Get the Right Pet Gear and Take Your Child’s Dog along on Trips

A dog is one of the best gifts to give your child.  Dogs are terrific play things that can keep children busy for hours.  Dogs are great companions to lonely children and dogs can be therapeutic to children that struggle with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.  Caring for a dog is also a great way to teach your child responsibility.  If your child and his beloved dog are simply unrepeatable then it might be a good idea to stop leaving the dog behind for travels because by separating the two, you are actually causing a lot of extra stress to both child and pet and you are depriving your child of his or her comfort companion.  The right gear and a bit of training will make it a lot easier for moms to take these lovable dogs along on any trip without any distress.

Get the Right Pet Gear and Take Your Child’s Dog along on Trips

Shop Yippr pet supplies

Yippr is a terrific pet supply brand that offers high quality pet supplies at affordable rates.  You can shop Yippr supplies directly from their website and save even more on the products.  The Yippr dog supplies are extremely helpful and enable moms to travel easier with dogs.  These fun supplies are also great for keeping children focused on their pets instead of causing trouble in the car or on trips.

Get a LED Yippr collar

What child wouldn’t love a light up collar with four LED settings that they can adjust?  The LED Yippr collars look fantastic and they are incredibly durable since they can withstand all weather conditions like rain, snow, wind and more.  Your child can enjoy playing around with the light up collar as much as he or she likes because these fantastic collars are USB rechargeable.  If you want to keep your little one busy for hours then See Yippr Dog Collars.  These collars are great for keeping track of pets at night, keeping track of pets on trips and will make your pet look a lot more fun.

Get a LED Yippr leash

If you want a light up leash to go with the LED collar then the Yippr LED leash is perfect because it offers the same lighting features as the Yippr collars.  These leashes are perfect for inspiring your children to keep a much better eye on the family pet during trips.

Yippr car seat protector

Don’t want doggy hair all over the seat?  Then the Yippr car seat protector is a must.  This fantastic cover is easy to insert in any vehicle and will protect your car seat from pet hair, paw damage and will also protect the seats against the mess children tend to make in a car.

Collapsible dog bowl

With these silicone collapsible dog bowls your child can care better for his beloved dog on trips because these bowls enables your child to feed or water his pet anywhere.  The bowls take up very little space once they are collapsed and the silicone construction makes it easy to transport even if space is limited.

The Best Affordable Car Rental in Perth for Moms on Budget

Looking for affordable and quality car rentals in Perth can be frustrating and time consuming. Being a single mom on budget doesn’t help with that situation either. While some moms have the luxury to acquire the more exclusive and expensive car hire services, some simply can’t and would rather invest on other priorities. With priorities in mind, consider Ace Rent a Car on your list. They guarantee you the lowest price in Perth, and will assist you on any questions you might have.

The Best Affordable Car Rental in Perth for Moms on Budget

What is Ace Rent a Car

They are an award-winning car rental company in North America that extended their affordable deals and quality customer service in Perth, Australia. They are awarded with the highest in customer satisfaction according to the annual industry consumer survey at J.D. Power & Associates in 2011.Their branches are located in Mandurah, CBD, and Perth Airport to conveniently assist you with your needs. With over 30 years of experience in the car rental industry, they claimed to have served thousands of customers. That being said, you can expect a reliable and affordable car rental to get you where you need to be.

Why Choose Ace Rent a Car

Either a visiting mom or local mom, there are a few notable advantages you can expect when dealing with Ace Rent a Car.

  • High Maintenance

From cars and vans to minibuses, they offer high quality maintenance for each vehicle to perform to its highest standards, offering a safe and comfortable car rental service. The vehicles run through extensive cleaning from inside and out together with a thorough checkup that even OB GYN specialists will feel embarrassed.

  • Readily available

Located in the most convenient of places, you can easily get a hold of their services. They can provide you a shuttle service from Perth Airport to their branch in Victoria Park, and vice versa. From there, you can inquire about your visit with their professional and friendly team.

  • Personalized Service

Fully assists their customers with whatever they might need. They are one of the few companies that value their customers with high quality service.

  • Accomplished in the car rental industry

With more than 30 years of experience, there is no doubt they are highly qualified and knowledgeable to know what a customer might need to know and understand about the city of Perth. Either exploring sceneries and attractions or even finding the most exquisite dishes around the city, you only have but to ask for assistance from their customer service team.

