Best Family Shows of All Time to Watch with Your Kids

Watching shows about other families is good for you as a family.  You as a mom get great tips on how to treat your children, how to avoid certain mistakes and you get good clues on the best family entertainment from the shows.  Children can draw some inspiration from the TV characters to guide them through different scenarios, circumstances and they are taught how to treat one another as well as their parents from the shows.  It is always great to watch a show that deal with real family situations, challenges and it is always great to see others make the same stupid mistakes as you do.  In family shows there is always something for everyone which makes that the perfect type of show for relaxed evenings.

Best Family Shows of All Time to Watch with Your Kids

The best family shows of all time

No amount of time can affect the quality and entertainment of a good family show.  Even older family shows can still be a great source of entertainment to your family.  Here are the top 6 best family shows of all time;

7th Heaven

Every parent can relate to Eric Camden, played by Stephen Collins, in this fantastic family show.  In the show Eric Camden constantly has his hands full with all the problems his seven children deal with and all of the mistakes his seven children make.  7th Heaven was tremendously popular from 1996 to 2007 because the entire family could enjoy this show together.  The series has won numerous awards throughout the year and even though the show ended almost a decade ago, it is still a great source of entertainment to look for online.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons might be a cartoon but is still incredibly entertaining to the entire family.  The humoristic phrases and sarcasm resulted in possibly the longest active TV show ever because the Simpsons have been running since 1989 and is still popular to this very day.

Modern Family

Modern family first launched in 2009 and is still active.  The series is always good for a laugh because it is presented in documentary style where the characters frequently speak directly into the camera to the audience.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls was popular from 2000 and ended in 2007 but is still a tremendously popular show thanks to the sharp witted commentary between the quick speaking mother and daughter combo.  Gilmore Girls is a great show to enjoy with your family if you are looking for a few laughs.

Arrested Development

This show had a good run of ten years.  The show ended in 2013 and is about a man who is forced to stay in Orange County to run his family real estate business after his father is sent to prison.  He now has his hands full with his spoilt family and still has to be a good father to his teenage son.

Six Feet Under

This ironic show features the Fisher family who owns a funeral home in Los Angeles.  The show is filled with quirky remarks and sharp comments.

Best Ways for Moms to Get Around From LAX Airport

It can be quite tedious to try to focus on the road when you have a tiny toddler or baby screaming in the back seat.  Any mom can tell you about the hassles of traveling far distances with a baby in the car.  You cannot simply pull over to soothe your little one.  And you don’t have free hands available to pop a bottle or snack into your little children’s hands while you are driving.  It is nearly impossible to focus on a busy road while your child is bawling and chocking on his or her cries in the back seat and it is impossible to navigate your way through a busy city that you don’t know.  Getting a car service to transport you from LAX airport through the busy streets is a royal treat to any mom that is traveling with kids.

Best Ways for Moms to Get Around From LAX Airport

The best LAX car service

MGCLS is one of the best LAX car service providers to trust for all of your travels in and around LA.  MGCLS has a fleet of ultimate luxury vehicles that can pick you up from LAX or anywhere else in Los Angeles and drop you off anywhere you need to go.  You can simply sit back, relax and tend to your tiny baby while a professional chauffeur drives you around. Click here to view their website.

They are safe

GMCLS is one of the safest ways to travel.  They provide you with trustworthy and reliable vehicles that are always in terrific condition and their professional chauffeurs are specially chosen for their terrific driving and navigation skills so you and your children can reach your destination safely.

They are time efficient

The drivers can get you to any meeting or destination in a timely fashion because they know all the best routes through the busy streets of Los Angeles and other cities.

Available for any emergency

You can call on their services at any hour of the day or night because MGCLS is available 24 hours a day and they are constantly picking up and dropping off clients at LAX airport which means the chances are good at getting instant service the moment you call.

Perfect for a moms night off

MGCLS is terrific for a mom’s night off because they offer luxury vehicles that can take you to all major cities like San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Orange County and even Las Vegas for a day of partying and fun with no child obligations.  You can also travel in ultimate luxury because the MGCLS fleet consists of fantastic vehicles like the Lincoln town car, the 2015 Tesla or the Cadillac Escalade.  And if you really want to impress someone or have the time of your life then you can take friends along on your mom’s night off and book a luxury car like the H2 Hummer Limousine or even a party bus where you and your friends can have a blast, do all those crazy and wild things your kids should never see their mom do and just get a break from being a boring and responsible mom.

