Are You a Single Mom Blogger? Here’s How to Reach Out to Your Audience

Being a blogger is hard work on its own, but taking it on while being a single mom can see almost impossible. You have to divide your time between your work and taking care of your kids, which is no easy feat. And a successful blog means you need to continuously create new content and work to expand your audience.

But reaching out to a wider group of readers doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility, and it doesn’t even have to cost you much money. If you want to get the word out about your blog, here are some easy ways to get connected with current and potential readers.

Are You a Single Mom Blogger? Here’s How to Reach Out to Your Audience

Start with Social Media

Social media can be a blogger’s best friend. You can keep readers updated on new content, and increase the likelihood that you will be found through keyword searches on major search engines. And the best part is, creating a profile is normally free. That means you can speak to a wider audience without having to spend anything.

Normally, social media platforms encourage users to share information they find interesting. So, if you create quality content, your current readers will likely share your posts with other members of your network. This is the digital equivalent of the standard word-of-mouth marketing approach, which can be quite effective all on its own.

Some social media platforms also offer ad options for a fee. This allows you to place ads designed to target a specific demographic and is based on the same social media platform on which your page resides. If you have a little money to invest, it may be an option worth exploring, but maintaining a page comes at no cost, so don’t feel pressured to use the service simply because you have a page on the site.

Connect with Other Bloggers

Bloggers who talk about similar topics often see themselves as members of a larger community. Making an effort to get to know others who write in a similar area can ultimately give you access to their network. Take some time to get to know other bloggers, and show them your support by sharing and linking to their posts. Often, they will return the favor without having to be asked.

Once you form stronger connections, you can even look for more overt opportunities to connect. For example, you can exchange guest posts on each other’s sites, or work together to host a fun giveaway. Since bloggers generally trade in information, there is rarely a sense of competition even between people who write about the same thing. Working together often provides mutual benefit, so consider seeing who else may be able to help you on your journey, just be sure to help them in kind.

Consider Text Marketing

If visitors to your site are open to receiving text messages from you, then text marketing might be the right choice for you. You can include information about new posts or give followers a heads up about upcoming events. Since most people keep a cell phone with them practically at all times, then it is an easy way to reach out to readers regardless of their current location.

Free Stuff for Moms

We know you come here for the benefit of saving money. So, surely you are thrilled by the title here. We certainly live by the mantra, “If it’s free, it’s for me.” That is why we wanted to impart to you these incredible free deals for moms-to-be and current moms. These little samples and freebies will certainly help you when you are accosted by potential financial struggles.

One such moment may arise if you are ever in the situation in which you must file for medical malpractice in Maryland. Heaven forbid, but if you encounter some sort of birth injury or a birth related disability when your wee one arrives, this might be a necessary evil. And, if you have to hire a lawyer, or pay for treatments, at least until your case is closed, money might be tight. Hopefully, these free things will make your struggle a little less painful.

Free Stuff for Moms

15 Great Freebies You Want

There are probably more than 15 of these, but we are sure you will want the ones on this list. Every mom can benefit from free stuff, so please choose to share this list with all your mom friends. We would love to be able to assist as many of you as possible. So, without further ado, here are the 15 great freebies you want:

  1. Seven Slings– You are going to be looking for a way to comfortably carry your baby. You can get a free sling from this company as long as you are willing to pay the shipping cost.
  2. Udder Cover– Please, please, please breastfeed your baby. And, if you’d like, order a free udder cover for the price of shipping. Learn more.
  3. Parents Magazine– There is no strings to this freebie. You’ll get a one year subscription. Free!
  4. Baby Leg Warmers– This is another company that requires you to pay shipping in order to receive the free item, but at least your baby will be warm.
  5. Similac- You’ll have to sign up for their Strong Moms program, but then you’ll get tons of freebies.
  6. My Gerber– Just join My Gerber and they’ll send you coupons to save tons ‘o’ money.
  7. Earth’s Organics– All you have to do to get free stuff from them is sign up for their newsletter.
  8. Huggies- Huggies Rewards allows you to collect points toward free gift cards for additional products.
  9. Luvs– Sign up for the Luvs Network and get all the deals and coupons you need.
  10. Pampers- A Pampers Village membership will let you free samples from Pampers and their partner companies.
  11. Seventh Generation– This company’s Generation Good Program opens doors to try new products and get exclusive offers. Read more.
  12. Nuk– You will be able to save up to $11 on their products, and if you join, you will receive additional deals 6 times a year.
  13. Johnson & Johnson– Logging into Healthy Essentials will provide you access to printable coupons to save money on a number of their products. But, when it comes to soap for your baby, you might want to consider using all-natural versions like those found here.
  14. Dreft- The Generation Good Program is sometimes on this site as well, so keep checking back for deals.
  15. Nature’s One Organic Medical Nutrition– You can go on their site and request free samples of their products.