  • Various types of vehicles to choose from

They offer a plethora of vehicles including small and medium sized cars, commercial vans, SUV’s, and mini-buses. They also offer vehicles that are suitable for individuals that may require a lot of mileage.

  • Affordable Price Range

At around $250, you can already rent a car for a whole week. If you brought your baby with you, you can also ask for a baby seat at $5 a day. If you require assistance such as navigation or a driver, you can also acquire one at $5 a day. Compared to other car rental services, you can easily save up to $100 just by choosing the right company.

Moms usually take care of the budget around the family, and so you’ll need to cleverly plan and organize the trip to Perth or anywhere else for that matter, especially with limited budget. Although it may seem to be a lot of work at first, you’ll find out sooner or later that it is a lot more convenient and more efficient for you and your family to have a safe and a stress-free vacation.

Moms, when should you get a new ride?

We all have experienced that familiar feeling of new-car envy and it is perfectly normal to feel that way. It is important to realize when you are due for an upgrade. Obviously the first thing to consider is that your finances should be in-line for the upgrade. It shouldn’t be an impulsive decision and there should be a few valid reasons why you would like to invest in a new car. We all wish we could flash money around and drive a new car every month but unfortunately this is not the way life goes for most of us. Here are a few valid reasons to get rid of your trusty sedan and to invest in the lap of luxury. This would also be applicable to those moms that constantly struggle with their cars but that believe their car is still a keeper.

As mentioned previously money is incredibly important when deciding if you need a new car or not. Do a bit of research on the fuel economy of your current car and see how much you could potentially save every year. Next do a budget and make sure you can afford to purchase a new car taking into consideration the trade-in value of your car. Don’t settle for a huge balloon payment and try to pay your car off as soon as you possibly can. Click here to learn more about budgeting.

Moms, when should you get a new ride?

Secondly consider other solutions and why you would need a new car. If you are looking for a vehicle that can provide you with a fun and easy way to get around you might want to take a look at this Cheap Hoverboard. With a self balancing scooter you will be able to have fun while doing the responsible thing with your old car. As a mom you should also be allowed to enjoy fresh air combined with technology by riding a fun vehicle. This is the new and revolutionary way to get around. It is easily rechargeable and requires almost no maintenance. The great part about it is that your kids will love it too and might never give you a chance to ride it yourself.

Consider how much your car is currently costing for repairs every year and while you are doing that make sure you take a look at the features that your car currently offer and what you would need in the new car. New cars come out with fantastic safety features that include a camera on the back of the car which can prevent a bad reverse round. Read more about your blind spot. You can even get curtain airbags, electronic stability control and blind spot monitoring which is one of the biggest causes of accidents today. It is obvious that space is another thing to consider. If you find your family is growing and everyone is just too cramped in your current vehicle consider upgrading to a reliable SUV that offers you all the trimmings that you are looking for.

Benefits of Reading to Your Children

Reading to your child not only contributes to the improvement of his dialect, but has many other advantages as well. You can find some of them listed below:

Benefits of Reading to Your Children

  • Reading to your child makes you bond with him, and this gives your kid a feeling of closeness and prosperity. This feeling of closeness won’t only make your kid feel nearer to you, the sentiment of being cherished and getting consideration likewise helps him to become smart.
  • The intimacy of reading to your child is such a pleasurable ordeal to him that he will have an inspirational demeanor towards reading as he grows up.
  • It quiets your kid, particularly when he is being touchy and sensitive.
  • It advances expanded correspondence amongst you and your kid.
  • Preschool children who are presented to dialect by hearing words that are read to him and in discussion have a tendency to do well in school.
  • Many reviews demonstrate that studies who adore learning and do well in school were presented to reading before preschool.
  • Your infant adapts early to the habit of reading a book, that words speak to sounds and ideas, words are read from left to right, and stories proceed when you flip the page.
  • It advances longer ability to focus, which is a vital aptitude for your child to have the capacity to think.
  • It builds listening aptitudes and creative energy.
  • Your young child finds out about hues, shapes, numbers, and letters, while your more-grown up kid finds a growing chain of information. His enthusiasm for cars, for instance, will extend to his enthusiasm for trucks, and other transportation like planes and rockets, and soon he will read about space, science and innovation, etc.
  • Reading books that are full of colors and pictures but also have a logical story supporting the sequence, Wolverine Comic Books are the ideal choice.
  • A research distributed in Perspectives on Psychological Science in January 2013 stated that “reading to a kid in an intelligent style raises his or her IQ by more than 6 points.”
  • Books help your kid develop thinking abilities at an early age. When you read to your kid, he figures out how to comprehend circumstances and end results, he figures out how to practice rationale, and in addition think in unique terms. He takes in the outcomes of activities, and the essence of what is good and bad.
  • Books educate your kid about connections, circumstances, identities, and what is great and what is awful on the planet he lives in. Dream books give material to his creative ability and free play. Children’s stories entrance your child, and help him recognize what is genuine and what is not.
  • At the point when your kid achieves another phase in his development, or encounters another and new circumstance, reading to your child about a story significant to his new experience can ease his nervousness and help him adapt. For instance, if your kid is worried about his first day in school, or about moving to another area, you can read a book to him that demonstrates that these ought not be agonizing encounters.
  • Your kid realizes early that reading is fun and not a task. At the point when your child grows up, you won’t be worried about inspiring him to read, as reading has gotten to be, for him, a pleasurable habit. Reading to your kid impacts him to become a lifetime reader – and reading has numerous advantages as it is!

