Real Estate Investing for Moms

Moms have the hardest job on the planet and that is not an exaggeration. If you are one, you know the truth of the matter. They are underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. There is no time off when you are a mom. And, trying to make time for your financial dreams can be a struggle. That is why we would like to suggest real estate investing for moms.

If you have been doing any real estate searching you has probably found the acreage for sale in Mission, BC. Shook Rd seems to be an up and coming location with plots ranging from the low $50s into the $100,000 range. Keep scanning and you will find the considerably more expensive pieces of property available in that area. Sakwi Creek Road could prove to be an interesting prospect as well.

But, maybe you aren’t certain about shelling out money for real estate you don’t reside on. That’s ok, we are going to discuss the value of investing in real estate now.

Real Estate Investing for Moms

Why Moms Should Invest in Real Estate

While this is a great venture for moms, there are still relatively few women daring to take that leap. We are all so fiscally responsible, the risk involved in property flipping has us holding on tight to every dollar instead. But, here are some great reasons to reconsider your stance on the real estate market:

  • Tax Benefits– We knows you want to save money so we put this at the top of our list. Self-employment tax isn’t allowed to get its grubby hands on your rental cash flow. So you’ll pay less tax on it than you would your Etsy business if they made the same amount of money (and chances are they won’t; Etsy isn’t making you wealthy). You can look into the legalities of depreciation as well. Read some of the real estate tax laws.
  • Appreciation– While there’s no tried and true statistic about the rate at which your real estate investments will appreciate, the fact is, they do tend to do so. Your net worth increases with each property, and that’s on top of the cash flow you are making out of the rentals.
  • Flexible Business– You is a mom. We understand. Kids need your attention, you have to be home for dinner, homework, and bath time. We get it. So does the real estate investment market. You make your own schedule to fit the needs of your family. How many other positions can offer you that type of flexibility?
  • Cash Flow– We has saved the best for last because we know that moms are almost perpetually strapped for money. Inevitably, someone needs something for a school project or field trip. The profits that you can make off your tenants will alleviate all the other financial strain you have been feeling. Besides, this is passive income. You buy the house, rent it out, and start cashing the checks. It’s really almost that simple. Learn more about managing rental property.

Of course, we didn’t touch on the negative sides of real estate investing. We advise you to do all your research before putting your money into this endeavor. There are certainly things, nightmarish things that can go wrong whenever you choose to become a landlord.

However, your clientele will match the level of the homes you keep, so be wise when choosing which homes to buy. Always investigate the area and the standard of living. Cheap houses are usually located in cheap areas. Learn more about real estate investing here.

How to Plan the Perfect Family Game Night

It can be so easy to lose touch with your loved ones and family.  An entire family can easily go evenings without hardly speaking because mom is busy cooking and cleaning, kids are busy with homework and technology like TV and smartphones are taking up the rest of the time.  A family game night is just what you need to stay in touch with one another, have some fun and to give everyone a break from technology.  But it’s quite hard to get everyone interested in game nights since smartphones and Xbox has such fun games these days.  It will take some time before everyone starts having fun and it will take a bit of endurance and a few rules before your fun family nights becomes an enjoyed habit.

How to Plan the Perfect Family Game Night

Look for some new fun board games to try

Fun party games are but no one likes to play the same thing every single time.  You should stock up on some board games so you can alternate regularly and you should get something new every now and then if you are planning on making family game nights a permanent thing. Here are some of the best games that you can have a look at;

Pie Face – Pie face is a hilarious game if you have a bit of a sense of humor.  The game is a lot like roulette.  You spin a spinner to see how many turns you have to give the pie smasher and risk it out because you can get a pie in the face with each spin.

Uno – The Uno game has been popular since 1971 and still captivates families without taking up any space in your home.

Ticket to Ride – This fun game is loved by people with a passion for travels.  It is inspired by the story ‘Around the world in 80 days’.

Stock up on snacks & drinks

No one likes to cook on a family game night so save up some cash for some takeaways and stock up on some yummy snacks and drinks.  Everyone will love your family game nights so much more when they have something yummy to chew on and might not even miss their techno devices.

Kill the TV

The TV can easily distract some of the players from the game.  Switch off the TV so everyone can remain focused and so everyone can communicate with one another more effectively.

Ban smartphones

Smartphones are a constant distraction. There is always some notification that captures your attention.  A message from friends or on chat groups needs to be answered frequently, games require you to play frequently and apps are always in need of some update.  Ban smartphones or ask everyone to try to limit time on phones as much as possible.