There are always opportunities for free stuff out there for new moms, just keep looking.

Ways for Home Businesses to Boost Product Popularity

A home business is any mom’s dream come true.  With a home business you can be there for your family when they need you and you can still earn money to survive.  Plus there are no jobs more rewarding than owning your own business.  You get the satisfaction of being good hands on mom and you get career satisfaction.  What more can any mom ask for?  But running a home business is not quite as easy as it seems. A home business relies on an online presence for all sales and to get good sales you need to constantly promote your company and especially your products to boost their popularity.  The more popularity you can generate for a product the more sales you can get and the more likely you are of making a success of your company.  Here are some great ways to boost your products so you can have better sales.

Ways for Home Businesses to Boost Product Popularity

Advertise on social media

Social media marketing is probably the best way to promote your home business’s products.  Every time someone likes, comments or even views one of your products or videos, your product is promoted and the more popular your product seems the more people will buy.  Social media is the only place where you can get people to like and share your products which is why you need to promote on social media like crazy.

Get Social Proof to boost your views for YouTube videos

YouTube videos are great for providing your clients with a good look at your products and for teaching the public the uses of your products.  But it is hard to get people to view your videos if your company isn’t that big yet or if you are launching a new product.  You can however Buy Cheap YouTube Views from Social Proof.  Social Proof is a company that gets you the views you need for money.  You can buy up to 25 000 views for a product for as little as $124.97.  They achieve this through their own promotional methods and have different packages for different amounts of views.  This advertising method is definitely worth your while if you consider that your product will be promoted to that many people at that low fee.

Use Social Proof to boost your likes on social media

Social Proof also allows you to buy likes or shares for posts on popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.  You can get the likes you need for any product advert instantly by simply paying Social Proof to handle your promotions for you.

Run competitions for your products

If you are more of a DIY person then a competition for your products might just give you the boost you need.  You can give away free products in exchange for likes and shares to create awareness for your products.

Get bloggers to review your products

Bloggers love to review products as long as they can get their hands on a few free samples.  You can supply popular bloggers with free samples and perhaps even pay them to write a product review on your products so they can influence their followers and readers to buy your products.

What Busy Single Moms Buy Their Kids for Christmas

If you are a single mom, you want the best for your kids for Christmas. But sometimes you have to balance fun with function when choosing the ideal gift. That allows you to get your kids something nice while also having the present serve a useful purpose. Luckily, there are a number of high-quality gift options that can also meet other needs within your household. To help you take advantage of the ability for a gift to pull double-duty, consider these options that are sure to impress.

What Busy Single Moms Buy Their Kids for Christmas

Gaming and Computer Chairs

One trick with kids is that they can grow so fast. And while you may not think about it often, having a quality chair when using a home computer is important. A poorly designed chair can make extended computer sessions (whether homework or entertainment related) seriously uncomfortable. Poor ergonomics can also lead to a number of injuries and other physical issues.

If you want to make sure your child can complete their tasks, then consider giving top gaming chairs as a gift. Since these are made with gaming in mind, it is fairly common for them to be created based on ideas of extended use. And just because they say they are for gaming, that doesn’t mean they won’t work well for any computer-related task.

Clothes and School Supplies

While giving clothes and school supplies as gifts don’t initially sound like fun, it can be when you take your child’s unique style into consideration. Consider adding a few key pieces that represent who they are and what they are interested in. You may want to consider brands or styles that would normally be off limits due to their prices, especially if holiday sales make the items more affordable. That way you can give them something they want, and don’t normally get, that also serves an important function in their daily lives.

Active Gifts

We all know that physical fitness is important to overall health, but getting a kid to participate in a traditional exercise program might not be easy. However, you can encourage them to be more active by making exercise fun. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and sports equipment can all be used for fun while providing giving your child a reason to get some exercise. That allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

Alternatively, if there is a certain skill they would like to learn, like dance or martial arts, consider signing them up for classes as a gift. This demonstrates that you pay attention to what interests them, but still allows you to make sure they are getting enough exercise to stay healthy. Since classes are often held at business locations, you may not even have to stay in the building while they take their class. This can give you a chance for a little alone time, which may make the gift even more valuable than you originally anticipated.

