How Busy Single Moms Go the Extra Mile for a Clean Home

When you are a busy single mom, you don’t always have the option to scrub your home from top to bottom on a regular basis. While basic cleaning is likely part of your routine, managing a deep cleaning while raising your children and earning a living may seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get these tasks handled on a regular basis without having to dedicate time from your busy schedule. To help you find the right options for you, here are some key services that can help you get the job done.

How Busy Single Moms Go the Extra Mile for a Clean Home

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets trap a variety of dirt and grime as well as many common allergens. And if your children still play or crawl across the floor that can be cause for concern. But getting your carpets as clean as possible doesn’t have to be difficult if you hire the right service. In fact, expert carpet cleaning in Claremont Perth can be quite affordable and provides you with an ideal home environment for your kids.

Many carpets cleaning service can be completed in as little as a couple of hours (besides potential drying time). And, while the service provider is managing the task, you can work from home or spend time with your children. Then, you can get everything done that you need to handle while still going the extra mile.

Maid Service

When most people think of maid services, they imagine housekeepers coming in on a regular basis to manage everyday cleaning tasks. However, they can also be hired for an occasional need, like a deep cleaning. So, if you want to make sure that every surface gets attention on a regular basis, consider checking into cleaning services that are available in your area. Then, simply ask for rates based on a one-time or seasonal use. Some services may even have cleaning packages based on semi-annual or quarterly use.

If you are looking to keep the total cost low, you can also choose just to have specific rooms or areas cleaned. That way you can manage the spaces that are most important and bypass those that are less of a concern. For example, it may be worthwhile to have the kitchens and bathrooms cleaned professionally every few months, but it might not feel as critical to have the master bedroom cleaned by a service as often.


Everyone has heard the joke about cleaning services that “don’t do windows.” Dirty windows can prevent light from coming through as easily and may be hard to ignore on particularly sunny days. But what single mom wants to get stuck spending most of a day scrubbing windows outside?

Luckily, there are a variety of services that will handle the work for you. In some cases, a housekeeping service may be open to completing the task. If not, you may be able to find a landscaping or gardening business open to taking the task on. And, in some larger cities, there may even be window washing companies that focus entirely on managing the cleaning for a variety of local customers.

And Anything Else

If you have a particular area of concern, feel free to discuss your needs with a local service. Often, they can create a custom plan designed to meet your unique needs, allowing you to get the most benefit for your money and giving you more time to spend with your children.

What to consider when buying a new vacuum cleaner

As moms we need to be picky when it comes to purchasing home cleaning equipment and for good reason. It is quite expensive to buy the right items for the job and wear and tear can easily destroy our favorite vacuum cleaner. It is important to know the difference between a canister vacuum cleaner and an upright. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners to choose from and buying the cheapest one is definitely not the best option. Click here to read more about germs inside your vacuum cleaner.

What to consider when buying a new vacuum cleaner

There are some of us that prefer a canister vacuum cleaner to an upright and then others that enjoy an upright more. It is also important to find out if your vacuum cleaner has a bag. It has been tested that with or without the bag cleans just as well. It all depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a more hands on approach you might want to select a vacuum cleaner with a bag but make sure that you keep the filters and the container clean. Take a look at this comparison of the Dyson V6 vs V8 for an in depth explanation of the differences between these wonderful vacuum cleaners. You might be surprised by the difference in power. With the right reviews we are sometimes able to make an informed decision about what we would like to buy especially when we are spending quite a bit of money on a vacuum cleaner.

It is an interesting fact that amps, horsepower and wattage are simply measurements of the electrical current used by the motor. The airflow is incredibly important if you would like to measure the power of a vacuum cleaner. You should also find out about the amount of suction that the vacuum cleaner produces. I know that every time I choose a new vacuum cleaner I am always interested about the attachments that it comes with. There are always nooks and crannies that we would like to get to where we need those small attachments. That is rather important so make sure to look out for that power nozzle. Useful brushes are also great attachments to have.

If you are wondering how often you should vacuum it is important to note that the amount of traffic in your house is the deciding factor. If you have many feet crossing the floors, it would be best to vacuum daily which means you would need to invest in the best vacuum cleaner. Another important point to note is that seven strokes are enough times to run over a carpet. You can also purchase a vacuum cleaner with dirt sensors if you really want to make sure everything is clean. Click here to learn more about vacuuming your carpets thoroughly.