Play happy music

Good music creates a good vibe for everyone but tastes can differ a lot when it comes to music so try to get everyone involved when selecting the playlist so no one will be annoyed by songs that play.

How You Can Raise A Socially Aware Child

There are a lot of parents who make their children feel that the universe revolves around them. Are you guilty of doing this? You may treat your child like he is the only person in the world. All the things that he does are praised and whenever there is something wrong, you always do something in order to save him.

Your child may begin to think that he is perfect and that no one else will be good enough for him. He might start looking at other children in a different manner. He may become overly critical of the differences of other people from him. He will begin to think that he is always right. You do not want your child to grow up like this.

How You Can Raise A Socially Aware Child

As a person, you may consider yourself to be socially aware. You are aware of the things that Foundation for Defense of Democracies can do. You have always been updated with the news and the things that are happening around the world. As much as possible, you would like to support all the organizations that promote peace. How sure are you that your child will grow up being concerned about the world as well?

Remember that your child’s understanding of the world will depend on what you say. Of course, your children will pick a few things from social media, from the shows that he will watch and the things that he and his friends will talk about but most of the things that he will learn, he will learn from you. It is your goal to raise a socially aware child.

  1. Tell your child stories and ask your child what he has learned based on the things that you read to him. If he does not understand what the story is about, you have to explain to him in simple terms how the story came about. The more that your child realizes the lessons of the stories that you tell him, the more that he will understand life in general.
  2. Try to learn more about other languages. Your child should understand that there are different nationalities and cultures in this world but we all belong to one human race. In order to understand more about other people, it is best to study the common words of other languages. Learning how to say hello in other languages can be a fun activity for your child.
  3. Get to learn more about the different cultures and events from different parts of the world. Your child may not understand why some of his classmates celebrate different traditions and events from the one that he is used to celebrating. You have to explain that everyone may believe in different things but these differences give variety to the world.

You have to let your child be aware of the similarities and differences between cultures. You may want to dress up with your children at times. It can be a game to them but for you, it will be your way of telling your children that everything is okay.

Things that makes mom’s life a little easier

Moms have a lot to take care of on a daily basis which means that there should be a few things that can be added to their daily lives to make things just a little bit easier. With work, children, home duties and other demands there is no reason why moms shouldn’t indulge in little life hacks that will make all the difference. Here are a few steps to take to make sure you do what needs to be done without leaving anything out.

De-clutter your life

The first step is to get rid of the junk and start afresh. It is not a secret that we all sometimes gather to many things in our lifetime and unfortunately these dust collectors pile up. Take time to go through one room at a time in your home and make the decision of what should stay and what should go. Ask yourself if you have used the item in the last 3 months. Read more about de-cluttering and getting rid of junk around the house for some inspiration to get started.

Keep a planner

It is important to plan your daily duties. Make sure that you are prepared for your daily tasks and plan accordingly. Keeping a planner might seem old school to most but it is still a surefire method to make sure everything gets done. As moms it is so easy to forget something and that can sometimes be our downfall and cause great disruption. Whether you plan your day in a traditional planner or organizer or you download an app that allows you to schedule tasks it will make your life easier.

Trash or Recycle?

Keep a trash and recycle bin to make taking out the trash a walk in the park. This is you doing your part for the environment and also keeps your trash sorted accordingly. Read more about the importance of recycling here.

Things that makes mom’s life a little easier

Hitch a ride

Make use of Uber to get to where you need to go. Cars break down and public transport is sometimes a nightmare. Take a look at uber code (“código promocional uber” in Portuguese) to learn more about this fantastic method of transport. It is cost efficient and effective and a great and safe way for moms to travel.

One day for cleaning

Select one day per week to do cleaning. With a family and more than one household member you will drive yourself insane when trying to keep up with cleaning. Do the necessary things like filling the dishwasher and giving the floor a sweep now and then but do your detailed cleaning on a dedicated day every week.

Rotate food

This is a great bit of advice and will help you to not waste any food. If you buy groceries it is a great idea to rotate the food that you have in your cupboards and freezer. This will allow you to keep stock on what needs to be prepared first and which expiry dates to watch.

How to Take Care of Your Sick Child

As a mom, don’t you constantly wish your baby could tell you what was wrong? While your toddler might not be able to put how he feels or his symptoms into words, as a mother you can pretty much realize the signs of illness. Furthermore, you can determine how to react to them as well as how they can be prevented in the future.