How Moms Can Spark Up Their Love Life

Becoming a mom is an amazing feeling, isn’t it? But it tends to occupy so much of your routine life that it can often take a toll on your relationship. We aren’t stating that looking after your toddler is wrong, but you’ve got to give your significant other the time and attention he requires and deserves rightly so.

Often times people complain that their love life has gone down the drain after becoming parents, and it’s pretty normal for it to happen like this. But are there things you can do to rekindle the spark between you and your partner? Continue reading to get some ideas on how you can bring the back the romance between you and your partner after you have become parents.

Kitchen Hygiene - Get Rid of Pest and Find The Right Appliances

  1. Talk about it

The only way to overcome something is to first accept it. You have got to sit down and talk about your issues with your partner. Ask him how he feels about the situation. Ask him if he feels neglected and ignored. Once you hear him out, you will be able to see things from his perspective. Having a conversation will clear out the air between the both of you and will start to pave the way for improving things as well. Maybe you guys can work out different times to look after the baby and then spend some time together at the end of each day. Nonetheless, start talking if you really want to change things for the better.

  1. Go on dates

Just because you’re married and parents now doesn’t mean you have lost the privilege to go on dates. Plan a date night, dress up and go out. Whether you want to watch a movie or go for a romantic dinner depends entirely on you. Don’t forget to pamper your partner throughout the date – maybe give him some flowers or pay the bill! If you prefer to stay in, then you can set up a date within the vicinity of your home. Set up some blankets, microwave some popcorn, dim the lights and watch a movie you both would enjoy!

  1. Heat things up

Don’t let the birth of your child take a toll on your sex life. To keep the connection between you and your partner alive, you both must be emotionally as well as physically connected. If it seems like things have been a little dull down there, maybe you can suggest your partner to use some testosterone boosters. This will ensure that everything is done naturally and will contribute to muscle mass, strength as well as increase sex drive.

  1. Give gifts

If you know what your partner likes or wants, you can come up with some ideas on what gifts to get for him. Make sure that what you get for your partner is thoughtful and would be useful for him to use as well. Not only will your partner be grateful but will also feel loved and valued. Here’s how you can choose a gift.

Let Go This Holiday So You Can Start With Clean Eating Habits In 2017

Christmas time is a terrible time to be on a diet.  Christmas time is a time of family, giving and celebrating.  It is the time where everyone will be showing off their most delicious Christmas snacks and dinners.  The yummy fruit cakes, delicious hot chocolates, eggnogs, crisp baked chicken bites and mouthwatering deserts are just a few of the delights to look forward during this festive time. You don’t want to be the cranky mom who hides in the corner because you simply cannot stand the look and smell of the Christmas dinner anymore.  Christmas time is the one time where you can let go and cheat on your diet because Christmas only happens once a year.  Let go of all of your diets, let go of all of your new year’s weight goals that simply did not work out in 2016 and let go of all of those jeans that still won’t fit you.  Just let go. December is not the month to lose weight.  It is the time to celebrate and have fun with your family.

Let Go This Holiday So You Can Start With Clean Eating Habits In 2017

How letting go of diets is good for you

It’s not humanly possible to never enjoy a cheat snack.  By letting go of your diets for December you are letting go of a lot of pressure and stress.  You are also improving your mood a lot because you can have more fun when there are fewer calories to count and your mood is improved when you enjoy great food.  Embrace big and beautiful this year, relax and have a blast so you can be ready for the 2017 weight loss challenge that starts in just a short while.

Design your 2017 diet in 2016

While you are devouring a delicious cup of hot chocolate with some fluffy pink marshmallows, you can start working on your new 2017 diet.  Set weight loss goals for yourself, work out a new gym or workout routine and start collecting some diets for your big challenge that is coming your way.  You can also start filling in your goals in your 2017 planner so you can be ready and full of energy when it is time to shake the holiday weight.

Get the best diet tips

Pro Diet Guide is the best site you can visit for the best diet tips.  This site will guide you through all the best juicing and juicer gear as well as the best juice diets that will help you detox and lose weight super-fast.  The site also offers reviews on supplements that will improve your body and help you avoid gas, bloating and abdominal discomfort and you can scout all the best weight loss tips and workout tips from their weight loss blog.  The Pro Diet Guide is definitely the best site you can visit while you are planning your big diet and workout routine for 2017.  With the help on this site you will lose weight a lot faster, get fit a lot easier and enjoy a much better lifestyle until it is time for your next big Christmas break.

Tricking Out the New Baby’s Nursery

We like to keep it real on this site. Therefore, we won’t tell you to buy thing that you don’t need. We want you to be able to have the best stuff at the best prices. So, when it comes to tricking out the new baby’s nursery, we won’t suggest you get the most expensive bedroom set, or the Pottery Barn bedding (unless you can get it second hand).

