Great Job Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

In case you are not busy enough taking care of the kids and all who enter your home, you might want to consider taking on a side job. Sometimes stay at home moms get into a rut, feeling like they are of lesser value because they aren’t bringing in any income. Or, they don’t like the budgeting restrictions they are held to and want to have their own income to play with.

Anybody who has ever had the luxury and stress of being a stay at home mom can understand that dilemma. There has to be some way to take care of everything on the to-do list while simultaneously figuring out a way to make money. But, to make money you often have to have money. So, the first thing we would suggest you invest in, is a DSLR camera and a DSLR laptop bag. These two items can help you get your new home-based career off the ground.

Great Job Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

5 Great Home-Based Jobs for Moms

We all like to be able to have some freedom in our pockets. The ability to buy the kids a new outfit when we see one on sale, or pick up a pair of cute shoes online, is typically the catalyst behind a stay at home mom’s drive to start a business. Of course, there are times when it is just about paying the bills. Whatever the case may be, these 5 home-based job ideas are great:

  1. Freelance Photographer– Recall that we told you to get a DSLR camera and a bag to tote it in. There are a number of places online that will buy your freelance photography. Even magazines are looking for great photos. And, there are also quite a few photo editing software programs that will enable you to turn your photos into art. You can learn more about this endeavor, here.
  2. Crafting– With the advent of sites like Etsy and UncommonGoods more and more crafters are enjoying the ability to sell what they make online. If you are a little bit on the artsy side this might be a great place to start. Your artwork, Pinterest successes, and other creations could start making you money soon.
  3. Blogging- Obviously you are a little bit behind the game if you are just now getting into blogging. But if you can find a niche field that hasn’t been inundated, and is still brimming with people searching for information, this might be a great idea. Once you get a decent amount of people hitting your page you will be able to sell ads as well. Read more about making money as a blogger by clicking this.
  4. Notary- Surely you have seen people with notary signs in their yards. It isn’t difficult to become a notary. However, there is an investment required. Then you will be able to marry people, and sign documents for those who need your services, all at the fee you set for your signature and stamp.
  5. Vintage– This is the new catch phrase and if you can block out some time to do yard sale shopping on the weekends, you are sure to find vintage items at inexpensive prices. Then you can resell them on Etsy, eBay, or any number of additional resale sites. Read more about reselling vintage items.

Here’s the great thing about our first investment suggestion, with a decent camera you will make selling your products a whole lot easier! Good luck with the new job.