Top Dating Mistakes Singles Moms Make

Of all the 13 million single parents in the United States, single mothers make up the majority. According to U.S. Census Bureau, more than six out of 10 of women who give birth in their early 20s are single. While being a mother is a blessing, single moms still find it quite challenging. Some of the things that make it even tougher are because of the fact that they are single and need to face all things – without help. This is the very reason why a lot of single moms are tempting to enter the dating scene. But again, entering the dating world is not easy – and even tougher for single moms – probably because single moms can accidentally make dating mistakes. If you’re a single mom and looking for new love, here are some of the pitfalls I recommend you to avoid.


  1. Waiting too long to date again. I know that getting back to the dating pool can be scary, especially if you’ve just been in a recent breakup or divorce. But the process would be much easier if you let yourself be seen. Sure, you need to take a bit of time to recover from your past broken relationship, but do not allow yourself be isolated for too long. The thing is that single moms tend to get overly comfortable being single, so when they decide to reenter the dating pool, it becomes a lot more complicated.


  1. Dating too soon. While there are no real rules as to when someone, who has been in a tough breakup, should start dating again, I recommend you to slow down. Sure, I’ve mentioned that you shouldn’t allow yourself be alone for too long, but it’s also important to not rush everything. The trick is to find the balance between rushing and waiting too long. Take the time you need to fix whatever is needed to fix; and when you feel that you’re ready to start a new life, then go ahead and meet someone else.


  1. Being too serious too soon. It’s true that being a single parent can be frustrating. And sometimes, it’s really tempting to rush into a relationship with someone you’ve just met because you’re so desperate to complete your family, again. But remember that instead of helping you, rushing only makes matters a lot worse. Of course, it’s okay to date after a breakup – but do not commit unless you’re truly comfortable and ready. It’s wise to get to know the person really well before you make any commitment. I know someone who ended up being hurt again because she found out that the person she was dating was already married. (The How to Find Out if Someone Is Married website is a great resource for single moms and people looking for new love.)


  1. Forcing it with the little ones. Of course, as much possible you want your kids to also know the person you’re dating; after all, if things go well, you will all live together under the same roof. But be reminded that introducing your kids to a new guy can be a tricky situation, especially if you’ve been in a divorce. Some children feel threatened when they see their parents dating someone else. That’s natural. But you shouldn’t ignore that. It is important to listen to your kids and consider their feelings. Experts recommend introducing your new guy when the relationship is already serious. And if, for instance, your children are disinterested in the new guy, understand and give your children the time they need to adjust.

Indeed, being a single mom is a challenging task, but that shouldn’t stop you from dating and finding new love. Go ahead, get out, meet others, and find the one who will make your heart smile!

Tips You Can Use When Traveling to Singapore with Kids

As a country, Singapore has virtually everything that should make it worthy of visitation, being a hub for commerce, food, shopping and shipping. So if you are not traveling to this island nation for business, you can visit for a variety of other reasons. This city-state makes for a great place to visit with kids, given the fact that it is safe, organized and neat. Here are ideas you can use to have a great experience when traveling to the country with kids.

traveling with kids in Singapore

Planning Your Trip

It is a good thing to have your trip well laid out before embarking on it so as to ensure you have the best of time. This is where travel management is very essential, especially if there is a corporate travel side to your trip. You should ideally start your planning early enough to take advantage of friendly fares. Bookings should be made ahead of time to avoid arriving at your destination only to discover there is no free space, with you then dragging your tired kids around while looking for where to lay your heads or do other things.

Some Places to Visit with Kids

Night Safari

This is a must-see place when traveling to Singapore with kids. In fact, any list of places to visit in the country without Night Safari included is incomplete. This is probably the only place in the world where you can watch animals in the night. You are taken around the park of more than 1000 animals on a tram ride, during which you get to see animals that only come out at night in their natural habitats. Narration is also provided during the course of this ride. About 30% of these animals are endangered species.