Another popular question that we all have is how often we should change the vacuum bag. There are indicator lines on most vacuum cleaners nowadays which makes it a lot easier to decide when to clean out the bag. It is a good thing to check the bag yourself to make sure it is clean and not overloaded with dirt.

Why moms should consider incorporating smart casual in their wardrobe

Gone are the days when the term casual clothing was used to refer to grungy clothes only worn on the weekends. However, there has been a change in attitude concerning casual dressing. As a result, moms should get bold in choosing smart casual as a way of stepping out for dinner or attending other informal occasions.

Moms should thus embrace the opportunity presented by Kent and Lime. There is no need of getting more official or having sleepless nights wondering which suit to wear for dinner or going for office on Friday’s. Besides, smart casual are available that suit every occasion on call. Thus, moms should get more creative, and consider the following steps whenever you want to choose what to wear.

Why moms should consider incorporating smart casual in their wardrobe

Step No 1: Getting the facts right about an occasion

Since smart casual has eventually taken the wardrobe of nearly every modern mom, it is imperative to get the basics correct about the event you are attending.

  • Depending on the level of formality the occasion and the prevailing weather conditions, you could choose to get a casual coat. Blazers will always add a touch of class and seriousness to your look.
  • The second thing to consider is the choice of shoes. As a smart modern mom get yourself a comfortable shoe for an even. Such a choice could range from high heels to leather flat shoes depending on your taste and comfort.
  • Though shirts have long been judged as a male outfit. Modern fashion and casual wear always favor quality shirts for that modern lady look. However, avoid choosing very formal shirts as they will break the intended purpose of a casual appearance.
  • For the trousers, get more comfortable and flexible with color and the type of trouser you choose for the occasion. However, while choosing on all the attires, it is important to choose a comfortable cloth that makes you comfortable to boost your esteem. If you fail to make the right choice on these, would lead to unnecessary attention.

Step No 2: Moms should always review the occasion beforehand

Step two give moms the power to choose the level of smart casual. For instance, if you are attending a ladies meeting at the fitness center in your neighborhood, you do not have to participate in the meeting looking all rugged, get yourself a nice pair of trousers, fitting shirt or polo t-shirt, shoes, and probably cap. Such, an appearance not only boosts your esteem but class in the neighborhood.

Finally, always think about the crowd you will interact with. Think of the expected level of professionalism, the role you will play, and what your expectations of the occasion are.

Step No 3: Dressing up or down considering items of clothing

Do not overdress or underdress for an event all in the name of smart casual. For instance, choosing to match the color of all your attire could get you mistaken for the best lady in a wedding. Thus, always get wild with the choice of clothes, by ensuring you are not limited in your choice of color and clothing.

Nonetheless, always keep in mind that you have an image to create and protect. Hence, always wear clothes that are not too leveling. Otherwise, people might end up mistaking you for what you are not.

Step No 4: Customizing your look

At this point of your decision-making process on the smart casual choice of clothing. Always show the world your true image. For instance, if you are a hands-on person, do not be afraid of folding your sleeves and stepping out like the workaholic person you’re. Nothing can be compared to distinctiveness and a confident appearance.

Consequently, customize your items of choice to ensure they reveal the person you are. Do not get to guess work while dressing up for an occasion, moms deserve respect and the most stunning look, thus get your items right and customize them to ensure they communicate the right message.

Remembering the Little Things

At BuyByMom we provide you with great insight about the best ways to save money and make smart purchases. However, one of the coolest things about being a mom, are the kids that give us that title. So, remembering the little things, like when they were little, should be just as important as finding the best car seat, swing set, or clothing manufacturer. Actually, it should be far more important than that. This is why we want to offer you some guidance in that arena.

Remembering the Little Things

First and foremost, you should consider newborn & baby photography. Professional photographers offer you the ability to get away from the digitized version that so many of us utilize to our own detriment. Though we are probably raising the most photographed generation in all of history, very few of them will actually have tangible prints of these images. Professional photographers offer you that potential family heirloom. So, be sure to hire a professional photographer for your child’s newborn or baby photos. Then move on down our list for remembering the little things.

