Dangerous Toys Moms Should Not Give Their Children

There is a possibility that you would like to give your children toys that they will surely enjoy but at the same time, you would have to make sure that you will choose toys that are safe for them. You may be tempted to give them toys similar to the items that they see on television. For instance, they may see some crossbows being used in some shows and they would like to have the same toys but are they safe? Get to know more here.

Dangerous Toys Moms Should Not Give Their Children

Adults may want to make use of crossbows for hunting. In fact, checking out ezbowexpert will help people a lot in making the right decision in choosing crossbows but as a mom, you have to make sure that your children will get other toys that will be deemed safe for your children. Would you like to know what other toys you better not give your children?

Do remember that most of these toys are not being manufactured anymore but you can take note of their characteristics and skip toys that you know you do not need.

  1. CSI: Fingerprint Examination Kit and CSI: Investigation Forensics Lab Kit

You may think that this is one safe toy that you can give to your children especially those who would like to become detectives when they grow up but this kit comes with a fingerprint dusting kit which contains tremolite. This is well known to cause Cancer later on so it will be best not to give this to your children.

  1. Sky Dancers

When Sky Dancers were first released, there were a lot of children especially girls who would like to get one because of course, aside from their very feminine appearance; they can also fly through the rip cord that would need to be pulled. While it may seem harmless enough, there were a lot of people who have gotten into accidents because of this toy. It has already been recalled back in the year 2000.

  1. Any Toy Gun

You might think that a toy gun is safe but you have to remember that toy guns are unsafe because the real ones may be unsafe as well when used by the wrong people. You have to remember that the toy gun can have small parts which mean that there is always a chance that kids will swallow those small parts and choke as a result.

  1. Moon Shoes

It is a good thing that these shoes were created a long time ago but they were unsafe to be used by kids then. These moon shoes made it possible for kids to jump around but the parts that were used were really the parts used to make an actual trampoline and some of the bear traps that can be placed in the woods.

  1. Lawn Darts

There is a reason why this type of toy has been recalled. It is because it has managed to kill some people and injure thousands of kids and adults. Even though this is a toy that is meant for adults, there are still a lot of kids who would like to play it.

With all of these things in mind, you can be sure that you will avoid playing with toys that are unsafe for your child.

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