Singapore Zoo

You are properly saying to yourself right now that your children have been to enough zoos already. But it must be said that the Singapore Zoo is not just your average zoo. This place boasts a beautiful landscape and a wide variety of animals. What your children may find more exciting is how close they can get to these animals. The Singapore Zoo’s primate collection is quite large – this is understandable given the fact that the country has two leading habitats for orangutans, Borneo and Sumatra, in its proximity. Shows and elephant rides are part of the fun activities provided.

Sentosa Island

A leading pleasure park in Singapore, Sentosa Island is a must-visit when traveling to this Asian nation. This is where to head if you and your children love water-related activities.  The island plays host to the largest aquarium in Asia known as Underwater World, which brings you up close to dolphins, sharks and a wide variety of tropical fishes. You may as well visit Universal Studios Singapore, Volcano Land and the water park, Fantasy Land, as well as nearby beaches for an exciting time.

Jurong Bird Park

If your children are into bird watching, Jurong Bird Park is another place you want to check out when visiting Singapore. Covering an expansive land area, this park is home to several thousands of birds spanning around 600 species. Waterfall Aviary, the African Wetlands and Bird Discovery Centre are some of the major attractions in Jurong Bird Park. Part of entrance fees paid goes toward protecting birds.

Enough fun definitely awaits you when traveling to Singapore with kids. Besides, these are only a few of the many exciting places you can check out while there.

Best Bed And Breakfast You Can Find

Every person needs a vacation in order to recharge the body and revive the spirit. To take vacation is best done alone, with a partner, the entire family or with friends. No matter what it is, everyone should definitely find some great time to relax and forget the hassle of the busy city or from work. The best vacation for most is to travel to different countries. There are quite a few countries that are known for many people around the globe such as in Asia (Japan, Singapore, China, Philippines, etc.), Europe (Paris, Italy, etc.) and in North America (US, Mexico, Canada, etc.). In North America, the country of Canada is very popular that truly offers quite a few the best bed and breakfast locations.

When this is the first time that you will stay at a place with bed and breakfast, it is a good location that gives the vacationer the real feeling of home away from home. It is a cozy and warm location perfect for couples and families. Its location is mostly located in places near the various historical venues.

bed and breakfast

Generally, these lodgings provide great service such as meals that are homemade and delectable. They often offer different cuisines as well. This is to be able to match the taste buds of different cultures from various nationalities. Because it is bed and breakfast, breakfast is usually served buffet so all the guests can enjoy the food as much as they could. Although not all lodgings offer buffet as the other served it in the room.

To attract more customers and excite the first time guests, rooms are also designed with different themes. It enhances the look of the room and makes relaxation even better.

When you are looking to book for certain location like in Canada, it is advisable to call ahead of time. This is specifically applicable during the peak hours like the summer months and yuletide season. During these seasons, many customers call to book for their vacation hence it is ideal to call a few months before the targeted day of vacation.

The best way to find good locations is to first search around the net. The internet must be the first place to locate the best lodging that can suit your needs. Check out the first few lodging that you found in the search engine. Then, you will need to compare and contrast the top 5 lodging venues. With such, you can compare its services and the rates.

Another benefit of booking beforehand is the available deals offered. Because there are only few customers on the look for vacation lodging ahead of time, the rooms are often offered at a lower rate. Other freebies are also offered like complimentary drinks, welcome snacks and the like.

One great website to check is Best Bed and Breakfast in Canada. In here, you can be able to book for the best lodging venue. They provide the quickest way to book for the room and the best deals in the market. Try and check the site today.

In Search of The Best Life Insurance

In terms of taking advantage of life insurance, it can be very surprising how many people are not aware of exactly what their insurance policy can give them. Generally, what people would care more about would be its price then next to it is its contents. When in need to know how much life insurance do I need, the quote of the life insurance term final figure is definitely important.

Oftentimes, the problem is related to the quote that appears to be too much to handle. The reason is because there are some elements that are left out from the policy. The insurance is cheap yet in the long run, it can be something that costs a huge fortune. Then again, if we will look into the problem well, we can easily resolve it by means of getting a couple of insurance quotes from the web and then comparing its prices and offerings. With such, the best can be selected among the rest.

best life insurance

For many, this process can be time consuming because of the research process. However, at the end of the day, every effort is all worth it. Of course, no one would like to be left behind with an empty wallet. Unfortunately, only those who are observant enough can see when this can happen particularly with life insurance which is considered a complicated matter.

