Best Blogs for Biking Moms

Being a mom is a daunting task. It drains you of a considerable amount of energy and often simultaneously aids you in the packing on of pounds. If you are tired of that baby weight, or the spare tire that has somehow attached itself to your middle, you might be considering taking up biking. Choosing the right bike is critical. But, if you are looking for support from other moms in your situation, we’ve compiled this list of the best blogs for biking moms.

Before you can begin any new health-focused endeavor, it is imperative that you purchase the things necessary to achieve those goals. We recommend that you visit: While you are there, you will be able to pick out the bike that is most appropriate for your needs. And, if you take the time to explore, you will discover that international purchases over $200 get free shipping. There are also some great blog topics available for your perusal. Now you are ready to see the biking mom blogs we discussed previously.

Best Blogs for Biking Moms

Top 10 Biking Blogs for Moms

It is always challenging to start a new health goal. But, when you add kids to the mix it seems like it becomes next to impossible. This is why we wanted to direct you to some great blogs by families who bike together. Here are the top 10 biking blogs for moms:

  1. Family on a Bike– If you are looking for biking inspiration, this family has you covered. They are connected to other biking families and you will find their adventures quite enjoyable.
  2. Full Hands- Imagine three kids, all boys, and a city to explore. This blog will take you on a two-wheel journey that will leave you ready and willing to traverse your own locale.
  3. Carfree with Kids– Now imagine two kids and no car. These moms live in Massachusetts and save money by traveling by bike, foot, and bus. Follow their journey on this blog.
  4. TechnoEarthMamma- With 3 kids and an xtracycle, this techno mamma is trying to find her way towards sustainability.
  5. Suburban Bike Mama– Whether they are on two or three wheels, this mom and her two kids travel all over locally, exploring what’s good in their area.
  6. Murrs Across America- This family took a four-month bike trip from Florida to Oregon. That was 4400 hundred miles with two toddlers and two bikes. Take that into consideration when you read all about their travels
  7. Family/Bike/Words– This family of 6 does whatever it can to take as many biking trips as possible. They ride bikes year-round even though they live in Lexington, KY where it snows!
  8. Velo Mom– She co-owns a bike shop, but makes a living as a full-time software engineer. She claims that all the socks she owns are bike socks and that having kids has not hindered that passion in the least.
  9. Bike Bliss- This mom in Montana tells other moms that they need to discover the bliss of bike riding.
  10. Pedal Powered Family– This four-member family decided to spend a year on the road via bike. They are definitely an adventure laden family. Check out this link to learn more about them.

You don’t have to be an expert to bike with your kids. But, if you would like to learn about some great gear for those biking endeavors, don’t miss this site.

Why Busy Moms Must Make Time for Annual Checkups

When you’re a busy, single mom, it is easy to put your needs on the backburner. You always put your kids first and use the rest of your time to manage your workload and other obligations. However, neglecting your health is a surefire way to run into trouble down the road. If you don’t keep up with your annual medical checkups, you may miss the chance to catch certain issues early, making them harder to beat once they are discovered.

If you aren’t convinced on why busy moms need to make time for their annual checkups, here are just a few reasons.

Why Busy Moms Must Make Time for Annual Checkups

Establish Baselines

Even if you are healthy, the information gathered in an annual checkup is helpful. Various screenings and tests, such as those provided through services like True Health Diagnostics, can establish baselines regarding your current condition. For example, knowing your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and other health metrics gives medical professionals an understanding of where things reside when you are healthy. That way, if these numbers begin to change over time, they can help you adjust your habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Identify Concerns Before They Become Problems

Many health conditions don’t appear overnight. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other issues often have warning signs that present well before symptoms are obvious. For example, if your blood tests suggest that you are pre-diabetic, there is still time to keep it from becoming full-blown type 2 diabetes. When a doctor sees an issue on the horizon, they can work with you to identify causes and choose solutions before any lasting damage is done.

Additionally, certain cancer screenings are often part of annual physicals. For example, tests for cervical cancer are often performed during regular checkups, as well as breast cancer screenings. Survival rates for many types of cancer are higher when they are caught early, making your annual physical more important than ever.


Many adults forget that they still need their shots. Tetanus shots are recommended every 10 years, and immunizations for conditions like pneumococcal pneumonia, hepatitis, and shingles may be recommended, depending on age and current health. Additionally, an annual flu vaccine is recommended for anyone whose health does not preclude them from receiving it.

Updated Health and Treatment Advice

Whether you are in good health or treating a chronic condition, coming if for your annual exam gives your doctor an opportunity to review your file and make sure everything is on course. New medical discoveries and standards are regularly determined. This means that the health advice you received a few years ago may no longer be considered the best.

