What is the Best Electric Pressure Washer for Moms?

As a mom, there are lots of chores that you have to handle every day. One of the most common routines that you have to accomplish every day is cleaning. You are expected to clean the car, walls, furniture, driveways, and many other areas. Because of this, you need to find the best cleaning equipment such as pressure washers. So, what is the best electric pressure washer for moms? There are various factors that you need to consider when determining this. Remember that there are lots of washers in the stores and therefore, it is up to you to make the right choice. Here are some of the features that you should look at.

Power ratings

The energy consumption of pressure washers is measured in Amps. If a machine has a high rating, it is an indication that it has a larger output. Such a machine will have more pressure and so, it will clean better than those that have a lower rating. This determines how fast you can clean a surface. With high pressure, the debris will come off the surface more easily. It makes your work much easier especially when you consider the fact that there are any other chores that a mom has to attend to. At the end of the day, you want a machine that is perfect for the job.

What is the Best Electric Pressure Washer for Moms?

The area size that can be cleaned

The output also determines the area size that can be cleaned at a go. If your machine sprays water over a larger surface, you can be sure that it will take a shorter time to clean than when it only covers a small area. This depends on the nozzle too. Check the machine to ensure that the nozzle is designed to spray water over a large surface. This is more important if you have big cleaning projects to work on. For instance, if you are cleaning the walls and floors of a large bungalow, you may not wish to have a machine that will make you to take too long. Good thing is that there are many machines with an amazing output that you can choose from.

Water consumption

How much water will you need to clean a particular surface? Will your electric pressure washer help you to save water, or will it be the reason why you waste too much? There is need to protect natural resources and water is one of them. You do not have to be wasteful just because you are cleaning the driveways and other surfaces. Instead of that, invest in machines that are efficient enough. Insist on those that use minimal water amounts yet produce an amazing pressure to effectively clean any surface. To be sure of this, you may want to ask for a test. Simply use a certain amount of water with several machines and see the ones that perform the best.

Electricity consumption

Although every mom wants a machine that has the highest rating, it is important to think about the energy that will be used to run it. If you are keen on the bills, you will want a washer that does not consume too much energy. This depends on various factors. Ask about the amount of energy that the machine will require in one cleaning session. It is important to save on energy because apart from cushioning you from huge bills every month, it also helps to conserve the environment. There are many energy-efficient machines that you can choose from once you get to the stores.

The ease of use

Whether you are a professional cleaner or an amateur using a pressure washer machine at home, you should find something that you can use easily. It is good to have lots of features because it means that you can clean several types of surfaces. However, if those features make it difficult for you to clean, they all will be useless. Most of these washers come with user manuals. Make sure to read all the instructions so as to avoid things such as accidents and breakdowns. You can find out more about pressure washers here.

Other factors that a mom should consider when choosing an electric pressure washer include durability, portability, and the brand. There are brands that are known to perform better because of the quality of the parts used to assemble them. As for portability, you want a pressure washer that you can easily move around with especially when you want to clean multiple areas. You may want to use it both at home and at the office.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Kids’ Teeth

Teeth are highly valuable. Without them we are in a sore spot when it comes to trying to eat. So, ensuring that our kids have healthy teeth should be a top priority. As moms, we know how difficult it is to instill in our children the right attitude about taking care of their teeth. They see it as a chore and a useless duty no matter how many times we warn them about the consequences. It is time we shared with you the tips for saving money on your kids’ teeth. Because, if they don’t take care of them, you could find yourself in some serious financial debt.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Kids’ Teeth

Those poorly cared for teeth will necessitate your visit to the Overland Park Dentist. At least you will find yourself at the starting point for a healthy smile. The pediatric dentistry you find there will be patient centered and uniquely designed to fit your child’s needs. The doctor is a small town guy who understands the value of family and good teeth. Let him help fix the mess your kids have created. In the meantime, though, peruse some of the tips we have provided as a means of preventing any future issues.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Dentistry is an expensive aspect of childcare. So, if you can train your children to properly care for their teeth, you might be able to prevent some of the more expensive expenditures attached to dental issues. Here are 7 tips for keeping your kids’ teeth healthy and thereby, saving money:

