How do you teach your child to floss?

Chocolates, sweets and candies are the most tempting delicacies which are also some of the prime reasons behind the oral problems of your kids. It is really necessary to guide them at the correct age about all the do’s and don’ts of mouth cleaning procedures including brushing and flossing. Most of the parents have this apprehension whether they should teach flossing technique to their kids or not. Also, what is the correct time for their kids to start flossing?

child flossing

What is the correct age to start flossing?

Some Parents don’t prefer flossing the primary teeth of their children because of the unawareness. But, mostly dentists recommend parents to start flossing their kid’s teeth right after they have all the primary teeth and they start eating full meal. The right age for flossing your kid’s teeth is around 6 years. You must bring them into the habit of flossing so that by the age of 10 they can floss the teeth on their own. Make sure your kid’s floss is softer than your floss. You also need to see that the floss used is flexible, comfortable and not harming the teeth of your kids.

Tricks to engage and teach your kids

Most of the time, kids do not entertain the brushing and flossing process. It is the most cumbersome job for parents to convince their kids for mouth cleaning. The best way is to inculcate timing in your kid’s mind and make flossing a game for them. You can play a cartoon or a rhyme or a song for them for two minutes and ask them to brush or floss for that particular time. This way, they will get convinced easily and simultaneously, they will procure complete mouth cleaning experience.

Explaining all the mouth cleaning procedures

It is really necessary to explain the entire brushing and flossing basics to your kids. Some of these basics include:

  • Brushing and Flossing Timing
  • They should clean every tooth and spend around one minute on each tooth.
  • They should be consistent while brushing and flossing.
  • They should apply adequate pressure and avoid unnecessary scrubbing.

If you will impart these initial teachings to your kids, they will help them maintaining a healthy oral history throughout their life.

Flossing Tips

Regarding flossing, you can teach following tips:

  • They should floss once in a day and remove all the food particles
  • When you see teeth of your kids are as close that toothbrush bristles can fit them then you can start teaching them floss
  • You must also teach that floss should be winded for about 18 inches around middle finger.
  • Kids should hold the floss in between index finger and thumb
  • Insert the floss in between two teeth and they should follow back and forth motion to make them utmost clean.
  • Also curve the floss in C Shaped and move it up and down to remove all the food particles.
  • Always use absolutely clean floss for every tooth

Changing the gadgets

When your kid starts flossing their teeth, you must take care of their gadgets. You must change their brush and floss for about 3 to 4 times in a year. You must select the floss material for your kid but allow them to select one out of the multiple options. Also, you can give them different toothpaste flavours to make mouth cleaning a fun for them. Always take guidelines from your dental professionals before handing over the gadgets to your kids.

In short, you need to become kids and convince them to learn all these healthy mouth cleaning procedures. Eventually, it will save your kids from all these horrible oral problems.

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