Capturing the Memory

Obviously, we all know that we can capture those special moments on our cell phones and the cameras therein. We can also use a real camera, whether it be a DSLR or point and shoot. However, there are a couple of other options that aren’t used as readily, but should be considered nonetheless, when it comes to capturing the memory:

  • Video– Yes, you can do that on your phone as well, but a video camera will allow you to record
  • Higher quality videos with better sound. If you can’t afford that, look into getting an inexpensive webcam. Read this.
  • Audio- You know you love the sounds your baby makes. You enjoy every giggle and coo, but did you ever think to record those precious noises? Get a digital voice recorder, or use your phone. You can record at different stages of development to create memories of the growth process.

Sharing the Memories

We all have the joy of mobile devices and with them comes the beauty of apps that allow us to share important thoughts, messages, and memories with people that we care about. There are three exceptionally great ways to share all the memories you are making with your child:

  1. Digital baby book– Recall the record books your parents made for you. Now think about that in a digitized format. There are some great baby book apps available to you: Shuttersong, Bambio, Lifecake, and TinyBeans, just to name a few. Learn more.
  2. Blog- Just about everybody has a blog these days. You can record the special moments of each day by blogging about them. It’s just an online form of journaling after all. And, it might be easier to sit and type while holding a sleeping baby, than it is to pull out the pen and paper.
  3. Home movies– They have not gone the way of the dinosaur just yet. There are a number of movie-making apps that will allow you to put video clips, still photos, audio recordings, and music together to make interesting home movies. Look at PicPlayPost, Magisto, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker.

If you would like to learn more about the ways you can remember the little things, be sure to read the article found at this link. Otherwise, get busy making memories.

Basics for a Successful and Fun Birthday Party

A birthday party is a way to celebrate all of the great achievements your child managed for the year.  It is a great way to spoil your child just a bit and to make him or her feel special, loved and appreciated.  There are tons of terrific birthday party ideas out there.  Just take a quick glance at some of the fun ideas on Pinterest for example.  Hundreds of terrific birthday party ideas instantly fill your computer screen as you plan your little one’s birthday party.  It looks like all parents are absolutely flamboyant at planning the perfect birthday party.  So why aren’t you having fun?  Well, in truth planning a birthday party isn’t quite as fun as it seems.  It’s actually hard work and all moms are absolutely terrified about being judged for not trying hard enough or trying too hard for the birthday party.   So what are the basic needs for a successful but basic birthday party?  Find out next.

Basics for a Successful and Fun Birthday Party

Fun balloons

All children love balloons and a lot of adults absolutely detest them simply because it is a nightmare to try to control your child whenever they see balloons.  If you want your child to be smitten on his or her birthday then get some party balloons from Balloons Abuzz.  This fantastic site has a great variety of gorgeous party balloons that any child will adore.  You can get your child an airwalker, a balloon that seems to walk along when pulled, or you can order balloons in a box, large birthday balloons, themed birthday balloons,  smiley balloons and even personalized balloons.  CLICK HERE to have a look at their fantastic collection of great balloons that any child would love.

The right theme and decorations

The right theme and décor will definitely put a smile on your little ones face.  Find out what your child’s favorite thing is and search for some affordable yet adorable decorating ideas to create a unique party.

A beautiful cake

What is a birthday party without the cake?  If you are good at baking then go for it and try to bake a themed cake bit if you aren’t that great in the kitchen then a professional baker can do unbelievable things for you at a relatively affordable rate.

Some yummy drinks

Cool drinks for summer or hot chocolate drinks for winter birthday parties is a must because kids run around a lot and will definitely get thirsty.

Party snacks

Try to go for healthy, yet delicious party snacks like mini hamburgers, mini hot dogs, veggie bites and variety nut packs.  The healthier snacks will keep everyone from acting out on a sugar rush and kids will still have a blast.

Fun activities

Great activities like fun board games, a jumping castle, a painting or coloring station and yard games will keep everyone busy and laughing while they enjoy the party.


Good music that suits your child’s age will round the party off nicely and will keep everyone in a happy and lighthearted mood.