This is especially true for chronic conditions where better treatment options may have come available since your last course of treatment was chosen. There may be an option that can get you better results, result in fewer side effects, or both. Your checkup is a great time to touch base and make sure that there aren’t other options available that may work better for you and your goals.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to make the time to do to your annual medical checkups. Failing to do so can put your health at risk, and your children need you to be as healthy as possible while they grow up. So, the next time you schedule a checkup for your kids, consider making one for yourself.

What Busy Single Moms Do When They Lose Their Edge

The life of a single mom is nonstop. You bounce between raising your children, earning a living, and running home. And, at times, you do it with very little support. With all of those critical tasks competing for your attention, you can’t afford to slow down. You need to keep your energy high, maintain focus, and keep your mind sharp. So, how does a busy single mom manage to keep their edge? By following some of the tips below.

You Must Sleep

Many single moms sacrifice sleep before anything else. While this may work every once and a while, you can’t make a habit of skipping your shuteye. Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night to get the rest they need. Failing to do so can lead to issues relating to cognitive function while also having a variety of other health implications.

If you find yourself pressed for time, it is wise to look at other options for gaining time than cutting sleep. Besides, if you aren’t functioning at your best, you may make mistakes while trying to finish projects or complete work assignments. Additionally, your lack of energy and focus may lead tasks to take longer, effectively canceling out the extra time you “found” be missing sleep.

Eat Right

Nutrition has a major impact on your overall level of health. Healthy eating ensures you get the vitamins and minerals you need to keep everything functioning properly while also providing you with energy to get through your day. Additionally, you can lower your risk of developing certain chronic diseases as well as making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Another important reason to eat right is to set an example for your kids. If you want them to lead long, healthy lives, it is easier if they see you making good choices while they are growing up. Plus, you’ll increase your chances of living a long, healthy life too.


Dehydration can leave you feeling foggy and sluggish. The easiest way to combat dehydration is to make sure you get enough water every day. Most women need about 9 cups of water a day to maintain proper hydration. However, this amount can change depending on additional factors like local climate and activity level.

For example, if you live in a particularly hot climate, then you may need to up your water intake to compensate for the additional amounts lost due to the excess heat. Additionally, you want to up your daily total if you work out, have a physical job, or even run around with your kids.

What Busy Single Moms Do When They Lose Their Edge

Supplement Properly

Sometimes, maintaining a healthy diet isn’t enough to give your body everything it needs. One way to bolster your nutritional efforts is by carefully selecting supplements to help make up for any shortcomings. For example, if you are worried about whether you get enough of the right vitamins and minerals through normal eating, feel free to add a multivitamin if your doctor approves.

Another popular supplement category is nootropics. The best nootropic stack may help increase your energy levels and cognitive functioning. And that means you will be better equipped to manage the challenges of your day. As with any supplement, you may need to speak with your doctor before adding a supplement to make sure it is the right move for you. But once you have approval, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of nootropics for years to come.

Foods You Can Prepare for The Picky Eater

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. In order to ensure that your child will stay healthy, you need to serve food that come with all the right nutrients that your child will love eating. There are times when it is not only your child who is a picky eater but your husband too. You would need to satisfy their palette and still take note of the nutrition that they are getting every day.

It can be hard to think of the right dishes to cook especially when you are already busy. You have to attend to your job and you need to make sure that you will do all of your tasks correctly but you still have to consider your family.

Foods You Can Prepare for The Picky Eater

Kids are particularly hard to feed because if they do not like what they see or they do not find the smell of the food pleasant, they will not eat. There are only a handful of kids who would make an effort to actually try out different food products available. A lot of kids would just say no and will not eat unless you cook something that they are relatively familiar with like fried chicken or hotdog.

The key to making kids eat their food is to make sure that there is something fun incorporated into it. For instance, have you tried serving edamame? When you serve this, you can expect that kids will have a grand time popping the beans from the pods. You can tell your child that he/she will not be allowed to remove the bean unless he/she is going to eat it. Preparing this is easy too. Simply steam and sprinkle salt to make it taste better.