Not everything needs to be new. In fact, there are a lot of things you can get for the new baby’s nursery that will allow him/her to be the newest entity in the room. When it is necessary to purchase something brand new we will certainly advise that. But, if we can save you some money, we are going to do that as well.

Tricking Out the New Baby’s Nursery

The 7 Most Important Items for the Nursery

We are choosing to include the 7 most important items for the nursery because we don’t want you to be overwhelmed. New moms have a lot on their plates already. And, we don’t want you to overcrowd the nursery. The items on this list are quite important though, so don’t neglect to add them to the room:

  1. Crib- Obviously you need somewhere for the new wee one to sleep. Of course, you will probably do some co-sleeping, especially if you are breastfeeding (which we recommend). You don’t have to purchase your crib brand new. Getting a used one is completely acceptable. Just make sure you look up the recalls to keep your baby safe.
  2. Bedding- You can’t let your new little love sleep on a bare mattress. So, you will definitely need to get some bedding. But, this can also be purchased second hand from places like Once Upon a Child or Sprouts Consignment (check them out here).
  3. Diaper Pail- Unless you want the place to constantly smell of dirty diapers, you will definitely want to include one of these. This is an item that you should buy new, unless you want to smell someone else’s kids’ dirty diapers. If you need help picking the best diaper pail, the attached link will certainly benefit you.
  4. Changing Table– Some people might forego this item but if you want your back to be less problematic, don’t do it. You don’t need a new one, just a sturdy one. Diaper changing is considerably easier with this addition to the nursery.
  5. Rocking Chair- You will want one of these, and the older more well-loved, the better. This means look for a cool and comfortable rocking chair in a thrift store. We found one for $10 in a Goodwill and used it for two out of the three kids.
  6. Nightlight- Even if the baby hasn’t developed a fear of the dark just yet, you will want the nightlight. This way you can check in on your wee one while he/she sleeps. And, it makes for a great diaper changing light without having to light up the whole room.
  7. Dresser- You are going to need a place to store all those super cute outfits from friends and family. And, if you are smart about it, you can get one cheap (or even free) and then paint it yourself to match your décor.

If you need additional suggestions for the nursery, feel free to read this.

Are You a Single Mom Blogger? Here’s How to Reach Out to Your Audience

Being a blogger is hard work on its own, but taking it on while being a single mom can see almost impossible. You have to divide your time between your work and taking care of your kids, which is no easy feat. And a successful blog means you need to continuously create new content and work to expand your audience.

But reaching out to a wider group of readers doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility, and it doesn’t even have to cost you much money. If you want to get the word out about your blog, here are some easy ways to get connected with current and potential readers.

Are You a Single Mom Blogger? Here’s How to Reach Out to Your Audience

Start with Social Media

Social media can be a blogger’s best friend. You can keep readers updated on new content, and increase the likelihood that you will be found through keyword searches on major search engines. And the best part is, creating a profile is normally free. That means you can speak to a wider audience without having to spend anything.

Normally, social media platforms encourage users to share information they find interesting. So, if you create quality content, your current readers will likely share your posts with other members of your network. This is the digital equivalent of the standard word-of-mouth marketing approach, which can be quite effective all on its own.

Some social media platforms also offer ad options for a fee. This allows you to place ads designed to target a specific demographic and is based on the same social media platform on which your page resides. If you have a little money to invest, it may be an option worth exploring, but maintaining a page comes at no cost, so don’t feel pressured to use the service simply because you have a page on the site.

Connect with Other Bloggers

Bloggers who talk about similar topics often see themselves as members of a larger community. Making an effort to get to know others who write in a similar area can ultimately give you access to their network. Take some time to get to know other bloggers, and show them your support by sharing and linking to their posts. Often, they will return the favor without having to be asked.

Once you form stronger connections, you can even look for more overt opportunities to connect. For example, you can exchange guest posts on each other’s sites, or work together to host a fun giveaway. Since bloggers generally trade in information, there is rarely a sense of competition even between people who write about the same thing. Working together often provides mutual benefit, so consider seeing who else may be able to help you on your journey, just be sure to help them in kind.

Consider Text Marketing

If visitors to your site are open to receiving text messages from you, then text marketing might be the right choice for you. You can include information about new posts or give followers a heads up about upcoming events. Since most people keep a cell phone with them practically at all times, then it is an easy way to reach out to readers regardless of their current location.