What You Need To Be Careful About

Just by merely looking at the overview of the policy is nothing but tempting. However, it is not just all about the overview. To know the quote of the life insurance would need in-depth review. Some conditions and stipulations are needed of which many people do not really care about. An example to keep in mind is the policy value that can depreciate in time.

With life insurance selection, it is essential not to buy the first policy option offered to you. The life insurance must be checked from overview to its smallest detail.

Know The Difference

With regards to term life insurance, the quotes given by brokers provide different coverage. In the market, there are two types of insurance. The most common is the permanent insurance policy. It is paid throughout the life of the customer. The policy can be cashed in any time.

The term insurance is offered for an agreed time frame that the coverage would exist. When in the search of online quotes for insurance, the difference must be recognized. It is because some points in the coverage should be accepted.

To Find The Best Quotes

When you look around, many insurance providers can always promise that what they offer is the best that you can find. In reality, none of these companies can actually prove that they really do. It is because the best policy depends on the applicant’s certain needs.

This is exactly the reason why there is a need to conduct compare and contrast first before closing a deal with any insurance provider. By comparing and contrasting the rates and coverage of the insurance companies, the best one can be found.

Using Closed Construction Entrance Mat System

It is with great advantage to use a closed construction entrance floor mat systems. It should be well designed so as to ensure that the dirt is kept in the upper surface where it can quickly be vacuumed and removed easily whenever needed. For any sort of cleaning purposes, there is no more need to lift the matting from the matwell. The flexible closed construction mat systems would only require a lift when in need of replacement. It can usually be done without any hassle because it can be interlocked or loose.

To make sure that the dirt or contaminants are kept at the top surface, the closed floor mat systems should be well constructed. This can also guarantee that it will not permit the tracking from the buildup of contaminants. Hence, it can allow easy vacuuming as well as fast cleaning.

mat system

Generally, closed type design is the incorporation of flexible parts, scraper areas, valleys and the absorbent zones. All these can trap the contaminants liquid or matter. Because closed systems are quite impervious and usually undisturbed for quite some time. it implies that such can also cause minimal damage to the base of the matwell screed. As a result, the mats are not very likely to cause hazard trip because it is stable.

The closed construction mat system gives concentration on the action of the vacuum. It is directed at the contact surface that ensures it is active and fresh. It can also be able to give some type of top notch barrier matt between the interior and exterior surfaces.

Like what the name suggests, the open structure voids in the mat requires less cleaning. The matter and moisture contaminate of fall through the voids in the matwell base for future cleaning. Even if that is the case, with the use of closed construction, there is no more need to remove the matwell matting for the cleaning process.

If you are unsure which to use for your home and torn between open or closed door mats, there is one consideration to think about. It is the amount of liquid that will be absorbed at any time. It is plain to see that the closed system can only handle small amount of liquid when compared to the open systems. It is because it can enable the matwell base area to be flooded so long as it will not overflow. If overflowing happens, it is likely that you experienced a flood. For floods, no matting system can be of great use for such instances.

Having a reliable entrance mat system is the very important for the visitor’s reception experience to your home.  Thus, the decision whether to use close or open mat system is truly important. It should be the one that is easy to clean and maintain. Such factors can help retain its purpose and appearance over a longer time period. Aside from such, other considerations would be where to buy and the actual cost of the mat system needed for the home.

10 Tools Every Mom Must Own And Know How to Use

I am a single mom and during one Holiday season I received a gift of tool box containing a set of basic tools. At first, I was not too sure that I liked such a gift, but over the years, I have been extremely thankful for the same. I have used many tools from the set and each time I have thanked the gift-givers for their thoughtfulness.