Here are other dishes that you can serve:

  1. Vegetable Tempura – You already know that kids would love everything that is crispy and you can never go wrong with tempura. You can even let your kids help in dipping the vegetables that you have sliced with the right kitchen knives before you can deep fry the different pieces available. It will be hard to cut the vegetables without the right knives so check out kitchen knife reviews first to be sure about what you are going to get.
  2. Vegetable Dumplings – There are also a lot of children who enjoy eating dumplings. While dumplings may usually have some pieces of meat inside, you can make it healthier by adding some vegetables. You can even make different types of dumplings and not make everything all vegetables to make eating more enjoyable for your kids.
  3. Yogurt with Toppings – If you want a healthier option for dessert, you can prepare plain yogurt and a few healthy toppings that your kids can place. Kids love the fact that they can create their own yogurt and they would end up loving what they have made.

Can you still think of other dishes that you can serve to your children? There are still a lot more. You can create your own recipes too. It will be fun to think of new dishes to serve to your whole family.

Things moms should do on a daily basis

We all know moms are busy bodies and can sometimes miss things that are important for their daily existence. Having a lot on your plate is exhausting and sometimes you don’t get to do the things that you love the most. There are things that will make your day and make it all worthwhile if you make time for it on your daily schedule. Amid all your responsibilities fit these few tasks in and you might just go to bed with a satisfied smile and sweet dreams.

Snuggle time

It is important to take a bit of time out to snuggle your kiddies. This is a good thing for you and for your little ones and will make it all worthwhile. This is precious time that you might never experience in the near future so take the time and enjoy cuddling and putting your little ones to bed while reading them a story and planting a kiss on their foreheads. Click here for some great bedtime stories you can read to them. Remember that you will never get the young years back and you don’t want to regret all the missed hugs and kisses.

Things moms should do on a daily basis


Moms tend to forget to eat a proper meal and make sure that they are in their best physical condition. While taking care of everyone else you need to make sure you incorporate healthy meals in your diet so that you can be at your top performance and can handle all the flu bugs with ease.

Current events

Make sure that you stay up to date with the world around you and what is currently happening. This is a great way to keep yourself informed and also to not just focus on your household. Take a look at Philadelphia 3.0 to read more about a group of individuals that make it their business to get involved in all political issues in Philly. You might be able to catch up on proceedings and decisions that affect you directly.


Make sure that you take the time to fill your tank by having a relaxing foot bath, watch your favorite show, read a bit or take a nap. This is crucial for you to be the best mom and caretaker that you can be. Me-time is very important for moms because they can easily let go of themselves and be totally absorbed by the household. Click here for ways to relax at home.

Hubby time

It is important to realize that your marriage is very important and can easily be placed on the backburner if you are too focused on your kids. It is good to be engaged and interactive with your children and to get involved with what they are doing but without a strong foundation that is your marriage nothing would function properly. Make time for date nights. Let your husband know that he is as involved in the whole setup and that you need him to make things happen successfully.

Fantastic ideas for tired moms on their night out

Moms work hard and usually have demanding schedules. It is sometimes hard to find that perfect balance when deciding how to get some downtime. It is a necessary thing to do for moms to stay sane. Your mom nights shouldn’t just have to consist of crochet or book club. There are a few fun and interesting things you can do with your friends that will keep you out of trouble but that will also give you that bit of excitement necessary for a strong approach to handle the mountain of tasks at home.

Pole dancing

Not only is this activity a lot of fun for you and your friends you will also get quite a bit of exercise out of it. This activity can benefit you in so many ways and will make you feel like a million dollars when you show your man what you have learned. This will keep things exciting and alive in the bedroom and make you feel toned and healthy. Click here for interesting pole dancing exercises to start practicing at home.

Psychic fun

Ever wondered what the future holds for you? You don’t have to drive around for hours looking for a dingy caravan to get your next tarot reading. Check out psychic source review for the best listings on psychics that will give you true and interesting readings when you need it most. You might want to have a glass of wine before you go for your reading to handle the outcome in a calm and relaxed way.

Fantastic ideas for tired moms on their night out

Cooking classes

This is another great way to relax and have fun with your friends. Take a cooking class that features various dishes from all over the world. This will give you ideas and inspiration for your next meal and everyone will love what you have learnt. It will be a lot of fun for everyone and will make your culinary skill stronger.

Fondue and wine

Another great way to take some downtime for moms is to have a fondue night while experiencing new and exciting cheeses with a couple of different wines. You might feel a bit lightheaded after this one but sharing stories and having fun with a cheese dipped sausage or delicacy and a good glass of wine will never be a waste of time. Keep this one just for the girls with no kids allowed to maximize on your fun. Click here for some delicious fondue ideas.

Have a spa evening

Find inspiration online for some great at home spa ideas and bring the spa right to your home. This will give you and the girls a chance to pamper yourselves a bit. You don’t need an expensive therapist when you do your spa treatments at home and you can spend a lot of time on chattering and relaxing. Play some meditative music and burn some incense and allow yourselves to get lost in a bit of calm and relaxation. You deserve it as hardworking moms.