Free Stuff for Moms

We know you come here for the benefit of saving money. So, surely you are thrilled by the title here. We certainly live by the mantra, “If it’s free, it’s for me.” That is why we wanted to impart to you these incredible free deals for moms-to-be and current moms. These little samples and freebies will certainly help you when you are accosted by potential financial struggles.

One such moment may arise if you are ever in the situation in which you must file for medical malpractice in Maryland. Heaven forbid, but if you encounter some sort of birth injury or a birth related disability when your wee one arrives, this might be a necessary evil. And, if you have to hire a lawyer, or pay for treatments, at least until your case is closed, money might be tight. Hopefully, these free things will make your struggle a little less painful.

Free Stuff for Moms

15 Great Freebies You Want

There are probably more than 15 of these, but we are sure you will want the ones on this list. Every mom can benefit from free stuff, so please choose to share this list with all your mom friends. We would love to be able to assist as many of you as possible. So, without further ado, here are the 15 great freebies you want:

  1. Seven Slings– You are going to be looking for a way to comfortably carry your baby. You can get a free sling from this company as long as you are willing to pay the shipping cost.
  2. Udder Cover– Please, please, please breastfeed your baby. And, if you’d like, order a free udder cover for the price of shipping. Learn more.
  3. Parents Magazine– There is no strings to this freebie. You’ll get a one year subscription. Free!
  4. Baby Leg Warmers– This is another company that requires you to pay shipping in order to receive the free item, but at least your baby will be warm.
  5. Similac- You’ll have to sign up for their Strong Moms program, but then you’ll get tons of freebies.
  6. My Gerber– Just join My Gerber and they’ll send you coupons to save tons ‘o’ money.
  7. Earth’s Organics– All you have to do to get free stuff from them is sign up for their newsletter.
  8. Huggies- Huggies Rewards allows you to collect points toward free gift cards for additional products.
  9. Luvs– Sign up for the Luvs Network and get all the deals and coupons you need.
  10. Pampers- A Pampers Village membership will let you free samples from Pampers and their partner companies.
  11. Seventh Generation– This company’s Generation Good Program opens doors to try new products and get exclusive offers. Read more.
  12. Nuk– You will be able to save up to $11 on their products, and if you join, you will receive additional deals 6 times a year.
  13. Johnson & Johnson– Logging into Healthy Essentials will provide you access to printable coupons to save money on a number of their products. But, when it comes to soap for your baby, you might want to consider using all-natural versions like those found here.
  14. Dreft- The Generation Good Program is sometimes on this site as well, so keep checking back for deals.
  15. Nature’s One Organic Medical Nutrition– You can go on their site and request free samples of their products.

There are always opportunities for free stuff out there for new moms, just keep looking.

What Busy Single Moms Buy Their Kids for Christmas

If you are a single mom, you want the best for your kids for Christmas. But sometimes you have to balance fun with function when choosing the ideal gift. That allows you to get your kids something nice while also having the present serve a useful purpose. Luckily, there are a number of high-quality gift options that can also meet other needs within your household. To help you take advantage of the ability for a gift to pull double-duty, consider these options that are sure to impress.

What Busy Single Moms Buy Their Kids for Christmas

Gaming and Computer Chairs

One trick with kids is that they can grow so fast. And while you may not think about it often, having a quality chair when using a home computer is important. A poorly designed chair can make extended computer sessions (whether homework or entertainment related) seriously uncomfortable. Poor ergonomics can also lead to a number of injuries and other physical issues.

If you want to make sure your child can complete their tasks, then consider giving top gaming chairs as a gift. Since these are made with gaming in mind, it is fairly common for them to be created based on ideas of extended use. And just because they say they are for gaming, that doesn’t mean they won’t work well for any computer-related task.

Clothes and School Supplies

While giving clothes and school supplies as gifts don’t initially sound like fun, it can be when you take your child’s unique style into consideration. Consider adding a few key pieces that represent who they are and what they are interested in. You may want to consider brands or styles that would normally be off limits due to their prices, especially if holiday sales make the items more affordable. That way you can give them something they want, and don’t normally get, that also serves an important function in their daily lives.

Active Gifts

We all know that physical fitness is important to overall health, but getting a kid to participate in a traditional exercise program might not be easy. However, you can encourage them to be more active by making exercise fun. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and sports equipment can all be used for fun while providing giving your child a reason to get some exercise. That allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

Alternatively, if there is a certain skill they would like to learn, like dance or martial arts, consider signing them up for classes as a gift. This demonstrates that you pay attention to what interests them, but still allows you to make sure they are getting enough exercise to stay healthy. Since classes are often held at business locations, you may not even have to stay in the building while they take their class. This can give you a chance for a little alone time, which may make the gift even more valuable than you originally anticipated.

