Future Research Possibilities for Our Children

Us mom’s are constantly worrying over the treatments  that are used on our children, especially when it comes to something  like a peptide. . It turns out that some of these peptides s  are being  researched for many interesting purposes that may shed some new light on alternative options for future medicines. . In fact, there have been studies that show it may even be able to successfully treat cancer.

Sermorelin, also known by its trade name, Geref, or as GHRH (1-29) is a 29-amino acid peptide that is used as a growth hormone. Sermorelin is most commonly used to access growth hormone secretion. There has been plenty of debate on whether or not the use of this peptide is beneficial/healthy for use. So Agniezka Siejka and her team decided to put the peptide to the test.


Recent studies at Veterans Affairs Medical Center Education have shown that sermorelin may be good for treating cancer, but has not yet been approved by the FDA for human use. Lung cancers are considered highly metastatic and with poor prognosis. Research studies have shown that GHRH antagonists (sermorelin) can work as anticancer agents without the causation of any negative effects on cancer tumor models.

Three kids giving thumbs up sign

Cancer cells cultivated from lung and cervical cancer patients were intermingled with sermorelin to study how they interact with each other. Sermorelin at the concentration of 0.1 μM resulted in a decreased expression of the cancer cells, as compared to the control group. Although sermorelin has been approved by the FDA for growth hormone deficiency in children with growth failure, it has yet to be approved for any other purposes; despite the positive results that have been observed in recent research.

Only time and more research will bring forth the approval for sermorelin’s use in treating various types of cancers and possibly other diseases as well.