Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

While being a mother is a special and rewarding experience, it’s also often challenging. When you’re working and taking care of your kids, it is already difficult to set aside some time for yourself and do things that you love, such as exercising. Moms know that finding time to exercise is crucial to maintain healthy lifestyle, but kids’ demands, household responsibilities, and work can make that option unworkable. That’s why we’ve made this guide to help busy moms, like you, get your needed workout even if you have chores to do, children to care for, marriage to maintain, career to improve, and community to serve. Here are a few suggestions:

moms fitness tips

  • Schedule it as part of your daily routine. Most moms fill their schedules with tasks related exclusively to family and work, leaving a little for themselves. But this shouldn’t be necessary all the time. The trick here is to learn how to manage your time well. Plan your schedule carefully; write them down and make sure that you include exercise on your calendar. And always keep in mind that exercise is just as important as attending your office meeting or doing your daily housework.
  • Be creative: Take advantage of odd times. Because of too much responsibilities and workload, sometimes, moms don’t realize that they have available time to do things they love. Early in the morning, during office break, or even at-home break while kids are watching or sleeping may be the perfect time to get in a workout.
  • Exercise with your family. Although an exercise can be a great way to detach and get a few moments to be with yourself, it is also a great way to bond with your family. In this age with so much technology and social media, it’s so easy to get pulled apart. Including exercise in your family routine will not only help your family grow stronger together, but as well as will help your kids know the importance of exercise in life.
  • Consider home workouts. There are times that no matter how much you want to go outside and run, it just isn’t possible – either because the weather is not good or you’re not in the mood to go to gym. But times like these are not an excuse to skip exercise. Remember, there are several kinds of workouts that you can do even you’re at the comfort of your home. Sometimes, you just need to invest in a home exercise machine, of course, the ones that are best rated for home use, to be able to squeeze in a workout anytime.


  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t feel bad or guilty if you have to skip one day of exercise. In life, there are just really things that happen that are out of our control. If you are sick, or someone in your family is sick, or you’re just really not in the mood because of what happened in the office, then it’s okay to miss one day. As long as you make the time to exercise on a regular basis, skipping one day is completely fine.

Being a mom can really be so challenging. But remember, no matter how many kids you need to care for or household responsibilities you need to keep track of, you can still be strong, fit, and healthy as long as you’re committed and use your time wisely!

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