How to Make the Best of a Mommy Day Off

All moms deserve a break from their daily routine; and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get one once in a while. This break, this day off – it’s very precious. It is perfectly normal to want to have some time all to yourself. Every single minute of this day off counts and there are several things you can do to make the best of it!

How to Make the Best of a Mommy Day Off

Here are some ideas we have for you to make your day all the more enjoyable:

  1. Head over to the salon

Have you been thinking of getting a manicure but haven’t been able to make the time for it? Or did you have your eye on that really good facial offer the salon just put up? Now is the time to take action. Go get your nails, your hair or even your face done if you feel like it! It’s your time to feel beautiful and special. Stand in front of the mirror, pamper yourself and you will thank yourself for it.

  1. Go out with a friend

At this point, you’re thinking to yourself, “I do go out with my friends even with the kids”. No, I mean really go out. Call your craziest friend and ask her (or him) to pick you up. Sing along with those 90’s songs you really miss, go dance to the jukebox in a bar OR watch a really lame movie and enjoy it anyways. Don’t make excuses and just do it!

  1. Sit home and watch seasons while you binge eat

If you’re not in the mood to go out and face the real world, there are still things you can do at home which will make you feel like you’re taking a real break. Gather your favorite snacks, head over to couch, get comfy and start watching television series. This is the time to re-watch your favorite seasons or discover some new good ones. You can head over to Streaming Series and watch as many seasons or movies as you like. So wrap yourself in your blanket and munch on your favorite snacks while you watch 8 something seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

  1. Learn something new

If you’re looking to do something to make your day off productive, there are hundreds and thousands of things you can do. This is the time to learn something new, or something you had always been willing to learn but were never able to make the time for it. If you are into musical instruments, now is the time to learn how to play a guitar. Click here to find out how you can start to learn as a beginner. Or if you never learnt how to ride a bike, start now. Remember; it’s never too late to learn something new!

  1. Try out a new wine

If you’re a wine lover, you can head out and buy a new wine from the supermarket. Prepare a bubble bath for yourself, slide in and sip on the wine you just bought. For all you know, this could become your next favorite wine!

At the end of the day, it is your day off and it’s important that you do something on this day that you thoroughly enjoy doing. Make the best of the time that you have to yourself so that at the end of the day you’re a happy person and an even happier mom!

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