Real Estate Investing for Moms

Moms have the hardest job on the planet and that is not an exaggeration. If you are one, you know the truth of the matter. They are underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. There is no time off when you are a mom. And, trying to make time for your financial dreams can be a struggle. That is why we would like to suggest real estate investing for moms.

If you have been doing any real estate searching you has probably found the acreage for sale in Mission, BC. Shook Rd seems to be an up and coming location with plots ranging from the low $50s into the $100,000 range. Keep scanning and you will find the considerably more expensive pieces of property available in that area. Sakwi Creek Road could prove to be an interesting prospect as well.

But, maybe you aren’t certain about shelling out money for real estate you don’t reside on. That’s ok, we are going to discuss the value of investing in real estate now.

Real Estate Investing for Moms

Why Moms Should Invest in Real Estate

While this is a great venture for moms, there are still relatively few women daring to take that leap. We are all so fiscally responsible, the risk involved in property flipping has us holding on tight to every dollar instead. But, here are some great reasons to reconsider your stance on the real estate market:

  • Tax Benefits– We knows you want to save money so we put this at the top of our list. Self-employment tax isn’t allowed to get its grubby hands on your rental cash flow. So you’ll pay less tax on it than you would your Etsy business if they made the same amount of money (and chances are they won’t; Etsy isn’t making you wealthy). You can look into the legalities of depreciation as well. Read some of the real estate tax laws.
  • Appreciation– While there’s no tried and true statistic about the rate at which your real estate investments will appreciate, the fact is, they do tend to do so. Your net worth increases with each property, and that’s on top of the cash flow you are making out of the rentals.
  • Flexible Business– You is a mom. We understand. Kids need your attention, you have to be home for dinner, homework, and bath time. We get it. So does the real estate investment market. You make your own schedule to fit the needs of your family. How many other positions can offer you that type of flexibility?
  • Cash Flow– We has saved the best for last because we know that moms are almost perpetually strapped for money. Inevitably, someone needs something for a school project or field trip. The profits that you can make off your tenants will alleviate all the other financial strain you have been feeling. Besides, this is passive income. You buy the house, rent it out, and start cashing the checks. It’s really almost that simple. Learn more about managing rental property.

Of course, we didn’t touch on the negative sides of real estate investing. We advise you to do all your research before putting your money into this endeavor. There are certainly things, nightmarish things that can go wrong whenever you choose to become a landlord.

However, your clientele will match the level of the homes you keep, so be wise when choosing which homes to buy. Always investigate the area and the standard of living. Cheap houses are usually located in cheap areas. Learn more about real estate investing here.