How to Plan the Perfect Family Game Night

It can be so easy to lose touch with your loved ones and family.  An entire family can easily go evenings without hardly speaking because mom is busy cooking and cleaning, kids are busy with homework and technology like TV and smartphones are taking up the rest of the time.  A family game night is just what you need to stay in touch with one another, have some fun and to give everyone a break from technology.  But it’s quite hard to get everyone interested in game nights since smartphones and Xbox has such fun games these days.  It will take some time before everyone starts having fun and it will take a bit of endurance and a few rules before your fun family nights becomes an enjoyed habit.

How to Plan the Perfect Family Game Night

Look for some new fun board games to try

Fun party games are but no one likes to play the same thing every single time.  You should stock up on some board games so you can alternate regularly and you should get something new every now and then if you are planning on making family game nights a permanent thing. Here are some of the best games that you can have a look at;

Pie Face – Pie face is a hilarious game if you have a bit of a sense of humor.  The game is a lot like roulette.  You spin a spinner to see how many turns you have to give the pie smasher and risk it out because you can get a pie in the face with each spin.

Uno – The Uno game has been popular since 1971 and still captivates families without taking up any space in your home.

Ticket to Ride – This fun game is loved by people with a passion for travels.  It is inspired by the story ‘Around the world in 80 days’.

Stock up on snacks & drinks

No one likes to cook on a family game night so save up some cash for some takeaways and stock up on some yummy snacks and drinks.  Everyone will love your family game nights so much more when they have something yummy to chew on and might not even miss their techno devices.

Kill the TV

The TV can easily distract some of the players from the game.  Switch off the TV so everyone can remain focused and so everyone can communicate with one another more effectively.

Ban smartphones

Smartphones are a constant distraction. There is always some notification that captures your attention.  A message from friends or on chat groups needs to be answered frequently, games require you to play frequently and apps are always in need of some update.  Ban smartphones or ask everyone to try to limit time on phones as much as possible.

Play happy music

Good music creates a good vibe for everyone but tastes can differ a lot when it comes to music so try to get everyone involved when selecting the playlist so no one will be annoyed by songs that play.