How to choose the best stethoscope for a stay at home mom

When you are building up your medical equipment supplies, when you are  stay at home mom and you have some experience when it comes to using a stethoscope, it should definitely be a piece of equipment that you have.

It is very useful for detecting a number of different issues. You can use it to check the heartbeat, lungs and digestive rhythms of a person. Whether this is for your kids or your spouse, it is very useful to have. However, there are many different types of stethoscopes on the market today, so it can be a very overwhelming and stressful process when you are trying to buy one.

You should get one that suits your specific needs. Luckily, you will find in this article some useful advice that will make the process a lot easier. Many factors, such as price, demographic and environment play a part in what model you should purchase. Keep reading to check out this great advice.

How to choose the best stethoscope for a stay at home mom

Main type of stethoscope that you may need

Depending on your situation, there will be different types of stethoscope that will be suitable for your needs. If you have infants, you will need a model that has a very small head as this will be more accurate. A larger head will pick up on a lot of inconsequential noise which will change and distort what you are trying to listen to. The smaller chest piece will get rid of most of these unnecessary noises and lead to a top quality sound.

When you have younger children but they are no longer infants, a paediatric stethoscope will be better suited for your needs. It will also have a chest piece that is smaller but it is bigger than the infant option. This is because the size of your children’s organs will be bigger and the bigger head is needed to get an accurate reading.

Foetal stethoscopes are used when you are expecting a new child and are specifically used to pick up on any abnormalities or strange sounds coming from a pregnant woman.

Keep cost in mind

Certain stethoscope models will be very expensive and will cost hundreds of dollars. When you are only going to be using it on a sporadic basis, there is no need to get a very expensive model. It will only be sitting in your cupboard gathering dust. There are many great types of stethoscope that are very reasonably priced and will get the job needed completed.

While you don’t want to go with a stethoscope that is very cheap and does not do a very good job, once you stick with a reputable brand you will be able to find an option that is at an optimal price point.

Don’t forget about comfort

When people are purchasing different types of medical equipment and devices, they often focus too much on functionality and sometimes forget to take comfort levels into consideration. This is a mistake that you should avoid, as you don’t want to end up purchasing a stethoscope that is uncomfortable to wear and use.