How to Make your New Years Resolutions a Reality

As the New Year rolls around, many of us moms will be making many new years resolutions. Most moms make all sorts of different resolutions but the top ones are: to be a good mom, to eat healthy and to stay in shape. There are many things that we can do to make sure that are new years resolutions aren’t like last years where we did not follow them a week after the New Year begun.

Being a Good Mom

This is something that we try to strive for everyday. This is more like a daily resolution then a yearly one. Everyday you have to put your kids first. Always think about the right options for them, should they sit in front of a TV everyday instead of going out and enjoying outside? Probably not. Exposing your kids to a variety of new experiences will help widen their knowledge of the world.


Eating Healthy

Many of us tend to take the easy way out by getting fast food too often. Each week before you go grocery shopping, plan out your snacks and meals for the week. You can even look on Google or Pintrest for different recipes and ideas. Once you find enough for the week, write the ingredients down and get them. Also make sure to bookmark or print those ingredients as well so you can use them when you are going to cook the meal. By knowing what your going to have each day of the week, you will not need to give into old habits and take the easy way out for dinner.


Staying Fit

For us moms, its always hard to try and stay in shape because of how busy our lives are. One thing you should do is either join a gym or join a team of some sort. The YMCA is a good gym to pick, they have many different types of classes you can join depending on what interests you. They also have a gymnasium as well as a pool so you can shoot a basketball around or go for a nice swim. The other option you have is to also join a sports team. There are many women’s soccer teams at different level of ability depending on yours. You can also find out how to exercise right for soccer here.


There are many different ways to kick the old habits and have a successful New Year. With the right attitude and dedication, you will be able to met your resolutions this year no problem.

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