  1. Start ‘em early– The facts are, one in four kids show signs of decaying teeth before they even enter school. And, once they hit their early teen years, between 12 and 15, more than half of them have cavities. Start taking care of their teeth as soon as they appear, as early as 6 months. Teach your toddlers to brush their own while you supervise.
  2. Properly use fluoride– Be careful with the amount of fluoride you use on your wee-ones’ teeth. Too much can cause white spots, and too little can make it ineffective. Ask your dentist about the right amount for your kids. Learn more.
  3. Brush and floss– Train your kids to floss daily and to brush their teeth twice each day. And, make sure you change out their toothbrushes 3 or 4 times a year.
  4. Chew gum and/or rinse– Utilizing sugar free gum or antibacterial rinses after they eat can help eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease. The chewing gum will stimulate saliva to neutralize acid and wash away bacteria.
  5. Sealants– The back molars come in at around 6 years old. If you get them sealed, you will enable your children to keep those teeth devoid of cavities. Read more.
  6. Choose the right foods– Healthy diets are essential to healthy teeth no matter how old you are. Convince your kids to eat more fish so that the omega 3 fatty acids can help fight inflammation and the things that trigger gum disease.
  7. Cut the sugar– You knew that was going to be on the list. When sugars get broken down, by the bacteria in the mouth, they become acidic and can erode teeth. So, stay away from carbonated drinks and sticky foods.

These tips should help you keep your kids’ teeth in tip top shape and thereby, save you money on dental care treatments. For more information on keeping their teeth healthy, read this.

How to Choose a Smart TV LED 32 for Single Moms Who Work from Home

Any single mom who works from home knows how challenging such an arrangement can be. Although you have the flexibility to plan for work and domestic chores, you also need to make sure that you are comfortable. It can be difficult to balance between work and personal life if you are a woman that stays at home most of the time. You should invest in home appliances that make your life easier. For instance, finding a good TV LED 32 can be a good idea. When you are not working, you can catch your favorite TV show or watch a movie. This will revitalize you and give you fresh energy to work even more. Use the following tips to find the best television.

How to Choose a Smart TV LED 32 for Single Moms Who Work from Home

Check the display capabilities

One of the most important things on a television set is the display. You need to ensure that the images are of high quality. Factors such as color, contrast, and image clarity and critical. Knowing the angle from which you can best watch the TV will also give you better experiences. The display depends mainly on the screen. A look at some of those that can be found in the stores shows that while some have a nice display, others are not as good. As a buyer, you should not just pick a TV without powering it on to try a few video clips just to know about its display capabilities.

Find out other devices that can be used together with the TV

How would you like to view media on the TV? Are you interested in live TV programs or movies saved on other devices? If you want to use external storage devices to view videos and other media files, you have to ensure that they are compatible with your led TV. You do not want a situation where you are limited as to what you can view. For instance, there are TVs that support MDMI connections while others do not. There also are those that can connect to external devices through Bluetooth. At the end of the day, what you want is the perfect viewing experience.

Sound clarity

Although most stay-at-home single moms focus on image quality, the sound is equally important. You will not enjoy watching your new TV if the images are great but the sound is not audible enough. Check the speakers to ensure that they can produce clear audio. If you want to connect the TV to an external speaker system, find out is it works best with it. There are some poor quality sets that will distort the sound when connected to other speakers. There also are those that tend to lose audio quality when the sound volume is set high. If you are buying from a local store, test all these aspects before paying for that TV.

Inquire about durability

As a single mom who works from home, you should always find value in anything that you buy. For a TV, ensure that it can last long. A comparison of some of the brands that can be found in the stores shows that even though there are those with a long life span, others cannot last as long. It is because of the materials used to make them. If the manufacturer cannot meet the quality standards, you only will end up wasting your money. Nobody wants to keep repairing or buying a new TV every now and then when they can easily avoid it by purchasing high-quality durable sets.

Compare the prices

The prices of smart TVs vary based on a number of factors. If you take time to compare, you will notice that there is a big difference. The most important thing for someone who is keen on saving a few dollars is to find out where the best offers are. It can be easier if you are shopping online because you will have everything on place. The worst mistake that you can ever make is to just pick the first offer that comes your way. You may find out that you just paid too much when there is a lower offer elsewhere. Click to learn more about TV LED 32 and the options available in the stores.

