Best Blogs for Biking Moms

Being a mom is a daunting task. It drains you of a considerable amount of energy and often simultaneously aids you in the packing on of pounds. If you are tired of that baby weight, or the spare tire that has somehow attached itself to your middle, you might be considering taking up biking. Choosing the right bike is critical. But, if you are looking for support from other moms in your situation, we’ve compiled this list of the best blogs for biking moms.

Before you can begin any new health-focused endeavor, it is imperative that you purchase the things necessary to achieve those goals. We recommend that you visit: While you are there, you will be able to pick out the bike that is most appropriate for your needs. And, if you take the time to explore, you will discover that international purchases over $200 get free shipping. There are also some great blog topics available for your perusal. Now you are ready to see the biking mom blogs we discussed previously.

Best Blogs for Biking Moms

Top 10 Biking Blogs for Moms

It is always challenging to start a new health goal. But, when you add kids to the mix it seems like it becomes next to impossible. This is why we wanted to direct you to some great blogs by families who bike together. Here are the top 10 biking blogs for moms:

  1. Family on a Bike– If you are looking for biking inspiration, this family has you covered. They are connected to other biking families and you will find their adventures quite enjoyable.
  2. Full Hands- Imagine three kids, all boys, and a city to explore. This blog will take you on a two-wheel journey that will leave you ready and willing to traverse your own locale.
  3. Carfree with Kids– Now imagine two kids and no car. These moms live in Massachusetts and save money by traveling by bike, foot, and bus. Follow their journey on this blog.
  4. TechnoEarthMamma- With 3 kids and an xtracycle, this techno mamma is trying to find her way towards sustainability.
  5. Suburban Bike Mama– Whether they are on two or three wheels, this mom and her two kids travel all over locally, exploring what’s good in their area.
  6. Murrs Across America- This family took a four-month bike trip from Florida to Oregon. That was 4400 hundred miles with two toddlers and two bikes. Take that into consideration when you read all about their travels
  7. Family/Bike/Words– This family of 6 does whatever it can to take as many biking trips as possible. They ride bikes year-round even though they live in Lexington, KY where it snows!
  8. Velo Mom– She co-owns a bike shop, but makes a living as a full-time software engineer. She claims that all the socks she owns are bike socks and that having kids has not hindered that passion in the least.
  9. Bike Bliss- This mom in Montana tells other moms that they need to discover the bliss of bike riding.
  10. Pedal Powered Family– This four-member family decided to spend a year on the road via bike. They are definitely an adventure laden family. Check out this link to learn more about them.

You don’t have to be an expert to bike with your kids. But, if you would like to learn about some great gear for those biking endeavors, don’t miss this site.