How Moms Can Take Relaxing Showers

Moms are always tired, exhausted and completely drained out. One way to revive energy and to relax is to take a long and relaxing shower. Here’s how you can do so:How Moms Can Take Relaxing Showers

  • Begin with clean water by using a filtered showerhead. A filtered showerhead costs marginally more than a typical showerhead, however will expel chemicals like sulfur and chlorine and additionally scale (the hard, dim deposit that the minerals in water desert). You don’t drink chlorinated water, so why might you need to pour everything over your exposed body each day? Accessible in wall mount, or handheld, a filtered showerhead will evacuate up to 99% of chlorine and different chemicals from your faucet water.
  • Clean the restroom clean until it sparkles. For the best shower involvement, you can’t have mold developing in the corners or muck in the tub. Clean your washroom for a clearer mind.
  • Expel mold development from your plastic shower window ornament by hurling it into the washer with several old hand towels and ½ measure of white vinegar. The scraped spot from the additional towels will clean your shower drapery sparkly and clean. In the event that you loathe touching your shower drapery, consider springing for a bended shower pole that will keep it far from your body as you wash.
  • To monitor water all the more effectively, set a clock to encourage a good measure of time for getting perfect – and stick to it. Even better, take a “naval force shower” which includes removing the water at whatever time you are not effectively flushing (for soaping up, washed cleanser, and so on.).
  • Make sure you organize your shower tray properly. All your toiletries should be properly organized and placed in your shower tray so you can conveniently grab each item as you go through your shower routine. Check out this shower tray guide to make sure you get a proper shower tray that is not only spacious but also top-quality.
  • Set the mood with music. In the event that you need to quiet down, play something moderate and slow; on the off chance that you are preparing for a night on the town, put on a peppy record and witness the force of music to change your mind-set.
  • Candles and dim lighting can help set the right mental state when you need to relax. Go regular and hang a cluster of crisp eucalyptus toward the side of your bathroom. When you steam up in the shower, the eucalyptus leaves react to the warmth and moistness by discharging fundamental oils that can help combat stress and anxiety.
  • While the vast majority lean towards a hot shower, warm showers are less brutal for your skin, and cold showers offer advantages like better circulation, stimulated state of mind and enhanced skin and hair. To get some of these advantages without solidifying your buns off, soak yourself in a fast icy wash before you get out of the tub to wake your body up.

In the event that you put conditioner on your hair, let it absorb while you shave or scrub with the goal that you don’t risk water sticking around. Brush over long hair with a wide-tooth brush in the shower in the event that it tends to tangle, and dependably end your hair routine with a brisk splash of cold water to close the follicles and make it shinier.

Energy Boosting Tips for Moms

As moms, we spend our days ensuring that the requirements of our family are met, which regularly implies that we eat in a hurry, don’t set aside a few minutes for exercise and stay up unreasonably late doing those things that we didn’t get to amid the day, which can leave us feeling depleted. By rolling out a couple of simple improvements, we can have a gigantic effect in how much energy we have and how we feel.

Up your fiber

Take a stab at beginning your day with fiber-rich sustenance like whole grain bread, raspberries, apples and whole wheat oats or fruit peels. Nourishments high in fiber take your body longer to process and give supported and enduring energy to help you control as the day progresses.

Go ahead

As much as this one appears to be difficult to do when you’re as of now feeling so depleted, there’s no denying that endorphins are an effective approach to help you feel conscious and positive as the day progresses. Indeed, even a lively walk or light exercises can fundamentally enhance your energy levels.

Drink up

Being even somewhat dried out can leave you feeling dehydrated and low. By remaining aware of the amount you’re drinking — and going for 64 ounces of water during every time — you’ll end up with a clearer head and more kick.

Energy Boosting Tips for Moms

Invest in Organic Spirulina Powder

If you want to optimize your health, keep up your energy levels, slow down your aging process and strengthen your immunity system, then this investment will be worthwhile. Not only that, but it also promotes brain health and performance. It’s an all-in-one natural supplement that is ideal for all moms. Here’s a link:

Eat smart

Have a go at replacing your sugary snacks with healthy foods. Nuts, including almonds and cashews, and verdant greens like kale and Swiss chard will help give you a lift. On the off chance that you wind up going after some espresso or sugar pop, choose a square of dull chocolate, which contains less caffeine than that cup of espresso.

Up your iron

In the event that you attempt each of these despite everything you end up without the stamina to get past your day, consider having your iron levels checked. Indeed, even slight pallor can leave you feeling collapsed and depleted. Nuts, seeds, verdant greens, red meats and entire grains are all incredible sources of iron.