Click here to polish up on your reading skills.

Domestic Cats: The Purr-fect Pet for Moms

What is it about our feline friends that warms our hearts so much so, that we see them as one of the family?

Cats are the most popular pet in the world, and have been associated with humans for at least 9500 years; this was established when ancient cat remains were discovered buried along side its human owner. It is not surprising that we humans fall in love with these beautifully mysterious creatures. Their graceful walk, stunning eyes, assortment of coat colours and elegant poise, make them irresistibly adorable. Once a person has won the love and affection of a cat, he/she will remain a loyal protector of its owner for life.

Domestic Cats: The Purr-fect Pet for Moms

The Joy Domestic Cats Bring

If a cat is treated appropriately, with love and respect, it becomes completely devoted to its owner – following him, sitting with him, and it will even share sleeping quarters with him. Cats become extremely protective of not only their owners but of their surroundings, and will guard their territory from other cats by any means they feel are necessary.

Cats make wonderful companions and have such charming characteristics that they are able to lift a person’s spirits with their affections. They can even help a poorly person feel better – simply by being there.

Domestic or ‘house’ cats do not bow down easily to human requests, unlike the dog. They make humans work for their admiration, and will stand their ground, allowing individuals to ‘pet’ them when they trust enough to agree to this. This enables both cat and human to develop a mutual respect toward each other, permitting a bond to form.

At Buy By Mom, we always recommend cats when people ask us which pets we recommend. Dogs are great too, but they require more attention, and that might be in short supply at various times of the year. Cats can be left alone and there are even automatic timed feeders that will make that chore easier.

Driving with an Infant in The Car – Tips for Moms

Moms are always worried about the safety of their kids, but even more so while they are driving around with their kids in the car. If you too are a mom who wants nothing but complete safety for her kids, here are a few tips you can follow:

Have the Right Car Seat

There are many sorts and styles of car seats so it can be precarious to pick which seat is ideal for you. Newborn child seats, convertibles, full-sized boosters, and revealing backless boosters are promptly accessible at box stores and infant stores. Pick a seat that is appropriate according to the length of your kid, has great safety features, and fits legitimately into your car. Not all seats are intended to fit all cars, so inquire as to whether you can have a test drive before purchasing a seat.

Driving with an Infant in The Car – Tips for Moms

Try not to Give Baby Toys or Food in the Car

If you want to be as safe as possible, it’s best to abstain from having free toys in the car. On account of an accident, toys can prove to be extremely dangerous by harming anybody who is present in the car. Any type of food can possibly be a stifling risk, and bottles can likewise be hazardous. Indeed, even with a back seat mirror, you can’t watch out for your kid during all kinds of situations. Unless some individual is riding in the back seat, give snacks or containers before you leave, or maneuver into a parking area or side road to give your child whatever is needed to be completely on the safe side.

Comfort for Your Kid

Make sure you have the right temperature inside your car for the comfort of your child by opting for Perth auto electrical and Chamberlain airconditioning. Not only will this regulate the right temperature inside the car, but will ensure that the air that your kids breathe in is fresh and clean.

Enlist Your Car Seat

When you purchase your car seat, there will be a postcard to fill out or potentially a web address recorded with the goal that you can enlist your seat. While it’s enticing to disregard yet another bit of paper, it’s imperative that you require the investment to enlist with the maker. On the off chance that there is a review on the seat you will discover rapidly from the organization in the event that you have to replace the seat or have it repaired in any capacity before proceeding with its utilization—which is vastly improved than discovering after an accident.