A stay-at-home single mom deserves to have relaxing moments especially after hours of work. Regardless of the work that you are involved in, a good TV is a perfect way to unwind and relax your mind as you look forward to the next tasks. It also offers a perfect break from the monotony of home based work.

How Busy Moms Use Thermal Images to Improve Their Home

As a mom, you want your home to be safe and comfortable for your family. While it might not seem like the obvious thing to do, using a thermal camera can provide critical information about the condition of your home without some of the difficulties associated with other options. If you want to put thermal imaging to use to make your home a better place, here are some places to start.

How Busy Moms Use Thermal Images to Improve Their Home

Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit identifies areas where your home may not be performing as well as it could. Certain shortcomings can lead to higher energy bills and make your climate control efforts more difficult to maintain. Using a thermal imaging camera can provide you a wealth of information all without the need for professional services.

A common use of thermal technology during these audits is to find points where the insulation may be insufficient. Insulation can wear over time, creating areas where heat can escape from or enter into your home. By examining the exterior of your home with a thermal camera, you can see precisely where your insulation may require work.

You can also use thermal imaging to identify drafts around doors and windows from the interior or exterior. This can let you know if you need to replace items like the weather strips to prevent heat or cold from moving into your home in an undesirable fashion.

Overheating Components and Electrical Hazards

If you find certain appliances or devices are working properly, and seem to be heating up more than previously, a thermal camera allows you to see exactly which areas are creating the heat. This can help you identify parts that need replacing as well as if professional maintenance is required.

Electrical hazard, like loose wires, also give off excess heat. If you are experiencing electrical issues, a quick look through a thermal camera may show where the problem exists, and can provide valuable information regarding required repairs.

Clogs and Leaks

You can also use thermal imaging to discover clogs and hidden leaks in your plumbing. If hot water collects near a clog, it will clearly illuminate in the image, providing information regarding the source of plumbing issues. It can help you determine the best course of action for correcting the issue, as well as save you time when compared to just trying different options until the problem finally resolves.

Leaks can also be seen when hot water is run through the system. Often, the source of the drip can be seen even when the leak is only allowing a portion of the water to escape. However, it is important to realize this may not always work with plumbing that is running behind walls depending on the amount of insulation and overall composition of the surface.

Drywall Patching

Identifying patches drywall may not seem that important, but it can show you areas where previous repairs may have been required. Drywall damaged by leaks must often be replaced, leaving a distinct line denoting where the patch was applied. While a patch does not mean an issue exists today, it can provide information regarding issues experienced by the previous owners and may help you identify a problem point more quickly if you are having trouble in the nearby area.

To find a suitable thermal imaging solution, consider this FLIR One review.

How Busy Moms Can Track Their Kid’s Health

Keeping your kids healthy is a priority for every mom, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. Depending on their age, children can require a variety of tests, checkups, and routine procedures to keep them in optimal conditions. Luckily, there are many ways to keep tabs on the health of your kids. Some of these can be done on your own, while others are managed in conjunction with your physician. To help you keep track of the important stuff, here are some tips.

How Busy Moms Can Track Their Kid’s Health

Understand Immunizations

Most immunizations, also referred to as shots, are recommended based on a specific schedule. These recommendations were developed to help protect children from certain illness and infections. While some require single doses that will last for years, others need to be completed in a series to obtain the desired results.

Information regarding the immunization schedule is available online as well as through your physician. Make sure to get a copy of the list and note when you child receives each immunization. While official shot records are also available, keeping a quick and portable method available for your personal use can also help ensure everything is schedule properly, and nothing has been overlooked.

Checkups and Physicals

The easiest appointments to bypass are checkups and general physicals. If your child isn’t ill, it can be difficult to justify taking the time to keep these appointments. However, these appointments are vital to ensuring the overall health of your child. They provide physicians an opportunity to review growth rates and overall development, as well as a chance to spot potential issues early.

Consider printing checklists or questionnaires designed to help you organize information for each recommended appointment, and bring the information along to the appointment. If you have additional concerns, make a note of these as well.

Once you get to the appointment, use your checklist or questionnaire as a point for note taking. As each point is addressed, record important details for future reference. That way, you have a current and legacy information that you can review as needed.

