Mom Advice: Important Accessories to Bring on a Job Application

However prepared they think they are, sometimes your children may still be in need of your loving motherly advice even if they do not think they do. One of these moments can be during their first job applications. There is so much pressure on first time applicants that even a meticulous person can forget the most basic and essential things.

Important Accessories to Bring on a Job Application

As a mom, your duty extends to helping your children get their dream job. Even if they have long moved out of the family house, make sure to still do regular phone calls and reminders. If your son or daughter has an interview coming up soon, take note of the listed accessories below that can make or break their application.

  1. Resume

Believe it or not, a lot of applicants still have the unfortunate misfortune of forgetting to bring their resumes. The manager or the interviewer will not care if you left it at home or if your dog ate it for breakfast. While some might still want to proceed with the interview, most companies will not give you the time if you do not have this with you. Make sure to have a couple of copies ready in your bag too.

  1. Wristwatch

Interviewers typically do a quick scan of what you are wearing to make an assessment of your character. Wearing a wristwatch can indicate that you are a punctual employee who is always mindful of the time. Additionally, make sure you are dressed in a manner that follows the company’s dress code. If you are not applying for a corporate position, no need to dress up in a suit and tie. However, you still need to look clean and respectable.

  1. Pen

Having a pen handy with you is a mark of being attentive and prepared. This is especially important if you are applying in an office with a formal setting. While it may not seem like a big deal, this is a good habit that you should learn. Aside from looking prepared and always ready, pens can also start a conversation with a stranger. Who knows? You might meet your soulmate because of a handy pen.

  1. Snacks and water

Some companies have a very long queue during applications, which means you might need to spend long hours sitting on the lobby. It would be practical to pack some snacks or even lunch with you. Companies that require you to do aptitude tests and such can be a pretty long and strenuous process, which can drain you. Bring some protein bars and a bottle of water with you, especially if you are not sure if there will be a canteen or snack lounge nearby. Additionally, do not forget to eat breakfast before you leave the house. This will help you start the day right and even boost your mind power and concentration. It is never a good idea to tackle something important on an empty stomach.

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