Install a Mirror

When you’re driving and your child is separated from everyone else in the secondary lounge, it can be hard to make sense of what a few noises can mean. By introducing a secondary mirror (like the one sold at Target) you can have a simple view on what is going on in the back seat. While you might be enticed to pull over once in a while to ensure all is well back there, a mirror will help you get where you have to go with a relaxed state of mind.

How to Choose the Right Necklace for You

It is rare that you think about yourself and the things that you deserve when you are a mother. As much as possible, you would give everything to your children. On rare occasions that you have saved up enough to give yourself a reward, the first thing that comes to mind may be jewelry.

Jewelry is always nice and is easy to appreciate. It also helps that it is lovely to look at when you like the style that you have picked out. It would be easy to pick something based on its appearance alone. When you like a certain piece, then it may be the one that you like to pick but you have to remember that this should not be your only basis in picking the right type of jewelry.

The retailer or the store where you are going to purchase the necklace is one of the factors that you ought to consider. If you want something that will not let you down, it is best to pick a piece from One by One Jewelry. For sure, you will have a grand time checking out not only their necklaces but also the other jewelry pieces that they are offering.

How to Choose the Right Necklace for You

Once you have seen their selections, you now have other options to consider when it comes to picking the right necklace such as the following:

  1. Length – The right necklace length can make a huge difference with how you are going to wear the piece of jewelry. Necklace lengths start at 14” and can go as long as 32”. The necklace length that you are going to pick out can determine when you can wear those necklaces. If you want to wear something versatile choose necklace lengths from 16” – 18”.
  2. Kind – Do you want gold or silver jewelry? Silver is considered to be a cool tone and usually works best on those with cool skin tones. Gold will look better on warmer skin tones although you may choose either depending on your preference.
  3. Use – When are you planning to use the necklace? There are some who wear their necklace everyday and never take them off anymore but if you are planning to wear a necklace that you can only wear on special occasions then you are allowed to pick something that may be considered more valuable. Perhaps you would like the pendant to have more stones or the pendant itself may be bigger than what you normally wear.
  4. Long Run – Do you want something that is trendy or sparkly or would you rather have something that can last for a long period of time? Fine jewelry may come and go when it comes to trend but it can be a good investment to have in the years to come.

What are the other things that you are going to consider when picking the right necklace? Perhaps you are searching for necklaces that you can layer effectively. It will be up to you. Just choose a necklace that will make you feel happy and content.

How to Keep Your Children Safe at Home

As a mom, you cannot help but become concerned for your children all the time especially if you have to leave them with a babysitter for a while because you have to attend some events. It is crucial that you pick out a babysitter that you can trust. There are some babysitters who are notorious for simply eating food and not caring for the children that they are supposed to watch for a few hours or so.

The first thing that you have to do is to hire a babysitter that you can trust. You can ask your friends and family members for recommendations. The better the recommendations are, the more likely that the babysitter is going to be good. It will also be ideal if you can do a background check on the babysitter and get to know what other past customers have experienced with him/her.

How to Keep Your Children Safe at Home

Another possible thing that your children may experience when you are not at home is get to an injury. Children are known to be hyper and they would like to try and experience new things. In order to ensure that your children will remain safe, here are a few things that should be remembered:

  1. Make sure that you will install the right locks at home. If you would check, you will see that they have a wide selection of locks that can be installed at home. There are some that are digital and there are some that are still traditional. It would be up to you to choose which one you think will work best for your needs.
  2. Teach your child the right things to do in case of fire. Fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your house. Not only can it wreck the property that you have worked hard for, there is also a big possibility that people are going to get hurt if they do not know what to do. Make sure that you will teach your children the safety precautions to prevent fire and to know the right things to do if in case fire breaks out.
  3. Teach your children which appliances should not be touched. When doing this, make sure that you will explain the repercussions of touching some of the appliances and even utensils. If they do not understand, they may try.
  4. Have a pool fence ready if in case you have a pool. Kids may wander off to some areas of your properties at times. If they do not know how to swim, they may drown at your very own pool. This is not something that you want to happen.
  5. If there are some spills at home, make sure that these spills will be wiped off at the soonest possible time. It is best to get rid of items at your children’s play area that may cause them to trip or have more frequent accidents.

With all of these things that you can remember, it will be easier to keep your child safe at home.

