Kid-Friendly Flooring Options for Busy Moms

Kids make messes.  That’s just a fact.  When the mess gets onto your flooring, it can especially troublesome.  Getting stains out of wall-to-wall carpet can be a challenge, and wood floors can stain and warp.  So, how do you protect your floors from rambunctious children?  With these kid-friendly flooring options.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles purchased at Home Depot provide a number of options.  They come in a range of colors and a variety of textures.  Installation is simple, as many carpet tiles are peel and stick.  Since the flooring in laid in squares, you can even use it to create a variety of patterns across the floor.

Kid-Friendly Flooring Options for Busy Moms

The best part about carpet tiles is that they are easy to replace.  If a tile becomes stain or damaged, you can remove the damaged piece and replace it with a new square.  Make sure to buy more squares than your space requires, and you will have backups to handle anything life throws at your floors.

Area Rugs

An area rug can provide similar coverage, and they don’t necessarily have to be expensive.  Many big box retailers carry a variety of rugs across a variety of price points.  Look for options that suit your budget, and see if they are available in a style that works with the rest of your home.

Inexpensive area rugs also give you the ability to change the look of a space more easily over time.  You do not have to worry about your child outgrowing the colors or designs on an area rug, as it can be rolled up and replaced with relative easy.  This can make spaces more flexible, in a design sense, since area rugs are non-permanent flooring options.


While many people view vinyl as cheap, it is available in a wide variety of styles that more accurately resemble other materials.  While you wouldn’t use vinyl to protect existing floors, it is a viable option is your floors must be replaced.  Vinyl is often less expensive than other flooring options, but provides a very durable surface that is easy to clean.  Additionally, it may appeal to moms of small children more than harder surfaces, like porcelain tile and stone, as they might not produce the same level of injury should a child fall and hit their head.

It is important to look for eco-friendly vinyl, as some versions have been chastised for releasing toxic gases.  Today, there are many other choices that do not come with the same risks.

Rubber Mats

If you are looking for a solution ideal for a playroom, consider interlocking rubber mats.  Not only will they stay in place, they are also easy to clean.  The surfaces tend to repel spills, avoiding stains, and can be wiped clean with a damp rag and some basic cleansers.  Like carpet tiles, each piece can be replaced if it is damaged.

Rubber mats can be found in a range of colors, with some geared specifically to children.  That way, you can pick an option that works with your current décor while still protecting the flooring underneath.  The rubber does not require any adhesive to generally stay in place, and the surface is also padded.  This can protect dropped items from breaking, as well as posing less of a risk if your child should fall.