Hiring Bouncy Castles

Do you have a wedding to plan but do not know what to do with the children that will be attending? Are you afraid that they will run around the place and ruin everything? Well, worry no further. There are many ways in which you can keep the children in place, for example, you can create a play space for them in one corner to keep and busy and to prevent them from ruining everything. This could also be a great idea for a children’s birthday party as well. Bouncy castle hire is one such idea that will keep the children entertained and occupied, and below are some places where you can hire them.

Hiring Bouncy Castles

First Class Bouncy Castles & Much More

A Waterford based company in Ireland that started out in 2009, it provides a high quality service as well as products to appeal to their customers. The owners are young, professional, reliable, creative, and they offer their customers something that many other bouncy castle hires, don’t, which is something new and fresh.

Over the years, this hardworking business has grown and has served several different big corporations, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Vodafone, etc., and they currently have one of the largest selections of inflatable items and more, and so, they’re definitely the one you should seek out if you’re planning on hosting an event involving children.


Another UK based bouncy castle hire, they provide more than just bouncy castles to their customers. They offer a complete family fun experience, as you can hire rodeos, party chairs and tables, photo booths, Go Karts, crazy golf courses, and lots more. They offer everything that an entire family can enjoy and not just the children, which is something that is highly appreciated by their clients.

This company has also served other big corporations, such as LEGOLAND Windsor, Southampton FC, Witney Town Council, and MasterFoods. Established in 1995, this company knows just what it is doing and provides an excellent service. Finally, all their inflatables are also tested by PIPA, which should be enough to ensure their quality and to let the parents know that these are good quality and safe for their children to play with.


This bouncy castle hire knows what they’re doing and they love catering to children and families to bring forth the ultimate fun experience. They provide good quality products to you which are among the best, so you won’t have to worry about the quality being disappointing.

And this isn’t just some other company that caters to children, they also cater to the adults as well, as they can offer discos, large family games and a lot more. They provide something for both the adults and the children, which is what makes them different from the rest of the other businesses in the same sector. Their clients love them for the service that they provide.

Bottom Line

If you live in the UK and are worried about hosting an event which will have children, worry no more. You can easily hire any one of the companies mentioned above and turn your event into a fun experience.

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