Enjoy Your Garden More and Teach Your Child about Nature with a Compost Maker

Compost is one of the most expensive gardening products on the market that you can make for free from the comfort of your home.  When you make your own compost you can save a lot of money and you can greatly improve your garden by planting your potted plants in good quality home grown compost and by adding new and fresh compost to your other plants regularly.  You can also get your kids out of the house for some fresh air and for some active time when you make compost or do gardening. Your children will love to learn how to make compost and they will love to see how their tiny gardens grow much better with good quality compost.

Get a compost tumbler

Let’s face it.  Garden work and making compost is only going to be fun if you either have the right tools for it or if it is easy.  A good quality compost tumbler can help you make perfect quality compost much easier which will help your kids love this hobby much more.  The Lifetime compost tumbler is a good choice for moms who want to keep their gardens odor and mess free since these units are incredibly easy to use and incredibly stylish.

Enjoy Your Garden More and Teach Your Child about Nature with a Compost Maker

How to get your kids interested in compost making?

It’s only fun if mom is helping so get your oldest jeans out of the closet and enjoy compost making and gardening with your kids.  You can teach them all the key ingredients that are needed for good quality compost such as dry plant sources, green plant sources and teach them how much water to add to the compost maker.  You can also teach them a thing or two about insects such as the earthworm which is bound to speed up your compost processing a lot.

Start kiddie’s gardens with the DIY compost

Your garden teachings shouldn’t stop at compost making.  Your child should also learn how the compost is to be used.  Get a nice and big pot and fill it with the DIY compost that you have made.  Next you should visit a nursery to get some plants for the tiny garden.  You should get something that is easy to plant with quick results.  Planting flower seeds may seem like the best choice for educational purposes but plant seeds are incredibly hard to grow.  Try to find something easy like flower seedlings or succulent plants that are sure to withstand a lot of tough handling so your child won’t get discouraged when the new mini garden does not take.  Strawberries is one of the best plants for kids gardens because they are beautiful, easy to plant, hardy and your child will absolutely adore it to pick his or her very own strawberries one day.

By spending time in your garden your kids don’t just get plenty of excursive.  They also learn fantastic new skills such as gardening, compost making, garden maintenance and they learn a lot about different plants and different insects.  Gardening is one of the best and most exciting hobbies that you simply must try.