So today, I wish to share my two cents worth about tools every single woman (and moms) must own and know how to use around the house for those little emergencies. This way; one need not rely upon expensive external agents to solve the same.

smiling woman with a drill

  1. Hammer

Only if you live in a rented home should you steer away from this tool. That being said; you might still need it in the garden or other outdoor areas where you have to hang or fasten stuff. Hammer is also necessary for cracking walnut shells (and even shell fish or crabs!).

  1. Screwdriver

If you can buy the cordless varieties, even better, especially if you love power tools like I do. Otherwise, anything that needs screwing is even handy with the handheld screwdriver. Naturally, you must buy the flathead and Phillips star screwdrivers, both of which are useful for tightening pot and pan handles from time to time.

  1. Wrenches

These are of different types including crescent shaped, open wrench and so on. Even the Allen hex wrench is useful in many spot applications.

  1. Saw

A saw is a very manly tool but if you are having a fireplace at home or wish to trim the excess boughs off the Christmas tree, this is the tool for you.

  1. Drills

Now, you can choose from drills or power drills. The latter is basic electronic tool everyone needs to keep. If possible, moms staying alone might also consider keeping voltage drop calculator.

  1. Paint brushes

You will not need this tool often, but it is certainly good to have. I keep brushes made from natural and synthetic bristles and use them once in a while to paint walls or trims.

  1. Basic plumber tools

The sink gets clogged every once in a while and a plumber would charge a huge amount to get that fixed. I keep a plunger to unclog the mess and then follow that up with baking soda and some warm water to remove and clean remaining mess. That apart, plumbers’ pliers, open wrench and pipe and basin wrenches are also required for the bigger jobs. I naturally stay away from the bigger jobs and enlist my dad’s help for those bigger issues. One certainly does not want a bigger mess resulting from a DIY project!

  1. Tools for the car

Battery charger or jumper cables are essential tools for the car. I also keep a basic tool kit with screwdrivers, knife, scissors, and wire cutters.

  1. Tape measure

We often think we do not need one, but a tape measure is useful in measuring the tablecloth, the windows when you need new curtains, or even when shopping for new garments, or putting up pictures on the walls.

  1. Assortment of nails and screws

Many stores sell packets of screws and nails and these are very handy for small home improvements around the home. Nails and screws are also needed for hanging up new pictures, fixing old things and so on.

Also keep solvents, super glues and sealing tapes for minor repairs. These are the basic tools every single woman must have on hand at home.

How to Make your New Years Resolutions a Reality

As the New Year rolls around, many of us moms will be making many new years resolutions. Most moms make all sorts of different resolutions but the top ones are: to be a good mom, to eat healthy and to stay in shape. There are many things that we can do to make sure that are new years resolutions aren’t like last years where we did not follow them a week after the New Year begun.

Being a Good Mom

This is something that we try to strive for everyday. This is more like a daily resolution then a yearly one. Everyday you have to put your kids first. Always think about the right options for them, should they sit in front of a TV everyday instead of going out and enjoying outside? Probably not. Exposing your kids to a variety of new experiences will help widen their knowledge of the world.


Eating Healthy

Many of us tend to take the easy way out by getting fast food too often. Each week before you go grocery shopping, plan out your snacks and meals for the week. You can even look on Google or Pintrest for different recipes and ideas. Once you find enough for the week, write the ingredients down and get them. Also make sure to bookmark or print those ingredients as well so you can use them when you are going to cook the meal. By knowing what your going to have each day of the week, you will not need to give into old habits and take the easy way out for dinner.


Staying Fit

For us moms, its always hard to try and stay in shape because of how busy our lives are. One thing you should do is either join a gym or join a team of some sort. The YMCA is a good gym to pick, they have many different types of classes you can join depending on what interests you. They also have a gymnasium as well as a pool so you can shoot a basketball around or go for a nice swim. The other option you have is to also join a sports team. There are many women’s soccer teams at different level of ability depending on yours. You can also find out how to exercise right for soccer here.


There are many different ways to kick the old habits and have a successful New Year. With the right attitude and dedication, you will be able to met your resolutions this year no problem.