Gift Cards

Even if gift cards practically function like cash, they do limit where your child can spend the money. If you aren’t comfortable selecting new clothes or shoes as gifts without them present, then consider giving a gift card that lets them pick a few new items for their wardrobe. That way they can be actively involved in the selection process, but you still ensure they get a functional gift.

Cost effective ways to keep your child entertained during school holidays

It isn’t always easy to go away for the school holidays. Perhaps your budget is limited or you cannot get the time off. This is the case for many parents that can include single parents. There are a few simple ways to keep your children entertained at home and out of trouble that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It is important to remember that you want your kids to stay productive during their holiday and not just laze about the house and sleep late while you are at work.

Cooking with your kids is a great activity that will teach them a bit of independence and how to make their own food. You can start with simple recipes like pizza, salad or baking cookies. Another great way to spend time together is by camping out in your backyard. Set up the tent, grab the marshmallows and you are ready to go. The school holidays can really be a time for bonding for you and your children. If the weather is bad camp out in the living room, it will be just as much fun.

Cost effective ways to keep your child entertained during school holidays

TV is always a winner but not everyone can afford Cable. Take a look at how Netflix Australia has taken off and get a subscription. You no longer have to be limited to your country’s program line-up because there are tools that allow you to access other programs. There is a great array of movies and series to watch with some of the best documentaries to keep everyone informed and smart. Netflix took the world by storm and is one of the most cost-efficient ways to watch your favorite series and movies. You can register different users and watch Netflix on more than one device at the same time.

A favorite activity for the little ones is to have a dress up day. You can be the photographer or perhaps film it. During dress up you can also have them stage a play that they can perform for you. On days like these it is great to arrange for a play date. Invite a few of their friends over and make a day of it with good company and a whole lot of fun. You can get involved in the writing of the play. This will enhance their reading and writing skills which in turn will keep their minds occupied. Click here for dress up ideas.

You don’t necessarily need to have a birthday to host a party. Have a holiday celebration party by inviting their friends over and enjoying snacks and games. This is always a winner and will leave everyone exhausted and satisfied. During the school holidays you can easily prepare for Christmas by making Christmas cards or decorations. This is an artistic project that will be fun for the whole family and it will save you a bit on decorations and cards. For any craft projects you should try using items around the house. Click here for some great craft ideas for kids.

Get your little ones outdoors and away from tech

During warmer months it is our responsibility as parents to get our children active and outside. It is in their best interest to get a healthy combination of Vitamin D and fresh air. How do we get our children outside and away from the temptations offered by video games and TV? Here are a few fun and interactive activities that moms can use to tempt the little ones. These activities will be fun for everyone and that includes mom.


Art is a great way to keep children entertained for a long time. With a canvass and palette on hand your little one will feel like the next Monet while painting a tree or flowers in the garden. Make sure there is enough shade and that the mess can be cleaned up. Click here for some fun painting activities.

Get your little ones outdoors and away from tech

Bug hunting

This is one of the best ways to keep your inquisitive little ones occupied. There are cute bug hunting sets available for sale that includes harmless traps and magnifying glasses which will make the hunt more fun. You can go as far as dressing them for the occasion with a little camouflage and perhaps if your hubby owns hunting gear you might want to let your boys use the best long range rangefinder for a true hunting experience. This is fun and will teach them about nature. With the range finder you can actually zoom in and find the bugs much easier. It is the perfect outdoor hunting tool even if it is just used for bugs in the garden.

Cooling off on a hot day

The sun is dangerous and most of the time you don’t want your little one in the sun for too long. Dips in the pool should be limited but that does not stop you from setting up the sprinkler under a tree where there is sufficient shade and allowing your kids to enjoy running through it. I can remember as a child I loved running through the sprinklers as we didn’t have a pool. Take a look at cool sprinkler systems here.


Get down and dirty with a little bit of old fashioned gardening. Kids love playing in the dirt and this can easily be used as an excuse to get them interactive with planting. It is a fun activity but also one where they will learn a skill and see the fruits of their labor. Get a couple of seedlings and let your little ones help you to plant them.

Sporting event

Nothing stops you from hosting a mini Olympic event in your backyard. Look around the house for props that can include hurdles or a mattress for high-jump. This is an activity that is going to make them tired though and on a hot day you want to make sure that they stay hydrated and cool. If any of the events plays out in the sun you might want to use a good sunscreen.