Rest is essential

In spite of the fact that the recommendation of getting more rest appears glaringly evident, huge numbers of us reject this alternative. Specialists at the National Sleep Foundation clarify: “However the correct components of how rest functions, how rest revives the body and psyche is still puzzling, one thing rest experts and researchers do know is that sufficient sleep is essential for solid working.” With too little sleep, you will undoubtedly be tired.

Give these normal energy boosters a shot for a week and check whether you feel more stimulated and ready to get past your days with energy to save.

Best Movies for Moms to Buy

We may not be super thrilled to sit our kids down in front of the TV for extended periods of time. However, we all understand how much that hour and a half of near silence means. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to determine the best movies for moms to buy. After all, you might as well invest your movie money in those films that will provide your kids with great life lessons or moral value.

Best Movies for Moms to Buy

Before you cough up the dough, we recommend checking the Netflix movie list. We are moms too, so why spend money on movies you can watch for free on Netflix if you have a subscription? The cool thing about the link we provided is that you can search for the various movies you are considering prior to purchasing them. That will help you save some money, and it might let you find a movie to use in a jam. Netflix movies are pretty great.

30 Movies You Should Own for Your Kids

We didn’t check to see if any of these are on Netflix. You’ll have to do that research yourself. However, these movies hold significant value to us because some of them came out when we were kids. The movies on this list are powerful and serve an educational purpose. Don’t miss these 30 movies you should own for your kids:

  1. Charlotte’s Web
  2. Finding Nemo
  3. Frozen
  4. Lilo and Stitch– The part in this movie when Stitch realizes that he wants a family makes us cry every time. Our kids need to see the value in the family they have. Learn more.
  5. Mulan
  6. Toy Story
  7. Beauty and the Beast– Loving people beyond their brokenness, even in the midst of their beastly behavior, is hard to do. Belle certainly battles that choice but in the end, that love is what rescues Beast from himself. How many times have we needed people to love us like that?
  8. The Land Before Time
  9. The Lego Movie
  10. The Lion King
  11. Marry Poppins
  12. The Wizard of Oz– Everything is not as it seems. Our kids need to be aware of the people who hide behind the curtains controlling things from a secure spot. Read this.
  13. Alice in Wonderland
  14. The Muppet Movie
  15. Shrek
  16. Anne of Green Gables– You just have to love Anne. She is precocious and witty. Her drive to make life good, no matter the circumstances, is worthy of applause.
  17. ET: The Extra Terrestrial
  18. How to Train Your Dragon
  19. The Incredibles- This movie lets our kids see that everybody has been gifted with different talents. Hopefully, we can train them to use their gifts and abilities for the betterment of the world around them and those they love.
  20. Star Wars
  21. Akeelah and the Bee
  22. The Princess Bride
  23. Superman: The Movie
  24. It’s a Wonderful Life– George needs to know that he is on this earth for a purpose. This is a great message for teenagers struggling in their own skin, wondering why they are here, and if anyone would miss them if they were gone.
  25. A League of Their Own
  26. Napoleon Dynamite
  27. Spider- Man
  28. October Sky
  29. Remember the Titans
  30. Goonies- Ok, so maybe this one isn’t as educational as we would like it to be, but your older kids will love the adventure and the sense of wonder that it instills.

If you’re not in love with our list you could always read this one.

Best Things to Buy from Asia

As moms, we get disgusted by the amount of “Made in China” materials we find in our stores. It starts feeling like China has taken over and there’s nothing left of value in the good ole U.S. of A. Maybe it feels that way in Canada too, but the truth is, there are some good things coming from Asia. So, we decided to fill you in on the best things to buy from lands of the East.

If you have never had the opportunity as a mom to travel to Asia, perhaps you would consider offering your children that memorable experience. Rustic Pathways offers service and travel programs for students in high school. They will create the itinerary and provide your child with an opportunity to flourish, explore, and make an impact on those living in South East Asia, or other locales around the world. That’s all the more reason to know what to buy from the countries in those areas.

Best Things to Buy from Asia

Get These Products from Asian Locales

We have subdivided the Asian locales so that you will know which places are the best for the specified products. Regardless, you will want to get these if you ever have the joy of traveling, or if you send your high school students on a jaunt abroad. We hope you will find great value in our suggestions and maybe reconsider the negative attitude we have all developed toward the Chinese infiltration of our store shelves.