How to Take Care of Your Sick Child

Check for a fever. Fever in children can be caused by a number of things, from a cold or viral disease, a response to an immunization, or seldom a serious disease, for example, meningitis. Despite the cause, a fever in an extremely young child is something that ought not be neglected. “In newborn children, under 3 months of age, we stress most over fever,” says pediatrician Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson. “When we see fever in a youthful baby, it can proclaim a serious contamination.” If the fever is more than 100.4 degrees, and your kid is under 3 months old, take your kid to the pediatrician immediately.

But also, don’t fear a fever. Fevers can bother, however don’t form a hasty opinion. You’re not really managing a medicinal crisis in kids more than 3 months old. “Any temp more than 100 degrees, under 3 months of age, needs a dire visit. After that, guardians ought to take temps in children older than that when they are suspicious. In the event that they have a hotter temperature than typical, say 100 degrees, they might hint at a little contamination. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they are generally well, fun loving, eating admirably and agreeable, there is no compelling reason to go after acetaminophen.” Instead, simply screen how your youngster’s doing. He’ll probably heal on his own. In case your older child complains about something like pain in left side that won’t go away, search about it and follow remedies accordingly.

Treat colds. You presumably get a couple of terrible colds amid the chilly climate months, and your little one likely will, as well. In babies more than 6 months and older than that, colds and bodily fluid and hacks are an ordinary part of the winter. Most kids have between six to 10 colds during school season.

That may seem like a lot to do, yet you can facilitate the impacts of cool side effects. Simply arm yourself with the right devices. “Things to have available for babies with cold: globule suction to clear bodily fluid; humidifier for the room; and tolerance! A few infants will have rest disturbance when they are battling off a cold flu or fever. They cough more during the evening when resting, and it disturbs their routine as well. Regularly, most runny-nose and cough diseases in newborn children and kids ought to determine in seven to 10 days.” But in the event that the infection hasn’t run its course in around a week, that is the point at which you ought to check in with the doc.

Use over-the-counter meds carefully. Before you go after any over-the-counter-meds, be to a great degree cautious of sort and dosage, particularly with babies. We don’t suggest any cough or cold prescriptions for youngsters under 6 years old, as there basically isn’t information that they benefit any to help kids recouping from gentle upper-respiratory diseases. Tylenol is fine, however frequently the cold and cough meds over the counter have a blend of pharmaceuticals, and families get exceptionally mistook for what they are dosing and how and when to utilize it.” Bottom line: Always be careful, and check a dosing diagram before using any drug.

Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

It is always ideal to keep your baby with you for at least the first year, especially if your little one is breastfeeding.  A lot of moms work from home to accommodate their tiny babies so they can have the best possible care. But caring for your little one while you try to earn a living from home is quite tough.  Babies can take a lot of time.  I mean seriously a lot of time.  They are constantly changing their daily habits.  During growth spurts they will mostly sleep an only wake for feeding.  Other times they will want to drink every two hours and can be cranky and moody for a great deal of the day which gives you almost no time to get anything else done.  A baby swing can help you survive difficult days much easier so you can still be profitable while nursing your little one.

Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

Great for babies with colic

Colic babies are tough… Colic is still one of the biggest medical mysteries when it comes to babies.  A colic baby can cry for hours on end even though they are fed, dry and healthy.  There is no real medical reason why they cry and the medications for colic is often does very little to calm them down.  Colic babies love to be rocked.  The motion helps them deal with craps and pain and soothes them during these though times and this is exactly where a baby swing can help moms out.  You cannot rock your baby all the time.  If you do you will never get any sleep and you will certainly never get any work done.  An automatic baby swing will rock your baby for you so he or she will be relieved of pain.

You can work while your little one gets rocked

The baby swings are fantastic for getting work done.  You can move it close to your desk where you can still keep an eye on your baby and so your little one won’t feel alone.  The swing will rock your baby while you get some work done.

Sleep while the swing soothes baby

Babies love to be rocked and they sleep a lot better when they are rocked.  If your little one is extremely fussy during night or naptime you can use the baby swing to soothe them to sleep.

Get the best baby swings here

Baby Swing Centre offers reviews on all of the best baby swings on the market.  You can have a look at some basic manual swings or you can read up all about the electrically powered swings that automatically rocks your baby for you.

Remember to alternate

Babies needs frequent rotation, stimulation and alteration.  You cannot leave your baby in a baby swing all the time.  Their heads will grow flat on the back and their development will slow down since they aren’t getting enough tummy time and aren’t able to move around enough.  You should alternate between the baby swing, a play mat, stroller, cot and personal contact frequently.

