing that you actually want to see.  Being late for a show is also incredibly annoying and kids will put up a terrible fight when they want to catch a live show or series after bedtime hours.

Restore the balance in your home and save money!

A great way to make life easier for you and your kids is to get the ShowBox app.  This fantastic Android app allows you to stream shows, series and movies from the internet.  ShowBox is also completely free which means you can replace your expensive cable TV with a free alternative.

A Safer and More Affordable Way to Entertain Your Kids

Which shows are available on ShowBox?

ShowBox has a large database of the latest TV shows, series and movies that your entire family will love.  The database is updated regularly which means you can have free access to new content as soon as the new shows are available.  The app allows you to scan through the content easily to find what you want to watch and you can either live stream the content on your device or download it so you can enjoy it later or repeat certain content.

Why ShowBox is so great for family

  • ShowBox work on a large number of devices and is completely free which means that each member of the family can get it downloaded on their own devices and watch what they want without annoying one another
  • Only the best and most popular movies and content is available on ShowBox which is a much safer alternative to some of the harsh TV and kids shows that is available on cable.
  • You can pull the plug on all entertainment by simply switching the WiFi off so everyone can go to bed on time
  • It isn’t terribly tragic for kids when their shows are cut off because they can simply watch it again tomorrow
  • You can watch what you like without missing the beginning or end of a story
  • Stream the shows to your smart TV the entire family can enjoy a bit of quality time together

How to get ShowBox

ShowBox works through a strong internet connection and you need a rather large data package.  The apps are available on the Android App store and can be installed with the simple click of a button.  Showbox is also available for PC, Kindle, iPhone and iPad and Blackberry devices by downloading the software from the ShowBox site.

Once you have the download completed, you can start searching through the available content for the shows and movies that you would like to watch.

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