Gift Cards

Even if gift cards practically function like cash, they do limit where your child can spend the money. If you aren’t comfortable selecting new clothes or shoes as gifts without them present, then consider giving a gift card that lets them pick a few new items for their wardrobe. That way they can be actively involved in the selection process, but you still ensure they get a functional gift.

Cost effective ways to keep your child entertained during school holidays

It isn’t always easy to go away for the school holidays. Perhaps your budget is limited or you cannot get the time off. This is the case for many parents that can include single parents. There are a few simple ways to keep your children entertained at home and out of trouble that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It is important to remember that you want your kids to stay productive during their holiday and not just laze about the house and sleep late while you are at work.

Cooking with your kids is a great activity that will teach them a bit of independence and how to make their own food. You can start with simple recipes like pizza, salad or baking cookies. Another great way to spend time together is by camping out in your backyard. Set up the tent, grab the marshmallows and you are ready to go. The school holidays can really be a time for bonding for you and your children. If the weather is bad camp out in the living room, it will be just as much fun.

Cost effective ways to keep your child entertained during school holidays

TV is always a winner but not everyone can afford Cable. Take a look at how Netflix Australia has taken off and get a subscription. You no longer have to be limited to your country’s program line-up because there are tools that allow you to access other programs. There is a great array of movies and series to watch with some of the best documentaries to keep everyone informed and smart. Netflix took the world by storm and is one of the most cost-efficient ways to watch your favorite series and movies. You can register different users and watch Netflix on more than one device at the same time.

A favorite activity for the little ones is to have a dress up day. You can be the photographer or perhaps film it. During dress up you can also have them stage a play that they can perform for you. On days like these it is great to arrange for a play date. Invite a few of their friends over and make a day of it with good company and a whole lot of fun. You can get involved in the writing of the play. This will enhance their reading and writing skills which in turn will keep their minds occupied. Click here for dress up ideas.

You don’t necessarily need to have a birthday to host a party. Have a holiday celebration party by inviting their friends over and enjoying snacks and games. This is always a winner and will leave everyone exhausted and satisfied. During the school holidays you can easily prepare for Christmas by making Christmas cards or decorations. This is an artistic project that will be fun for the whole family and it will save you a bit on decorations and cards. For any craft projects you should try using items around the house. Click here for some great craft ideas for kids.

Get your little ones outdoors and away from tech

During warmer months it is our responsibility as parents to get our children active and outside. It is in their best interest to get a healthy combination of Vitamin D and fresh air. How do we get our children outside and away from the temptations offered by video games and TV? Here are a few fun and interactive activities that moms can use to tempt the little ones. These activities will be fun for everyone and that includes mom.


Art is a great way to keep children entertained for a long time. With a canvass and palette on hand your little one will feel like the next Monet while painting a tree or flowers in the garden. Make sure there is enough shade and that the mess can be cleaned up. Click here for some fun painting activities.

Get your little ones outdoors and away from tech

Bug hunting

This is one of the best ways to keep your inquisitive little ones occupied. There are cute bug hunting sets available for sale that includes harmless traps and magnifying glasses which will make the hunt more fun. You can go as far as dressing them for the occasion with a little camouflage and perhaps if your hubby owns hunting gear you might want to let your boys use the best long range rangefinder for a true hunting experience. This is fun and will teach them about nature. With the range finder you can actually zoom in and find the bugs much easier. It is the perfect outdoor hunting tool even if it is just used for bugs in the garden.

Cooling off on a hot day

The sun is dangerous and most of the time you don’t want your little one in the sun for too long. Dips in the pool should be limited but that does not stop you from setting up the sprinkler under a tree where there is sufficient shade and allowing your kids to enjoy running through it. I can remember as a child I loved running through the sprinklers as we didn’t have a pool. Take a look at cool sprinkler systems here.


Get down and dirty with a little bit of old fashioned gardening. Kids love playing in the dirt and this can easily be used as an excuse to get them interactive with planting. It is a fun activity but also one where they will learn a skill and see the fruits of their labor. Get a couple of seedlings and let your little ones help you to plant them.

Sporting event

Nothing stops you from hosting a mini Olympic event in your backyard. Look around the house for props that can include hurdles or a mattress for high-jump. This is an activity that is going to make them tired though and on a hot day you want to make sure that they stay hydrated and cool. If any of the events plays out in the sun you might want to use a good sunscreen.