Fitness tips for busy moms

It is very hard for busy moms to stick to an exercise routine and juggle that with all the other tasks they have to do on a daily basis. It will be a question of squeezing in a workout whenever they have a free moment. Between caring for your kids, working and household demands it is very hard to stay fit. Moms don’t even get a bathroom break in peace so how can they fit a workout session in? Here are a few ways moms can stay fit and still qualify for that mother of the year award. Your health comes first and you will feel like a million dollars once you implement a regular exercise routine plus you will have more energy to run after your little ones.

Fitness tips for busy moms

Early riser

It is good to wake up a bit earlier to get things done. You can also fit in your workout session early in the morning before the day runs away with you. Most moms are busy when the kids get ready for school or after work so it is almost impossible to workout at those times. Wake up a half an hour earlier than usual and while everyone is still snoozing have a quiet and meaningful workout session. It will benefit you in many ways and get your fresh and ready for the day. Click here for some great morning workout routines.

Make a schedule

If there are two of you in your relationship you can arrange your yoga dates or workout sessions with your partner to make sure that they are aware and that they can prepare to take care of things at those times. Let them know ahead of time to avoid any miscommunication. You are a mom and you are also allowed to get a little help now and then.

Plan your workout routine

With the little time you have left make sure that you plan what you are going to be doing at the gym. Nowadays there are great outdoor gym structures in parks that really offer everything you need to fit in a good workout session. You could even have these structures installed in your garden. Take a look at udendørs fitness for a revolutionary solution to outdoor exercising. This is a great website that offers energy friendly and effective exercise equipment that can be installed in your own backyard! With health walking, climbing and other options this is sure to be fun for the whole family so include your kids!

Take lunch

We usually spend our lunchtimes chewing on a sandwich or salad and waiting to go back to work. Make the most of your lunch hour by popping into the gym or going for a jog. This is precious time that you won’t have at home. Many corporations promote healthy living and have a gym at work. If you are lucky enough to enjoy this benefit make use of it. Click here for some easy lunchtime exercise routines.

Easy Ways for Moms to Start Investing In Gold

You don’t have to be a pirate to have your own treasure. There are plenty of ways for moms to get their hands on treasure that does not involve any treasonous actions or even terrible risks.  A good investment opportunity can make the world of difference for you and your family because with a bit of extra money on the side line you can make dreams come true.  You can send your child to college, buy your child a vehicle or perhaps even get yourself that home you have always dreamt about.  If you are looking for an investment that will one day be worth every minute of your time then you should definitely consider investing in gold.

Easy Ways for Moms to Start Investing In Gold

Why invest in gold?

There are so any companies, organizations, precious metals and resources you can invest in, so why invest in gold?  Well the answer is simple.  Gold is lucrative and easy.   Everyone understands gold.  You buy it, you keep it and you sell it.  It is as simple as that.  The longer you keep your gold, the higher the gold value grows.  There is no precious metal or other investment type that has the same positive value growth that gold has.  Gold is a great way for mom’s to start generating a bit of extra cash for the future.

Different types of real gold investments you can make

There are quite a few ways for you to invest in real gold and then you can always invest in non-physical gold by investing in gold dealership companies and mines instead.  But physical gold investments are probably the easiest way to get started in the gold business.  You can start investing in gold by buying the following types of gold;

Gold jewelry – You can buy gold from individuals and pawn shops and re-sell to jewelry makers to earn some cash.  Gold jewelry is however quite a risky investment since most jewelry are not made of 100% pure gold.

Gold coins – Gold coins are probably one of the easiest ways to start investing in gold.  Just be sure to buy from only reputable organizations and make sure that your gold coins are stored in a secure enclosure because your coins have to stay in mint condition.  You can resell your coins on online stores and to gold brokers at any time and make some cash.

Gold bullions – Gold bullions are up to 99.99% pure gold and come in the form of ingots, bars or nuggets which makes this one of the most lucrative and safest gold investment types there is.

Vaulted gold – When you buy vaulted gold you pay for both the gold and the storage of the gold but you can cash in your gold or withdraw your gold bar at any time convenient to you.

Learn before you start

Even the easiest of professions requires some knowledge and the more you know about a certain profession, skill or product, the more profitable you can make it.  Taking a few courses on gold investing can help you make a much bigger success of your investment and you should continuously read up on the latest news on gold so you can stay ahead of trends.

The Best Educational Toys for Your Children

As a mom, one of your things that you want to do is to give toys to your children that they will surely appreciate. At the same time, you want these toys to be educational so that they will learn something from it. With the right toys, you will have the ability to make learning fun.