Drug and Illegal Substance Testing

It isn’t uncommon for parents to be concerned about drug use and their children. While many moms want to avoid being overly intrusive, certain changes in your child’s behavior may signal a problem. Luckily, there are a variety of drug tests that you can perform at home. HairFollicleDrugTest.info provides parents with the information and supplies they need to determine if their children are using drugs. Some of the available systems can even be done without your kid’s knowledge, allowing you to preserve the relationship while getting the answers you need.

Files and Records

Tracking your child’s health over the long-term requires a system for preserving the information. Begin by scanning copies of relevant documents and storing them digitally. You can keep copies on your computer, an external hard drive, in the cloud, or in your email. Make sure you put digital copies in more than one place in case the first system fails.

Once you have created digital copies, file the originals with other critical documents. Keep them in a fireproof box or another form of extended storage. If you prefer, you can even keep records in a safe deposit box at a local financial institution.

Since you have access to all of the important documents, you can more easily track progress and changes to ensure the health of your child.

Things for moms to do while waiting at the doctor’s waiting room

This could possibly appear as a strange topic for an article but as moms we know how boring it gets to wait for our tots at the doctor’s offices or while they are in therapy. It isn’t very entertaining to watch other mothers trying to keep their little ones under control because everyone knows a sick child is fussy at the best of times. Here are a few creative and fun things moms can do while waiting.

Start a blog

With technology today and a tablet on hand you can easily start a blog just about anywhere. While waiting register on a free site and start a blog which can mainly focus on parenthood or just about any topic that you like for example gardening and cooking. Click here for more information about starting a blog.

Things for moms to do while waiting at the doctor’s waiting room

Plan your week

Use your daily planner or tablet to plan your week ahead. Download one of countless free apps that give you the opportunity to update your calendar and set reminders for your everyday tasks. As a mom you have very little time to do these types of things. Make use of the quiet and organize your week.

Spin to win

Once again having a tablet or Smart Phone will make anything possible while waiting. Take a look at https://www.bitcoinrush.io/ to indulge in some online gambling. You can use Bit Coin as a currency with this site and possibly win a bit of cash or just have fun. This is a great way to shorten the time that you have to wait.

Draw a picture

It doesn’t matter how bad you are at drawing. Your little one will really appreciate a masterpiece done by mommy when they get out of the examination room or when they are done with therapy. Make the most of it and enjoy your artistic skill.

Catch up on your reading

As previously mentioned as a mom you don’t get a lot of time for yourself which means you probably don’t have time to read a book. You can carry 1000’s of books with you on your Kindle or perhaps go old school and take a book with you to read while you wait. Click here to read more about the benefits of reading.

Start a conversation

There are usually many people in a waiting room which gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with other moms or people that might feel as bored as you are. This is the ideal situation to meet new people and perhaps gain a bit of advice when it comes to parenting. Don’t be embarrassed to start the chat with anyone around you. You will easily be able to identify those individuals that aren’t feeling particularly social.

Take a nap

There is nothing wrong with closing your eyes for a few minutes and taking a short cat nap. You might just feel completely refreshed. Enjoy the quiet of the waiting room and tilt your head back to catch forty winks.

Essential beauty for moms

Moms are busy all the time and that makes it difficult to take time out of their busy schedules to spoil themselves a bit with intricate beauty routines. That is exactly why it is possible for moms to slim down their beauty routine by sticking to a few habits that will help them look great all the time. As a mom you will probably be packing lunches and arranging your work and home schedule while single girls get hours to straighten their hair. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for moms to do it all or take a time-out. Here are a few easy routines to fit in.

If you don’t have time for a lengthy beauty routine you can trim it down by keeping only the essential items like face wipes for cleansing and a reliable toner and moisturizer. It just makes the process simpler and much quicker by just doing what you have to do. It will take you a few minutes and will not take up too much time so that you can still get a good night’s sleep while knowing that your skin is taken care of. Take a look at meladerm cream for a great option to help with your skin tone and color. This is a great addition to your cosmetic range, moms and will give you that golden glow.

Essential beauty for moms

If you don’t have time in the morning to style your hair with curling tongs or straightening use the old-school method called curlers. This is a great way to get that kink back in your hair and takes a few minutes at night. You might have a bit of an uncomfortable sleep but you can simply wake up, remove the curlers and love your gorgeous curls. Click here for easier hairstyle ideas.

