Best Things to Buy from Asia

As moms, we get disgusted by the amount of “Made in China” materials we find in our stores. It starts feeling like China has taken over and there’s nothing left of value in the good ole U.S. of A. Maybe it feels that way in Canada too, but the truth is, there are some good things coming from Asia. So, we decided to fill you in on the best things to buy from lands of the East.

If you have never had the opportunity as a mom to travel to Asia, perhaps you would consider offering your children that memorable experience. Rustic Pathways offers service and travel programs for students in high school. They will create the itinerary and provide your child with an opportunity to flourish, explore, and make an impact on those living in South East Asia, or other locales around the world. That’s all the more reason to know what to buy from the countries in those areas.

Best Things to Buy from Asia

Get These Products from Asian Locales

We have subdivided the Asian locales so that you will know which places are the best for the specified products. Regardless, you will want to get these if you ever have the joy of traveling, or if you send your high school students on a jaunt abroad. We hope you will find great value in our suggestions and maybe reconsider the negative attitude we have all developed toward the Chinese infiltration of our store shelves.


While there, you will want to pick up these items:

  1. Darlie Toothpaste- Read more.
  2. Aik Cheong Kopi o (it’s black coffee that comes in sachets)
  3. Nutmeg Oil
  4. Tiger Balm
  5. Luke’s Heat Rash Powder
  6. Bactroban Antibiotic Cream
  7. Gamat Balm (made of sea cucumbers)
  8. Indonesian Cotton Sarongs
  9. Squid Crisps- Check these
  10. BOH Tea


If you happen to get a chance to explore this interesting country, don’t miss out on these products:

  1. Korean movies and fan related items
  2. Cute socks – Koreans are very much against dirty feet.
  3. Silverware
  4. Handcrafted wares
  5. BB cream- It’s a beauty balm that costs three times less in Korea than in the US.
  6. Facial packs- You can sometimes get them for free outside of beauty supply stores.
  7. Weird beauty care- Things like double-eyelid tape exist in Korea.
  8. Hanbok- This is a traditional and historic Korean costume.
  9. Soju- Korean liquor. Learn more.


Since we mentioned it so much in our article, it seemed prudent to tell you what China produces that can actually be beneficial to your purchasing desires. So, here’s that list:

  1. Tea
  2. Silk- This is a highly valuable and revered gift. Make sure the vendor is able to prove that the item is true silk (it will burn clean, not melt).
  3. Porcelain
  4. Jade- Be careful, there are a lot of fakes out there.
  5. Pearls
  6. Scroll Paintings
  7. Clothes
  8. Candy- Bean cakes and mango gummies will be a nice surprise for the kids if you can get them through customs.
  9. Chops- Not chopsticks, but the traditional seals made out of stone and utilized for the purpose of signing documents.

There are so many other countries to explore in Asia and with a little bit of research you can determine what purchases are best made while over there. Let you kids enjoy their high school travel adventures, just make sure you provide them with this list of items to pick up.