Just imagine if you would purchase toys for learning. These toys can teach your children to learn more about the different colors, different numbers and even words. You know that your children will find pleasure with playing with these toys and at the same time, they will learn different things. You should try to stop your children from reaching their tablets and their other gadgets because they can play better toys instead.

The Best Educational Toys for Your Children

Here are some of the toys that you should let your children play with:

  1. Toy Microscope

There are different brands and models that are selling microscopes but if you want your children to know how to operate the microscope properly, it is best if you would purchase one that is meant specifically for your child’s age group. Microscopes now are different from the toy microscopes before. The microscopes now contain LED lights that can enhance the viewing pleasure of your children whenever they place any item under the microscope.

  1. Human Body Model

You may think that purchasing a body model for your children will be a bit gross but a lot of children are starting to find out things about their bodies and having the human body model will help them understand their bodies better. There are some models that are small enough to touch and you can teach your child the different functions of these parts of the body. This way, your children will learn the basics about the human body.

  1. Rosie Flo’s Art Gallery

A lot of children who are into art and can appreciate different things that are colorful love this because aside from learning more about the different artworks that are available, they also tend to make their imagination run. This can make them more creative and will give them enough skills too as they can trace the artworks on another page. They can make their own version of the artworks as well.

  1. MindWare KEVA Contraptions

If you have children who love to build different things and if you have already taught them that they should always clean up after they play then this can be a good option. It is highly likely that your kids would love to play this because they can learn how to build different things. At the same time, this can be their introduction to engineering, architecture and design.

  1. MindWare Q Bitz

If you want a toy that your children can play with the rest of the family, this is probably the best game to play. In order to play this game properly, there are different skills that are tested every time. In the beginning, it may seem hard for your children but they will get the hang of it and appreciate it more.

Which among the toys mentioned above will be best for your children? Can you still think of other toys that your children will appreciate?

Top 7 Wedding Planning Tips for Moms

Even if your mother won’t be paying for your wedding festivities, there’s a lot that the modern-day mother can do for you.

Top 7 Wedding Planning Tips for Moms

This is what the smart Mother Of Bride and Mother Of Groom are going up against:

  1. Working Their Networks. As a mom, she must be really well-connected! Through her social circles, work group, volunteering clubs, and informal communication companions, she may know somebody (who works in a botanical shop, bread kitchen, photography studio, or gems store) who adores her enough to offer her a “friends and family wedding discount” for you. Alternatively, there might be someone in her social circle who would be able to direct you towards an expert who could help out with any of the wedding stuff. They might be able to come across something useful like the Wedding Budget Calculator that can really help make sense out of all the expenses that are involved, and to what extent they can be minimized or changed.
  2. Giving Guest List Support. Mothers shield you from guest list faux pass, for example, welcoming Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Jones when they really got separated three years back or spelling your cousin’s kids’ names mistakenly on the invitation card. Enroll her help gathering together current locations and the names of your relatives’ plus-ones.
  3. Offering Her Tastes. Today’s mother is regularly welcomed to go to the VIP foodie-fest that helps you select your menu alternatives, including your cake. It’s a sweet approach to make her feel involved and included!
  4. Assisting with the Bridal Shower. Some still feel that mothers shouldn’t be the main host (as indicated by customary decorum), yet they’re presently participate with the bridesmaids as well as maid of honor to put together a stunning and amazing bridal shower for you. They can contribute to the funds or think of fun points of interest to safeguard your desperate and time-crunched bridesmaids, who are very upbeat to get her help.
  5. Styling Themselves. Mothers are very style-savvy and updated with the latest fashion trends so they’re counseling with beauticians and picking astounding outfits and dresses. The times of “wear beige” are over – unless it’s a truly beautiful designer beige dress! – and ladies are making it a Girls’ Day Out to avail mother’s help in picking out the perfect dress for the big day.
  6. Arranging Their Own Parties. It may be the rehearsal dinner or the morning-after breakfast where they utilize the majority of their own awesome thoughts, subjects, menu arranges, stylistic layout astonish, and that’s just the beginning. Another pattern now is for the mothers to arrange their own particular after-gatherings for their friends and close relatives: You run off to party with your group, and Mom can party with hers.
  7. De-Stressing the Bride. It used to be that mothers brought about a considerable measure of wedding stress, however their part has turned into significantly more fun and relaxed than it used to be. They’re taking the stressed bride out for mani/pedis, arranging film evenings, working out with the bride, and listening to her vent without being judgmental. Mothers are there for the bride more than ever.