Treadmill Running Tips for Moms

For every mom that desires to stay fit and in shape, running offers a very easy means of achieving those aims. There are several benefits of running that have been widely proven. In addition, running just 5 minutes a day, research has shown, can help to greatly reduce the risk of premature death. And availability of treadmills has virtually eliminated all excuses for moms who may want to give inclement weather or unsafe neighborhoods as reasons for not engaging in running outdoors. Presented here are some tips you can use when thinking of using a treadmill as your own means of tapping into running benefits.

treadmill tips for moms

 Get the right clothing and shoes

Sweating cannot be isolated from physical exercise. There are some people who sweat profusely even from mere walking. It is, therefore, important to ensure you have appropriate clothing on. Put on a body fit T-shirt and nice shorts that will not constitute hindrance when you start to sweat. You may also want to consider putting on a pair of sweatbands and have a towel at hand to deal with sweat. The running shoes you use should be of the right quality, able to absorb impact efficiently. A pair of lighter-than-regular shoes may be advised in the light of the softer nature of a treadmill belt compared to concrete.

Warm up

Experts advise that people warm up before engaging in vigorous exercise such as running. This helps to keep your body in tune for your workout. Stretching is recommended as this improves your range of motion and flexibility, helping to avoid injuries in the course of the activity.

Alternate walking and running initially

If it happens that you have not been exercising for a long while, it is not advisable to just jump on a treadmill and start running. You are very likely not in the right condition to cope with such. The recommended thing in this case will be to alternate between running and walking in the early stage. You start by walking for, say, three minutes before advancing to jogging. Return to walking after jogging for about three minutes. This will help to condition your body for continuous running.

Get your steps right

It is often a completely strange experience for those using a treadmill for the first time. This is in the light of the fact that it is the ground moving while running, not you. It is important for you to get your strides right. A good way to do this is by imagining a wall few inches away from you. This will help you curtail your strides to guard against hitting the imaginary wall. A recommendation is to place your feet directly below your hips.

Ensure adequate ventilation and hydration

Treadmills are commonly found indoors, where the conditions may be warm. This will increase the amount of sweat your body produces. This sweat is not properly evaporated due to indoor condition. It is helpful to have a fan nearby to reduce the heat. You should also have a bottle of water to hand to keep you well-hydrated.

With home gym and fitness equipment such as treadmills available, many moms are thus deprived of tenable reasons for not staying fit and in shape. The benefits of running go beyond the physical to the psychological, as it helps in boosting confidence and fighting depression.

Best Hawaii Kai Spa Deals Especially For Moms

Moms need spa from time to time- spa deals in Hawaii Kai and mommies go hand in hand (and this is not applicable just for Mother’s Day). There are many mom-friendly spa deals around Hawaii Kai spas, which moms could avail of. Here we describe the best ones:

Mommy Wednesdays- This deal is available at the top Hawaii Kai spa every Wednesday (duh!) for mothers and grandmothers. Two 50-minute spa services will earn one special discounts on their special Brazilian Wax treatment. Also one gets access to the healing waters of Hoola Spa which will be offered on discounted price.

Massage therapies at Hoola spa Maui – The use of coconut oils by the talented therapists at Hoola spa help nourish and moisturize one’s tired and fatigued body. You have various choices in this: opt for the Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage or the classic Swedish massage or go in for the Reflexology treatment.

Pre-natal massage– This gentle therapy lasts for 50 minutes and the massage Hawaii Kai packages start from $135. If you have been experiencing back aches, edema, fatigue etc owing to pregnancy, soothe them all away with this relaxing prenatal therapy. Talk to your doctor prior to opting for Hawaii Kai spa therapies.

spa deals for mom

Unique salt spa room– Himalayan salt crystals are very healing and the salt room at Hawaii Kai spa infuses negative ions that promote health and well being. Breathing these ions can improve a variety of skin conditions like dryness, eczema etc. Today, many doctors in Europe are known to prescribe this therapy to patients looking to detoxify from effects of day-to-day toxins, pollutants etc.

