Home Gyms Moms will Love

Moms have the hardest jobs on the planet. We heard someone claiming that their daughter “didn’t work.” The person was insinuating that being a stay at home mom is akin to being unemployed sipping lattes and playing bridge. It was kind of infuriating because moms have such thankless jobs.

In fact, the work they do is so expansive it has the ability to put them in a position in which they are not even capable of receiving the salaries they deserve for all the work they do. So, if they are going to be home with the kids, they should at least have a home gym they will love. After all, no one wants to pay for a babysitter just so moms can take care of their own bodies.

Home Gyms Moms will Love

Best Equipment for Mom’s Home Gym

Surely you have been to a traditional gym. Yes, they definitely have the best treadmills and other equipment. In fact, they probably have some really great workout products that you wish you could take home with you. This is why you are considering creating your own home gym. Plus, you probably don’t want to shell out the fees necessary to spend time in their facility.

So, if you are really gearing up to design your own home gym you are probably wondering which equipment is best for you. Obviously the size of the space you can allocate for your home gym will have significant bearing on what kind of gear you can utilize. However, since we can’t give you a personalized design, we will simply provide you with a list of great equipment to consider incorporating into your gym. Then you can get those pieces that best work for you. Here are our suggestions:

  • Free Standing Punching Bag- There are a number of makers out there, but this piece tops our list. We think that having the ability to beat the snot out of something that can’t fight back is probably a great bit of therapy for stay at home moms who are often snubbed and devalued.
  • Adjustable Dumbbells– These are actually pretty nifty because they allow you to conserve space while still being able to regularly adjust the weight you are curling. Space saving and adjustable works well for us. Learn more.
  • Jump Rope- Yes, it is a pretty old school idea, but you can really get some great cardiac workouts with this simple tool. Besides, if you get some for your kids you can workout together, and that will make staying in shape a little bit more enjoyable for all.
  • Core Training Wheels– Sure, you might think that doing planks is a great place to start, and no doubt it is a good idea, but there are other, more entertaining options as well. These wheels will help you tone up that abdomen that seems to be a perpetual problem for those of us whom have had children. Read more.
  • Treadmill- This is the largest item on the list so we have saved it for last. There really is no better way to burn large amounts of calories than on a treadmill. You can walk away those chocolate chip pancakes you made for the kids while you watch Curious George with them.

Working out can seem like the hardest thing to make time for, but as a mom, it is in your best interest to stay in tip top shape. You never know when you’ll need to punch somebody for the sake of your children. And, if that’s the case, you might want to read this about using self-defense as a means of getting in shape.