How to be an expert of Clash of Clans

In today’s revolutionary world where everyone has a mobile or hand-held device, it is just normal to also have a revolutionary way to kill time or do during past time. One is such is playing games that is usually downloaded in mobile phones and tablets. One very common game well loved by the many is Clash of Clans or CoC. This particular game is famous all over the globe as it is easy to play and quite engaging. When it was first launched, it was only made available for iOs, then after some developments and increasing demands, it was also made downloadable for android users. The thing is, most players are looking for a bigger picture of the game. That is why, Clash of Clans for PC was also made available. Other than Dota, this is the latest sensation for most avid gamers. This specific game relates to combating to defense. It is made to challenge a person’s mental ability, skills in planning and also the desire to achieve victory. This article is not about cheats but mostly about effective tips that can help anyone who are playing the game to attain the ever desired victory in every attack. The ideas below are very easy to follow and when you get at ease with it, you can add it in your usual game plan.

Clash of Clans

Defense strategies

  • Once something new was built in the game, it will be shown with highlight. Remember to combine all the highlights and make sure there will be no holes. By doing so, it can help strengthen the defense which can make it harder for the opponent to destroy.
  • Do some basic urban planning. This is to be able to build a property that is tightly spaced.
  • Put additional weapons to the defense. Ensure that you will have an array of weapons to ensure your strong defense. Having different kinds of weapon can ensure that you will have the perfect weapon for every situation. Read more at

Attacking the opponents

When you are ready to attack, you need to determine your goal of the game. You need to know if you are looking to get elixir or gold. With regards to your answer, the way to attack may differ depending on the stage of the game. Even so, the most essential thing is to always upgrade your collection of elixir or gold to its peak. By doing such, you can definitely increase your chances of winning. A good suggestion for this part is to always attack the opponents that are pilling the elixir or gold. When you are already certain of your victory, your resources will at the same time increase together with your elixir or gold collection.

Once you get started with this application, it is very hard to stop and get rid of it. It is because it is a type of game that is highly engaging and addictive. With the given above tips, you are able to apply the techniques while using your phone or your PC.

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