It is important to remove your makeup at night to keep your skin healthy and fresh in the morning. The biggest mistake women make is going to bed after a long day without removing their makeup properly. There is also nothing wrong with a facial mask that gives your skin a fresh look. Hands easily show aging effects so it is important to keep your hands moisturized as often as you can. It is a habit to get used to but will benefit you at the end of the day. Be sure to also use a reliable and high quality lip gloss with SPF to keep your lips moisturized and give you that freshly kissed look.

The most important beauty secret is to use sunscreen at all times. With Global Warming the UV levels are incredibly high in summer which means we burn easily and the damage that gets done by the sun to our skin is really bad. Everyone has experienced sunburn in their lives. It is not pleasant and is not recommended for anyone and especially no one over thirty. Click here to read more about the negative effects the sun has on your skin.

Best Places to Retire when the Mom Job Ends

Obviously being a mom is a career that never comes to an end. However, you could retire anywhere in the world and give your children a reason to travel or study abroad. This way you can continue to instill in them an ability to learn and experience new things even when you are in your retirement years. Besides, who wouldn’t want to retire to some of the best places in the world when the “mom job” ends?

When you begin considering places to spend your golden years, think about the things that are most important to you. If you are anything like a vast majority of people looking toward aging, that cold weather might have to take a hike. Therefore, the places on our list are all rife with gorgeous beaches and warm climates.

Best Places to Retire when the Mom Job Ends

Top 6 Best Places to Retire

Why not make that phase of your mom-hood a grand adventure? Maximize every dollar you’ve been saving couponing with your fiscal responsibilities. Use that nest egg to traverse the world and settle into a globally conscious union with one of these incredible places to retire:

  1. Costa Rica– Located in Central America, with Nicaragua above it and Panama below, this may not take you too far from your children, but definitely far enough. You could consider purchasing a townhome through Tamarindo Costa Rica real estate. They’ve got great views that include tropical orchid gardens, hummingbird sanctuaries, a lake, and a butterfly reserve. And, they are currently taking deposits for 32 spacious residences.
  2. Portugal- Specifically, Algarve, with its great weather, low costs of living, and cheap real estate. They speak English there too, so that’s a plus side for you and the kids when they come to visit. And, if you are interested, there are 42 different golf courses and 100 miles of Atlantic coastline to keep you busy.
  3. Belize- More importantly, Cayo. This is another Central America locale. The country’s official language is…English! The rivers and rainforests will pique your sense of adventure as soon as you set foot in the country. Supposedly you can live and run a business there tax free. That’s just in case you wanted to employ some of those gifts and talents that had to be set to aside while raising the kids. Read more.
  4. Colombia- Although it was a drug ridden city 20 years ago, we would like to present Medellin to you today. The climate allows for a nearly eternal springtime. That is probably due to its mountain setting. You won’t need AC or heat here. A modest retirement budget will provide you with luxury digs in Medellin.
  5. France- Bet you are surprised to see that on our list. Pau, located in the Basque region, offers up some intense geography. Valleys, mountains, meandering rivers, woodlands, forests, wild coastlines, and rolling hills give this a very lush green appearance amidst the Basque red you find on all the architecture. With $2000 a month, you could retire here!
  6. Malaysia- Last on our list, historic George Town, is home to at least a dozen museums. And, there are secluded beaches, jungle parks, and even amusement parks to utilize with the kids and grandkids! There’s first rate health care and unless you are eating in the most expensive restaurants, you can eat for $3 per person everywhere else.

It’s hard to imagine retiring when you are knee deep in diapers and laundry. But that time will eventually come, and you might as well start planning now to enjoy the last parts of your life somewhere beautiful! For some more ideas check this out.

Real Estate Investing for Moms

Moms have the hardest job on the planet and that is not an exaggeration. If you are one, you know the truth of the matter. They are underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. There is no time off when you are a mom. And, trying to make time for your financial dreams can be a struggle. That is why we would like to suggest real estate investing for moms.

If you have been doing any real estate searching you has probably found the acreage for sale in Mission, BC. Shook Rd seems to be an up and coming location with plots ranging from the low $50s into the $100,000 range. Keep scanning and you will find the considerably more expensive pieces of property available in that area. Sakwi Creek Road could prove to be an interesting prospect as well.