Just-before-the beach Maui therapy– Hawaii Kai spas also offer fantastic treatments for protecting the skin from the harsh sun of Maui Island. If you are planning on spending a day at the beach, go in for this sunscreen therapy first. Warm towel therapy is first given to you to help soothe inflamed sinuses, relax neck and head pressure points and ease stressed and tensed shoulders. This is followed by relaxing foot massage therapy or reflexology therapy. You could also choose the intensive head and neck therapy, a treatment that every sufferer of chronic head and neck pain, must opt for. This is a 25 minute therapy costing only $75 at the Hawaii Kai spa. Both therapies could be followed by the sunscreen therapy so that you are free to enjoy your day at the beach. 20 minute session combined with a short foot massage will cost you $60- a deal available only at the Hawaii Kai spa.

Hawaii Kai spa organic body treatments– These treatments are exclusive to the Hawaii Kai spa deals and they use premium products from Malie organics. You can opt for the sea salt glow-25 minutes cost $85 or the full body Hawaiian sugar polish. Choose between Mango Nectar or Coconut Vanilla polishes- sound delicious don’t they? Third option in the full body polish is a warm exfoliation-something no mommies have the luxury to do on a daily basis back at home- followed by detoxifying warm body mask. Wrap yourself in this blend of unique seaweed and clay to remove dirt accumulated over the years.

We are sure these treatments sound heavenly to busy mommies. At the prices described, these Hawaii Kai spa deals are definitely a steal and one must try them!

Small Electric Repairs around the Home Moms Can Handle

“Mom, my laptop is not charging, nor is my cell phone”.  “This light switch has conked off”. If you have heard these sentences around your home, you can imagine that they are fairly commonplace and are heard around everyone’s home once in awhile. Small electrical repairs around the home can seem like a daunting task for most: however, there is no need to always bring in the residential electrical services for minor repairs. Not only are these expensive, you can actually do many repairs in a fast and effective manner without the need of spending on professionals. Naturally, we encourage you to follow some safety rules.

Safety rules to follow for DIY repairs

  1. Make sure the power is off.
  2. You might want to unplug a device, if that is what is broken, or even turn off the mains at the breaker panel. Most homes these days have a well labelled breaker circuit so that you know what to turn off. There may be small switches with labels like “living room”, “kitchen”, main switch etc.
  3. If there are no labels on the circuit board, you will need to use the trial-and-error method for finding the right breaker. Switch off each breaker and go back and test the lights in the room where your appliance is plugged in.
  4. If you are still unsure whether you have turned the right breaker off or not, it is best to go outside and turn the main breaker of the entire house. This will make you absolutely certain that you have killed the entire power to the home and that it is now safe to work on whatever it is you are planning to work on.

moms electric repair

Residential electrical services: Fixing the light switch

This is the most common type of electrical issue that homeowners face. You might simply need to find a new switch similar to the one you are using currently. Before you step outside to buy the switch, identify which type it is: single pole, double pole or three way switches. The single pole is the most common type used and its connections are fairly easy. The double pole is rarely used these days and it has 2 extra terminals for hot wiring and controlling 240V. Some homes also have 3 way switches for controlling fixtures from 2 different places in the house.

Two more types of switches include dimmer and 4-way switches. There are many resources online that can show you how to replace and change these switches.

Residential electrical services: Replacing Outlets

Outlets can stop working due to whatever reasons after a few years of use. Most common types of outlets are Grounded, ungrounded and GFC. It is best to use the same type for replacing as the one currently in place. What you would not want to do is replace a grounded outlet with an ungrounded one and vice-a-versa.

To change the outlet, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the faceplate and screws
  2. Note where the inner wires are going.
  3. Now, simply reconnect the wires to the same spot on the new outlet.
  4. Reconnect the screws and the faceplate etc.

Things and tools you will need mainly include:

  • Screwdriver
  • Needle pliers
  • New replacement switches or outlets.
  • Electrical tape (optional)

Naturally, if you, at any time, feel that the procedure to replace the switch is difficult or you are unsure as to what goes where, it is best to seek the services of an electric professional. This will prevent many potential hassles and you would have the guarantee of doing the job in the most effective manner.