Foods You Can Prepare for The Picky Eater

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. In order to ensure that your child will stay healthy, you need to serve food that come with all the right nutrients that your child will love eating. There are times when it is not only your child who is a picky eater but your husband too. You would need to satisfy their palette and still take note of the nutrition that they are getting every day.

It can be hard to think of the right dishes to cook especially when you are already busy. You have to attend to your job and you need to make sure that you will do all of your tasks correctly but you still have to consider your family.

Foods You Can Prepare for The Picky Eater

Kids are particularly hard to feed because if they do not like what they see or they do not find the smell of the food pleasant, they will not eat. There are only a handful of kids who would make an effort to actually try out different food products available. A lot of kids would just say no and will not eat unless you cook something that they are relatively familiar with like fried chicken or hotdog.

The key to making kids eat their food is to make sure that there is something fun incorporated into it. For instance, have you tried serving edamame? When you serve this, you can expect that kids will have a grand time popping the beans from the pods. You can tell your child that he/she will not be allowed to remove the bean unless he/she is going to eat it. Preparing this is easy too. Simply steam and sprinkle salt to make it taste better.

Here are other dishes that you can serve:

  1. Vegetable Tempura – You already know that kids would love everything that is crispy and you can never go wrong with tempura. You can even let your kids help in dipping the vegetables that you have sliced with the right kitchen knives before you can deep fry the different pieces available. It will be hard to cut the vegetables without the right knives so check out kitchen knife reviews first to be sure about what you are going to get.
  2. Vegetable Dumplings – There are also a lot of children who enjoy eating dumplings. While dumplings may usually have some pieces of meat inside, you can make it healthier by adding some vegetables. You can even make different types of dumplings and not make everything all vegetables to make eating more enjoyable for your kids.
  3. Yogurt with Toppings – If you want a healthier option for dessert, you can prepare plain yogurt and a few healthy toppings that your kids can place. Kids love the fact that they can create their own yogurt and they would end up loving what they have made.

Can you still think of other dishes that you can serve to your children? There are still a lot more. You can create your own recipes too. It will be fun to think of new dishes to serve to your whole family.