How Busy Single Moms Go the Extra Mile for a Clean Home

When you are a busy single mom, you don’t always have the option to scrub your home from top to bottom on a regular basis. While basic cleaning is likely part of your routine, managing a deep cleaning while raising your children and earning a living may seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get these tasks handled on a regular basis without having to dedicate time from your busy schedule. To help you find the right options for you, here are some key services that can help you get the job done.

How Busy Single Moms Go the Extra Mile for a Clean Home

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets trap a variety of dirt and grime as well as many common allergens. And if your children still play or crawl across the floor that can be cause for concern. But getting your carpets as clean as possible doesn’t have to be difficult if you hire the right service. In fact, expert carpet cleaning in Claremont Perth can be quite affordable and provides you with an ideal home environment for your kids.

Many carpets cleaning service can be completed in as little as a couple of hours (besides potential drying time). And, while the service provider is managing the task, you can work from home or spend time with your children. Then, you can get everything done that you need to handle while still going the extra mile.

Maid Service

When most people think of maid services, they imagine housekeepers coming in on a regular basis to manage everyday cleaning tasks. However, they can also be hired for an occasional need, like a deep cleaning. So, if you want to make sure that every surface gets attention on a regular basis, consider checking into cleaning services that are available in your area. Then, simply ask for rates based on a one-time or seasonal use. Some services may even have cleaning packages based on semi-annual or quarterly use.

If you are looking to keep the total cost low, you can also choose just to have specific rooms or areas cleaned. That way you can manage the spaces that are most important and bypass those that are less of a concern. For example, it may be worthwhile to have the kitchens and bathrooms cleaned professionally every few months, but it might not feel as critical to have the master bedroom cleaned by a service as often.


Everyone has heard the joke about cleaning services that “don’t do windows.” Dirty windows can prevent light from coming through as easily and may be hard to ignore on particularly sunny days. But what single mom wants to get stuck spending most of a day scrubbing windows outside?

Luckily, there are a variety of services that will handle the work for you. In some cases, a housekeeping service may be open to completing the task. If not, you may be able to find a landscaping or gardening business open to taking the task on. And, in some larger cities, there may even be window washing companies that focus entirely on managing the cleaning for a variety of local customers.

And Anything Else

If you have a particular area of concern, feel free to discuss your needs with a local service. Often, they can create a custom plan designed to meet your unique needs, allowing you to get the most benefit for your money and giving you more time to spend with your children.

What to consider when buying a new vacuum cleaner

As moms we need to be picky when it comes to purchasing home cleaning equipment and for good reason. It is quite expensive to buy the right items for the job and wear and tear can easily destroy our favorite vacuum cleaner. It is important to know the difference between a canister vacuum cleaner and an upright. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners to choose from and buying the cheapest one is definitely not the best option. Click here to read more about germs inside your vacuum cleaner.

What to consider when buying a new vacuum cleaner

There are some of us that prefer a canister vacuum cleaner to an upright and then others that enjoy an upright more. It is also important to find out if your vacuum cleaner has a bag. It has been tested that with or without the bag cleans just as well. It all depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a more hands on approach you might want to select a vacuum cleaner with a bag but make sure that you keep the filters and the container clean. Take a look at this comparison of the Dyson V6 vs V8 for an in depth explanation of the differences between these wonderful vacuum cleaners. You might be surprised by the difference in power. With the right reviews we are sometimes able to make an informed decision about what we would like to buy especially when we are spending quite a bit of money on a vacuum cleaner.

It is an interesting fact that amps, horsepower and wattage are simply measurements of the electrical current used by the motor. The airflow is incredibly important if you would like to measure the power of a vacuum cleaner. You should also find out about the amount of suction that the vacuum cleaner produces. I know that every time I choose a new vacuum cleaner I am always interested about the attachments that it comes with. There are always nooks and crannies that we would like to get to where we need those small attachments. That is rather important so make sure to look out for that power nozzle. Useful brushes are also great attachments to have.

If you are wondering how often you should vacuum it is important to note that the amount of traffic in your house is the deciding factor. If you have many feet crossing the floors, it would be best to vacuum daily which means you would need to invest in the best vacuum cleaner. Another important point to note is that seven strokes are enough times to run over a carpet. You can also purchase a vacuum cleaner with dirt sensors if you really want to make sure everything is clean. Click here to learn more about vacuuming your carpets thoroughly.

Another popular question that we all have is how often we should change the vacuum bag. There are indicator lines on most vacuum cleaners nowadays which makes it a lot easier to decide when to clean out the bag. It is a good thing to check the bag yourself to make sure it is clean and not overloaded with dirt.