Some Tips for Mom to Improve Work – Life Balance

You are a mom and you know that this should always come first but there are times when deadlines are just hard to ignore. You have to do well at work in order to keep your job but you do not want to disappoint your family too. It can be hard to become a mom but you know that you can always do things well if you would try.

What is the first thing that you reach for in the morning? Most moms would say that they reach for their cold brew coffee or at least certain beverages that will make them perky to jump start their day. After you already have your beverage, you know that you need to do a lot more. You can start preparing the lunch of your children and even your partner. Plus, you have to double check if the presentation that you have created the night before is flawless and is ready to be presented to different people.

Some Tips for Mom to Improve Work - Life Balance

To improve your work life balance, here are a few tips:

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty

You may sometimes dwell on how you always do not have time for your children because you have to focus on work and the things you have to do around your home. You are working for your children and as long as you would let them understand this and also find time to have dates with them every now and then, they will end up understanding what you have to do.

  1. Try to Improve Mornings

The main reason why you are having a hard time balancing everything in the morning is because you put off the things that could have been done the night before. You can create a routine that will be easier not only for you but your whole family to get up and prepare on weekdays.

  1. Schedule Family Trips

Take a look at your calendar and plan your trips in advance. This is only applicable if you know that your job will not require you to make sudden changes to your schedule because you do not want to end up disappointing the rest of your family because you suddenly cannot push through with the trip. Also, it is best to have a day – usually Sunday, wherein you can just spend your time with your loved ones and forget about work for a while.

  1. Be Open About Talking with Your Employer

A lot of employers actually understand what you are going through. All you have to do is tell them so that they can create a schedule that is more flexible for you. Remember that you are also allowed to ask questions (and do not be afraid to ask them) so that you will know all the proper details about your work and your work schedule.

  1. Connect with Family During the Day

You may be busy with work but there is no reason for you to call home when you know that your children will already be there. Do not forget to talk to your partner too because communication is always vital in all relationships.

Do not forget to create moments for yourself too, busy mom. Your life may revolve around different things but you also have to make sure that you are pampered and love because you always deserve it.

Home Gyms Moms will Love

Moms have the hardest jobs on the planet. We heard someone claiming that their daughter “didn’t work.” The person was insinuating that being a stay at home mom is akin to being unemployed sipping lattes and playing bridge. It was kind of infuriating because moms have such thankless jobs.

In fact, the work they do is so expansive it has the ability to put them in a position in which they are not even capable of receiving the salaries they deserve for all the work they do. So, if they are going to be home with the kids, they should at least have a home gym they will love. After all, no one wants to pay for a babysitter just so moms can take care of their own bodies.

Home Gyms Moms will Love

Best Equipment for Mom’s Home Gym

Surely you have been to a traditional gym. Yes, they definitely have the best treadmills and other equipment. In fact, they probably have some really great workout products that you wish you could take home with you. This is why you are considering creating your own home gym. Plus, you probably don’t want to shell out the fees necessary to spend time in their facility.

So, if you are really gearing up to design your own home gym you are probably wondering which equipment is best for you. Obviously the size of the space you can allocate for your home gym will have significant bearing on what kind of gear you can utilize. However, since we can’t give you a personalized design, we will simply provide you with a list of great equipment to consider incorporating into your gym. Then you can get those pieces that best work for you. Here are our suggestions:

  • Free Standing Punching Bag- There are a number of makers out there, but this piece tops our list. We think that having the ability to beat the snot out of something that can’t fight back is probably a great bit of therapy for stay at home moms who are often snubbed and devalued.
  • Adjustable Dumbbells– These are actually pretty nifty because they allow you to conserve space while still being able to regularly adjust the weight you are curling. Space saving and adjustable works well for us. Learn more.
  • Jump Rope- Yes, it is a pretty old school idea, but you can really get some great cardiac workouts with this simple tool. Besides, if you get some for your kids you can workout together, and that will make staying in shape a little bit more enjoyable for all.
  • Core Training Wheels– Sure, you might think that doing planks is a great place to start, and no doubt it is a good idea, but there are other, more entertaining options as well. These wheels will help you tone up that abdomen that seems to be a perpetual problem for those of us whom have had children. Read more.
  • Treadmill- This is the largest item on the list so we have saved it for last. There really is no better way to burn large amounts of calories than on a treadmill. You can walk away those chocolate chip pancakes you made for the kids while you watch Curious George with them.