Stress Reduction Tips for Moms

Are you a mom who is struggling with increased stress levels? If the answer to that question was yes, check out these tips that can help you out with that.

Stress Reduction Tips for Moms

  1. Take a note of what stresses you

Figuring out how to recognize how you respond to stress will help you control your over-burden mode. Basic anxiety signs include: Rising blood pressure or spiked heart rate (which can make you feel somewhat dazed). Talking louder or hollering. Increased sensitivity, higher levels of impatience or encountering failures to comprehend the issues at hand. Envision how those practices influence your children! Tune into your body until you recognize your stress signs.

  1. Take a break

You will most likely be unable to dodge all the anxiety, yet you can escape for only a couple of minutes to feel less overpowered. Giving yourself consent to take a brief “stress break” is regularly enough to decompress or simply give another point of view. This can include:

Taking some Mommy time out: Put up a “don’t bother” sign on your room door. Listen to relaxing music or plant a photo in your psyche of a mitigating place. Take five minutes to decompress.

Give permission to “take ten”: Let everybody in your family know it’s OK to leave until they can gain back in power. A few families make a family flag, for example, using an umpire “Time Out” hand motion that implies that the individual needs to take a break.

  1. Try and create for your “hot” times

Stress occurs for mothers at predictable circumstances, for example, in the morning when everybody is dashing to get out the door or at that supper time witching hour. Distinguish when you are most sensitive, and locate a straightforward approach to check the grinding during that “hot” time. For example: If mornings are unpleasant on the grounds that your child can’t choose (or find) what to wear: lay garments out the prior night.

  1. Learn meditation and deep breathing

Deep stomach breathing, meditation, and supplication are proven to help combat anxiety and help the body relax. Better yet, you can likewise educate your children about stress-relieving techniques! Here’s how you can begin:

Take moderate, deep breaths. Inhale gradually to a check of five, pause for two seconds, and afterward gradually inhale a similar way, again numbering to five. Repeating the succession makes for the greatest relaxing technique.

Attempt elevator breathing. Close your eyes, gradually inhale out three times, then envision you’re in a lift on the highest point of an exceptionally tall building. Press the catch for the primary floor and watch the catches for every level gradually illuminate as the lift goes down. As the lift dives, your anxiety blurs away.

  1. Get some sleep

Getting adequate sleep is imperative for reduced stress and anxiety levels. It might be tough to get a hold of a good sleeping routine (keeping in mind you’re a new mom) but you can check out this site for tips that can help put you as well as your kids to a deep and relaxed sleep. There are numerous gadgets in the market that can help with sleeping.

Best time-saving tips in the kitchen

Life is super busy and very demanding especially for working moms so it is perfectly understandable that saving time in the kitchen is very important. We can’t spend hours in the kitchen while preparing a meal for our loved ones because there simply is just too much to do. With work, kids, house chores and other tasks it is best to cut our cooking time by using these few helpful tips. Remember that there is no shame in taking a shortcut with cooking. The era where women had time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a five course meal has come and gone.

There is no need to peel all your produce, eating the skin is actually healthy. It is said that fruit and veggie skin contains all the fiber and that we are actually doing ourselves and injustice by not eating it. Roasted veggies like carrots, sweet potato and beet is great with skin. Click here to read more about the health benefits of certain vegetable skins. You can also save loads of time in the kitchen by prepping your kitchen to avoid any last minute disasters. Have your ingredients ready and everything that you need to prepare that special recipe. Preparation is not only applicable to ingredients but also pans and dishes. Heat the stove and oil that you will be using and have your mixing bowels ready to start cooking.  While you are at it make extra food to save you time on the next day’s meal.

Best time-saving tips in the kitchen

Take a look at pizza in Bend Oregon for a way to keep you out of the kitchen all night. With the most delicious pizza that can easily be ordered online and get delivered to your door why would you want to put yourself out? This restaurant has some delicious options with a wide variety of toppings to choose from and the prices are very reasonable. You won’t go wrong with any of your family members by ordering something as popular of pizza. The best part is that you don’t even have to make a call anymore, it is done online. No mess and no fuss, literally. Who in their right mind doesn’t love pizza?

Another great way to save time is by cleaning as you go. Keep a sink ready with soap and warm water to wash the utensils that you use to prepare the meal. This is by far one of the most efficient ways to save time in the kitchen and completely takes the argument of who is doing dishes out of the equation. You can also cook more one-pot dishes to save time. A delicious stew is always a winner and can usually be enough for the next day. Click here for some great recipes for one-pot dishes. By preparing your meals for the week ahead you will know exactly which ingredients you need in order to plan everything and make the recipes that you have planned. Time is precious so make the most of it, moms!

