I just bought myself a brand new electric tooth brush and oh my God I haven’t even used one before. Not to talk of how it can be used but I’ve got to figure it out fast how to use it before I give up and go back to my manual toothbrushes.

electric toothbrush

If you happen to be like me just stay on this page long enough to know what to do with your stuff before you start thinking of it as any normal toothbrush and start applying it manually. I am going to go through this lesson with you to know and understand how to use and electric tooth brush.

  • Put On Charge: – First l will make it a habit to put my device on charge. Not fully charging my brush will prevent it from working effectively. It’s always advisable to position it in the bath room for easy access and use. When charging my device I’ll have to be more cautious where l place it. Chances are if l am careless and put it close to the sink or near water and unfortunately knock it off, it may fall into the water and cause damage which may even result in electrocution. Replacing my old batteries with new ones is very essential. l’ll need to keep a constant check on battery strength and viability. lf it’s a power cord l am using it has be in good shape all the time for proper and effective charging of my device.
  • Keep brush wet: – My brush is now ready for use after fully charging it. Before l start to use it l need to wet it by keeping it under running water, apply a small amount of fluoride tooth paste on the brush and l am set to start brushing. When l wet it l keep it soft and easy to use. My brush has soft bristles, you can also chose the type of bristles that is good for you. Do not use brushes with very hard bristles because it will damage your gum. My gums are quiet sensitive so l prefer soft bristles which will not cause gum bleeding after brushing. You see l did not apply a lot of the fluoride tooth paste, this will help me effectively clean every corner of my mouth without suffering mouth burns and spitting out paste too early. Brushing takes a little time don’t be in a haste to finish. l use 3 to 5 minutes of my time everyday to brush my teeth twice every morning and every evening.
  • Divide mouth into two vertical halves: – l prefer to consciously divide my mouth into two halves. I don’t do it horizontally, l do it vertically to get the proper dimension. Every vertical half should have two divisions, the upper and lower divisions. with this l am able to smoothly and gently guide my brush to every section making sure all food debris are removed.
  • Brush gently and thoroughly: – l begin by guiding the brush to the upper left division of my mouth, making sure the brush touches every tooth and gum. For effective brushing I hold brush on one or two teeth at a time and allow brush to brush thoroughly. I don’t need to scrub with the brush, I only need to gently guide it to every corner and allow the brush to do its job. I apply the same method to my upper pallet, tongue and under tongue to achieve clean mouth as the end result of every brushing.
  • Rinse mouth: – It is now time to rinse the fluoride from my mouth, I sip some water enough to wash away the fluoride and swish it in my mouth before spitting it out. Some prefer not washing mouth after brushing but it doesn’t matter, go with what is comfortable for you. Wow I just finished using my new electric brush by going through this process with you.
  • Rinse brush: – Before closing down on this topic, I need to make sure brush is kept neat and placed back in its cradle. I need to detach brush head and rinse it under enough running water to keep it clean and safe for use the next time.
  • Allow it to dry: – After rinsing I’ll need to fix the head again and put brush back in its cradle and allow for it to dry.
  • Keep brush in good shape: – it is advisable as I keep practicing to regularly change brush heads and replace with new ones. They usually wear out after 2-3 months of usage and they need to be replaced for effective brushing. Keeping an extra two or three new brush head is always advised. I often keep two additional brush heads to avoid the risk of unduly racing around to find one in the case of an emergency.
  • Put brush back into cradle: – I can now fix my brush back into its cradle since I’m done brushing. I’ll need to charge it if the battery strength has fallen after use since it always needs that to work. However, if brush battery strength is still high then there wouldn’t be the need for me to continue charging since it is essential to save power to reduce cost.
  • Use mouth wash: – This is optional but always advised. The antiseptic keeps your mouth fresh and clean all day and free from bad breath. A number of people still suffer from bad breath even after thoroughly brushing twice a day. Bad breadth can be caused by food particles stuck in gum or in between teeth, these decay with time and causes bad breath. The antiseptic is able to work it out by removing the odor that comes with these trapped debris. Old age can also result in bad breath and the antiseptic mouth wash is good and effective in resolving this problem. On the other hand, if you observe you have bad breath which is not likely to be any of the above mentioned causes, I’ll advice you should immediately check in with your dentist for medical assistance.

It is advisable that if you want to buy electric toothbrush, you should learn first how this stuff works.

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