Free Stuff for Moms

We know you come here for the benefit of saving money. So, surely you are thrilled by the title here. We certainly live by the mantra, “If it’s free, it’s for me.” That is why we wanted to impart to you these incredible free deals for moms-to-be and current moms. These little samples and freebies will certainly help you when you are accosted by potential financial struggles.

One such moment may arise if you are ever in the situation in which you must file for medical malpractice in Maryland. Heaven forbid, but if you encounter some sort of birth injury or a birth related disability when your wee one arrives, this might be a necessary evil. And, if you have to hire a lawyer, or pay for treatments, at least until your case is closed, money might be tight. Hopefully, these free things will make your struggle a little less painful.

Free Stuff for Moms

15 Great Freebies You Want

There are probably more than 15 of these, but we are sure you will want the ones on this list. Every mom can benefit from free stuff, so please choose to share this list with all your mom friends. We would love to be able to assist as many of you as possible. So, without further ado, here are the 15 great freebies you want:

  1. Seven Slings– You are going to be looking for a way to comfortably carry your baby. You can get a free sling from this company as long as you are willing to pay the shipping cost.
  2. Udder Cover– Please, please, please breastfeed your baby. And, if you’d like, order a free udder cover for the price of shipping. Learn more.
  3. Parents Magazine– There is no strings to this freebie. You’ll get a one year subscription. Free!
  4. Baby Leg Warmers– This is another company that requires you to pay shipping in order to receive the free item, but at least your baby will be warm.
  5. Similac- You’ll have to sign up for their Strong Moms program, but then you’ll get tons of freebies.
  6. My Gerber– Just join My Gerber and they’ll send you coupons to save tons ‘o’ money.
  7. Earth’s Organics– All you have to do to get free stuff from them is sign up for their newsletter.
  8. Huggies- Huggies Rewards allows you to collect points toward free gift cards for additional products.
  9. Luvs– Sign up for the Luvs Network and get all the deals and coupons you need.
  10. Pampers- A Pampers Village membership will let you free samples from Pampers and their partner companies.
  11. Seventh Generation– This company’s Generation Good Program opens doors to try new products and get exclusive offers. Read more.
  12. Nuk– You will be able to save up to $11 on their products, and if you join, you will receive additional deals 6 times a year.
  13. Johnson & Johnson– Logging into Healthy Essentials will provide you access to printable coupons to save money on a number of their products. But, when it comes to soap for your baby, you might want to consider using all-natural versions like those found here.
  14. Dreft- The Generation Good Program is sometimes on this site as well, so keep checking back for deals.
  15. Nature’s One Organic Medical Nutrition– You can go on their site and request free samples of their products.

There are always opportunities for free stuff out there for new moms, just keep looking.