But, maybe you aren’t certain about shelling out money for real estate you don’t reside on. That’s ok, we are going to discuss the value of investing in real estate now.

Real Estate Investing for Moms

Why Moms Should Invest in Real Estate

While this is a great venture for moms, there are still relatively few women daring to take that leap. We are all so fiscally responsible, the risk involved in property flipping has us holding on tight to every dollar instead. But, here are some great reasons to reconsider your stance on the real estate market:

  • Tax Benefits– We knows you want to save money so we put this at the top of our list. Self-employment tax isn’t allowed to get its grubby hands on your rental cash flow. So you’ll pay less tax on it than you would your Etsy business if they made the same amount of money (and chances are they won’t; Etsy isn’t making you wealthy). You can look into the legalities of depreciation as well. Read some of the real estate tax laws.
  • Appreciation– While there’s no tried and true statistic about the rate at which your real estate investments will appreciate, the fact is, they do tend to do so. Your net worth increases with each property, and that’s on top of the cash flow you are making out of the rentals.
  • Flexible Business– You is a mom. We understand. Kids need your attention, you have to be home for dinner, homework, and bath time. We get it. So does the real estate investment market. You make your own schedule to fit the needs of your family. How many other positions can offer you that type of flexibility?
  • Cash Flow– We has saved the best for last because we know that moms are almost perpetually strapped for money. Inevitably, someone needs something for a school project or field trip. The profits that you can make off your tenants will alleviate all the other financial strain you have been feeling. Besides, this is passive income. You buy the house, rent it out, and start cashing the checks. It’s really almost that simple. Learn more about managing rental property.

Of course, we didn’t touch on the negative sides of real estate investing. We advise you to do all your research before putting your money into this endeavor. There are certainly things, nightmarish things that can go wrong whenever you choose to become a landlord.

However, your clientele will match the level of the homes you keep, so be wise when choosing which homes to buy. Always investigate the area and the standard of living. Cheap houses are usually located in cheap areas. Learn more about real estate investing here.

How to Plan the Perfect Family Game Night

It can be so easy to lose touch with your loved ones and family.  An entire family can easily go evenings without hardly speaking because mom is busy cooking and cleaning, kids are busy with homework and technology like TV and smartphones are taking up the rest of the time.  A family game night is just what you need to stay in touch with one another, have some fun and to give everyone a break from technology.  But it’s quite hard to get everyone interested in game nights since smartphones and Xbox has such fun games these days.  It will take some time before everyone starts having fun and it will take a bit of endurance and a few rules before your fun family nights becomes an enjoyed habit.

How to Plan the Perfect Family Game Night

Look for some new fun board games to try

Fun party games are but no one likes to play the same thing every single time.  You should stock up on some board games so you can alternate regularly and you should get something new every now and then if you are planning on making family game nights a permanent thing. Here are some of the best games that you can have a look at;

Pie Face – Pie face is a hilarious game if you have a bit of a sense of humor.  The game is a lot like roulette.  You spin a spinner to see how many turns you have to give the pie smasher and risk it out because you can get a pie in the face with each spin.

Uno – The Uno game has been popular since 1971 and still captivates families without taking up any space in your home.

Ticket to Ride – This fun game is loved by people with a passion for travels.  It is inspired by the story ‘Around the world in 80 days’.

Stock up on snacks & drinks

No one likes to cook on a family game night so save up some cash for some takeaways and stock up on some yummy snacks and drinks.  Everyone will love your family game nights so much more when they have something yummy to chew on and might not even miss their techno devices.

Kill the TV

The TV can easily distract some of the players from the game.  Switch off the TV so everyone can remain focused and so everyone can communicate with one another more effectively.

Ban smartphones

Smartphones are a constant distraction. There is always some notification that captures your attention.  A message from friends or on chat groups needs to be answered frequently, games require you to play frequently and apps are always in need of some update.  Ban smartphones or ask everyone to try to limit time on phones as much as possible.

Play happy music

Good music creates a good vibe for everyone but tastes can differ a lot when it comes to music so try to get everyone involved when selecting the playlist so no one will be annoyed by songs that play.