How to Baby Proof Your Bathroom

As a mom, you would like to keep your whole home safe for your child. There are some places around your home that you can easily change to become safer but it can be hard to baby proof your bathroom. You do not have to do a complete bathroom remodel just to make it perfect for your child. What you can do instead is get to know the various tips that will keep your bathroom safe.

The very first thing that you have to do is to make sure that your child will not go to the bathroom unsupervised. It does not matter whether your child is already crawling or walking, you have to install a lock in your bathroom that your child would not be able to figure out how to open. Another option is to install a childproof cover on the door knob of your bathroom so even if your child can already reach your door knob, you do not have to worry about your child being able to open it when you are not looking.

How to Baby Proof Your Bathroom

There are still other tips that you have to remember to baby proof your bathroom now:

  1. Keep the lid of your toilet closed.

If you would need to install a lock on the toilet bowl so that it cannot be opened by your child then you has to do it. There is always a big possibility that your child will exert too much effort into opening your toilet bowl and will fall over. This is something that you would not like to happen.

  1. Make sure that you will not leave anything sharp lying around your home.

Your husband may leave behind some razors and other sharp materials on the counter. Even if you feel that your child would not be able to reach it yet, you have to stop from leaving anything sharp that your child may find means to reach. If you have a closet that your child would surely not reach even if he/she tries, place the sharp objects there.

  1. Unplug various appliances that you may have inside your bathroom.

You may have some appliances in your bathroom because this is where you prepare before you go out. Remember that your blow dryer can be a hazard especially if it would fall on the bathtub. Even your other appliances can cause burns and this is not something that you would not want your child to suffer from.

  1. Do not place vitamins and other supplements lying around your bathroom.

Children have the tendency to place the things that they see inside their mouths. While they will have the tendency to spit out the vitamins and other supplements especially if they do not taste good, it might still have a negative effect on them. Place the medicine in a proper place.

  1. Place a non-slip rubber mat on your bath tub.

You may have to place more than one because you cannot be entirely sure if your child would not slip because of one non slip mat. If in case your child falls, another non slip mat will be able to take the fall so your child will not get hurt.

There are still different things that you can do so that you can make your bathroom safe. Be a smart mom and keep your child safe from harm in all parts of your home.