While there, you will want to pick up these items:

  1. Darlie Toothpaste- Read more.
  2. Aik Cheong Kopi o (it’s black coffee that comes in sachets)
  3. Nutmeg Oil
  4. Tiger Balm
  5. Luke’s Heat Rash Powder
  6. Bactroban Antibiotic Cream
  7. Gamat Balm (made of sea cucumbers)
  8. Indonesian Cotton Sarongs
  9. Squid Crisps- Check these
  10. BOH Tea


If you happen to get a chance to explore this interesting country, don’t miss out on these products:

  1. Korean movies and fan related items
  2. Cute socks – Koreans are very much against dirty feet.
  3. Silverware
  4. Handcrafted wares
  5. BB cream- It’s a beauty balm that costs three times less in Korea than in the US.
  6. Facial packs- You can sometimes get them for free outside of beauty supply stores.
  7. Weird beauty care- Things like double-eyelid tape exist in Korea.
  8. Hanbok- This is a traditional and historic Korean costume.
  9. Soju- Korean liquor. Learn more.


Since we mentioned it so much in our article, it seemed prudent to tell you what China produces that can actually be beneficial to your purchasing desires. So, here’s that list:

  1. Tea
  2. Silk- This is a highly valuable and revered gift. Make sure the vendor is able to prove that the item is true silk (it will burn clean, not melt).
  3. Porcelain
  4. Jade- Be careful, there are a lot of fakes out there.
  5. Pearls
  6. Scroll Paintings
  7. Clothes
  8. Candy- Bean cakes and mango gummies will be a nice surprise for the kids if you can get them through customs.
  9. Chops- Not chopsticks, but the traditional seals made out of stone and utilized for the purpose of signing documents.

There are so many other countries to explore in Asia and with a little bit of research you can determine what purchases are best made while over there. Let you kids enjoy their high school travel adventures, just make sure you provide them with this list of items to pick up.

Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

Being a mom can be exhausting, so taking breaks to relax from time to time can be a great way to relieve all the built up stress and pressure. Here are a few relaxation tips for all the busy moms out there!

  1. Wake up ahead of schedule if necessary.

When you have children, the day starts at a rushed and tumultuous pace. Once your day starts, you have to waste no time and there is next to no chance to stop. By waking thirty minutes before every other person, you can make some private time for a little peace and isolation to enjoy some coffee, think, hear some out music, or read a book.

  1. An outside escape could help.

In the spring or summer, relaxing in a patio loft or parlor seat under a tree is regularly the ideal escape from the pressures of the day. To make things more exciting, head out to the town with your girls. If you want to make things a little fancier, check out Limousine Hire Perth to hire a limousine for you and your girls. Not only will this make the day even more luxurious and memorable, but you will also get some Instagram-worthy pictures with the limousine! Sitting alone and reading a book or magazine for some time can appear like happiness to numerous mothers.

Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

  1. Approach your partner for help.

Clearly kids love their moms yet father time is essential also. Get your partner to deal with the children and let them bond together while you go out shopping, for an espresso with lady friends, or just enjoy a distraction around the house. The time is yours so do whatever you’d like. Simply realize that in the event that you remain around the house, you risk having your own time intruded. Meanwhile, check out these relaxation tips.

  1. Transform simple things into special ones.

What do we mean? Well when you clean up have a go at including scented candles, bubbles, mitigating music and a shower pad or headrest. Out of the blue, a typical shower has gone up against a spa like environment and has converted into an enjoyable experience. Another approach to make a typical occasion get to be distinctly uncommon is to transform a motion picture into a theater-like affair. Give turning a shot the lights, making some popcorn, disposing of the telephone and different distraction and twisting up on the sofa with a few cushions and covers.

  1. Make time for exercise.

When you get a couple of minutes in a day, presumably the last thing you want to do is exercise yet by getting somewhat physical movement in your day, you can make some positive outcomes. Not only exercises permit you to extend your muscles yet it additionally gives you a chance to think all the more plainly and depletes away stress as characteristic endorphins are discharged into your body. To make this assignment less demanding, have a go at doing some bouncing jacks while sitting in front of the TV or have a go at running to the transport stop or school when you get your children