The Best Wedding Venues

These days, when couples are moving to the next level which is to get married, the first thing they do is to get in touch with a wedding planner. Of course, it is also possible to plan a wedding even without the help of such professionals. Without the planner, the first thing to think about is the best location to have the wedding.

Take into consideration that the venue will have a major impact on the theme or style of the wedding. Hence, it is important to carefully select the place. It will shape the wedding’s entire décor and style. Hence, after the wedding date has been selected as well as the estimated budget, the style of the wedding should also be chosen. It is just normal for soon to be brides to already have envisioned her dream wedding ever since she is a kid. Even grooms also have foresees himself walking down the aisle with the kind of wedding he wants. Thus, both should already have an idea on which style of wedding they want. A great choice that can cater various wedding styles is the Chateau Polonez wedding venue.

wedding venue

For most newly engaged couples, the entire chores that must be accomplished seemed to be a challenge. Many would get started on searching online so as to check various suggestions and tips for the big day. It just normal to search the major search engines because it truly has quite a few ideas to help make the wedding great. Some tips can be found here

Other important considerations:

  1. Date of the Wedding. It is likely to find as many venues as you would like when your dates are flexible. The peak day of the week is Saturday. You may want to consider getting married on Fridays or Sundays. Lower prices are also offered when the day that you chosen are not the peak day. Because Sundays are also holidays for most offices and banks, it is also sold out quickly.
  2. Ceremony type. The type of ceremony is mostly based on religion. You can go on a roughly 25 minute ceremony for civil, 50 minute duration for catholic or other religion , civil with blessing type has the civil ceremony and an additional religious blessing and the like. When you opt to have the religious ceremony, you also need to coordinate with your church. Separate church decors might also be needed. Select the church that is in close proximity with the wedding reception venue.
  3. Total or approximate number of guests. Ensure that the selected venue can cater the estimated number of your invitees.
  4. Budget for the entire wedding. When setting the budget, take into account the cost of the venue, catering, gowns, flowers, invitations, party favors, and other add-ons that you would like for the ceremony. Others even allocate funds for guests’ accommodation, transportation and fireworks.
  5. Style or theme for the wedding. There are quite a few styles to select from. Aside from styles, the colors of the gowns and flowers also play a major role for the overall look of the wedding.


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