How Moms Can Utilize the Use of the Internet

As a mom, your main priority automatically becomes how you can take good care of your kids. As much as possible, you would like to watch your kids and make sure that they are fine. Sometimes, they may get sick or they may have some needs that you cannot give. You may be the type of person who would like to rely on yourself in order to spend. For instance, you would like to rely on yourself to make your own money so that you can live. Your partner may also be earning money but you want some extra pocket money of your own. How are you going to manage that?

If you have your own business establishment, you can focus on how you are going to improve your business so that it will be more appealing to your target market. A good option is to get Social Wifi. Through this, you will allow people to connect through your portal and at the same time, they get to try out what you can offer from your business establishment. It can be a good investment with good returns in the long run.

How Moms Can Utilize the Use of the Internet

If in case you are a stay at home mom and you do not have any brick and mortar business, the use of the internet is still unavoidable. Here are different things you can do online that will help you utilize your time.

  1. Answer some surveys.

Do you know that a lot of companies are more than willing to pay you for your opinion? As long as you fit the age group and the type of market that companies are searching for, you will be paid for answering some surveys that will not take up a lot of your time. Being a mom can be an asset as a lot of companies would like to target moms who stay at home.

  1. Do some website testing.

Do you know that there are a lot of company owners who would like to know how their websites are being viewed by other people? There are some websites that will allow you to check out different websites. You can double check these sites and say your thoughts out loud as you navigate the page. You will get paid well for each website that you test. The only tricky part about this is that you may not always fit the target market that the company wants to reach.

  1. Do some tutoring.

Are you particularly good at explaining things to different people? Perhaps you consider yourself as a good storyteller and you can keep a lot of people captivated when you speak. When you have these skills, you can be good at tutoring. Provided that you know the things that you are going to talk about and you are okay with tutoring students online then this can be a good job to have online that will let you earn some extra money.

Being a mother does not mean just staying inside your house all the time. You are entitled to utilize your time and use it the way that you want.

Options for Busy Moms in a Troubled Relationship

When your relationship is in trouble, it can be hard to manage the added stress. And that means busy moms need to find a solution quickly. But doing so can seem easier said than done. So what is a mom to do? Luckily, there are a few options to help get your relationship back on track. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider starting with these tips.

Have an Honest Conversation

Often, communication is the key to repairing a troubled relationship. If something has been bothering you, then it may be wise to sit down with your significant other and have a conversation about it. While you want to be open about your thoughts and feelings, it is critical not to be accusatory. Doing so can put the other person on the defensive and may hinder any efforts to find a resolution.

Options for Busy Moms in a Troubled Relationship

You need to make sure that you don’t make the conversation all about you as well. Give your partner an opportunity to speak and discuss any concerns they may have. If they have been holding back negative feelings, then make sure you give them a chance to express their thoughts as well. The conversation only works if you take at least as much time listening as you do talking. Otherwise, the effort is completely one-sided and may not lead to a resolution.

Work with a Professional

If the idea of starting a conversation makes you uncomfortable, then it may be wise to enlist the help of a professional. Depending on your goals, you may look into emotionally focused therapy. Often, this approach is designed to help couples work through short-term issues. It provides a safe place for conversations to take place and allows you to work with an impartial third party who may see the situation more clearly than you or your significant other can.

For more long-term issues, couples counseling may need to be combined with individual counseling sessions. Certain issues stem from personal troubles that may require separate treatment. This can be especially true if the topics are sensitive in nature and you want a completely secure place to work past things.

If your partner wishes to obtain private counseling, it is important to respect their privacy regarding what is discussed. Over time, they may feel more confident in discussing the topics with you, but forcing the issue may make relationship problems more prominent. Similarly, ask them to respect your privacy until you are ready to share.

Don’t Put Your Children in the Middle

Sometimes, when couples fight, the children end up in the middle. This can be an intentional act by other party or an unintentional side effect. When managing your issues as a couple, try not to expose the children to fighting, and never talk badly about your partner in front of the kids.

You also want to make sure they know that the situation isn’t their fault and that both of their parents love and care for them. While it can be hard to step away from the problem to reassure your children, it can save them from a lot of anxiety. And, if they need someone safe to talk to, then it might be appropriate to set them up with a counselor as well. If you do go that route, you need to respect their privacy as well. The important thing is to help them through the situation, and that may require you to step back while they work through their feelings.