Working out can seem like the hardest thing to make time for, but as a mom, it is in your best interest to stay in tip top shape. You never know when you’ll need to punch somebody for the sake of your children. And, if that’s the case, you might want to read this about using self-defense as a means of getting in shape.

Moms Should Try Essential Oil Diffusers for Ultimate Home Tranquility

Have you ever wished that there was something that you could do to calm your kids around the house?  As a mom you know the importance of playing with your kids and you know how important it is for them to be happy, energetic and full of life.  But dealing with a bouncy toddler can be quite draining when you are already dead tired from a long day at work.   You are constantly running around and picking up after your young wildling and that is just the easy part.  You have to keep your toddler from injuries while he or she bounces, climbs, runs, creams and crawls around you as you try to cook dinner, clean and get things ready for the next day. It is so easy to lose your cool and scream at that innocent little face when all he or she wanted to do was express happiness of being with mom after missing her so much.  Essential oil diffusers might just be the answer you have been looking for if you need to get everyone to calm down during buzzing evenings.

Moms Should Try Essential Oil Diffusers for Ultimate Home Tranquility

What are essential oil diffusers?

The best essential oil diffusers are available at most online stores.  These diffusers or vaporizers function by evaporating water and essential oils into the air.  By evaporating the essential oils and water into your home you create a more humid environment which is great for promoting health and the essential oils do all kinds of magic inside your home.

What essential oil diffusers do for your home?

The essential oils that get evaporated into your home give your home an overall wonderful and fresh scent that isn’t overly strong.  The humidification of water also prevents bacterial threats and kills off mosquitoes.

What essential oil diffusers do for you and your kids?

Now here is the real benefit to moms.  The essential oils have a calming effect on people and reduce stress and anxiety.  That means you will be calmer when dealing with difficult kids and your tiny children will also be more relaxed when coming home from a crazy day at school or pre-school.  The essential oils and humidification also improves health since the humidified air helps combat skin conditions, allergies and asthma.  The essential oils helps everyone sleep better and stimulates the cerebral activity at the same time which is great for boosting your children’s overall performance when it comes to learning.

Find out more about diffusers

On you will find a long list of all of the top quality diffusers that are currently on the market as well as other information on how these diffusers can make your home life so much better.  The website is loaded with reviews on all of the best diffusers and you can find out all about their functionality, how to use them, their durability, and price and where to shop them online.  You can view all of the terrific diffusers and makes with their unique designs to find the perfect looking diffuser for your home.

Things You Should Have Before Attempting Potty Training

Getting your tot off the diapers is one of the first big challenges that every mother will face.  Some kids are born with a natural potty savvy while others have quite a hard time at potty training.  Most people will tell you to wait until your child show potty ready signs but what most people don’t realize is that the one that really needs to be ready for this big step is the mom.  You have to be determined well before getting started.  Stopping half way between training sessions will only confuse your child and end in disaster.  Before you know it you are looking at temper tantrums at the very mention of a potty and your tot refuses to potty no matter what you do.  If you start – you have to pull through, especially if your child is showing some interest.  It is important to have all the potty goodies you will need for this big step so you won’t be putting your child on halt and confuse him or her in the process.

Things You Should Have Before Attempting Potty Training

Get the right potty seat

Potty seats are way more important than you might think.  Toddlers have a hard time to sit down slowly and can easily get hurt when the potty has steep edges or isn’t sturdy enough.  The potty also has to be easy to clean and easy to move around because your child is way too young to make it all the way to the bathroom on time.  If you want the best results then you should dig a little deeper and find the Best Potty Training Seat for flexibility and stability.

Training pants not pull ups

Nappy pull ups are terrific for keeping your child and your vehicle mess free when on the go but they still have the same effect as nappies which means your child won’t learn while wearing them.  You should invest in a few sets of training pants so your child can feel the accidents and learn from them.

Cleanup kit

Put together a good cleanup kit for at home and for on the go and learn how to clean urine from carpets and more.  At home you can get a mop and bucket ready and perhaps even encourage your child to do his or her own cleaning but on the go you will need some wet wipes, paper towels and a spare set of clothing.

Keep them busy while on the potty

Get a few fun books or quiet time activities that they can enjoy while you encourage them to sit down on the potty for a while.  You should get quite a lot of different activities such as books, toys, electronic gadgets and more or your child will get bored and annoyed.

Some fun potty rewards

Every good deed deserves a reward.  You should stock up on some fun rewards such as stickers, small toys and even sweet treats.  If your child absolutely loves doing something then you can also use that activity as a reward system to encourage them to enjoy potty training more.