Remembering the Little Things

At BuyByMom we provide you with great insight about the best ways to save money and make smart purchases. However, one of the coolest things about being a mom, are the kids that give us that title. So, remembering the little things, like when they were little, should be just as important as finding the best car seat, swing set, or clothing manufacturer. Actually, it should be far more important than that. This is why we want to offer you some guidance in that arena.

Remembering the Little Things

First and foremost, you should consider newborn & baby photography. Professional photographers offer you the ability to get away from the digitized version that so many of us utilize to our own detriment. Though we are probably raising the most photographed generation in all of history, very few of them will actually have tangible prints of these images. Professional photographers offer you that potential family heirloom. So, be sure to hire a professional photographer for your child’s newborn or baby photos. Then move on down our list for remembering the little things.

Capturing the Memory

Obviously, we all know that we can capture those special moments on our cell phones and the cameras therein. We can also use a real camera, whether it be a DSLR or point and shoot. However, there are a couple of other options that aren’t used as readily, but should be considered nonetheless, when it comes to capturing the memory:

  • Video– Yes, you can do that on your phone as well, but a video camera will allow you to record
  • Higher quality videos with better sound. If you can’t afford that, look into getting an inexpensive webcam. Read this.
  • Audio- You know you love the sounds your baby makes. You enjoy every giggle and coo, but did you ever think to record those precious noises? Get a digital voice recorder, or use your phone. You can record at different stages of development to create memories of the growth process.

Sharing the Memories

We all have the joy of mobile devices and with them comes the beauty of apps that allow us to share important thoughts, messages, and memories with people that we care about. There are three exceptionally great ways to share all the memories you are making with your child:

  1. Digital baby book– Recall the record books your parents made for you. Now think about that in a digitized format. There are some great baby book apps available to you: Shuttersong, Bambio, Lifecake, and TinyBeans, just to name a few. Learn more.
  2. Blog- Just about everybody has a blog these days. You can record the special moments of each day by blogging about them. It’s just an online form of journaling after all. And, it might be easier to sit and type while holding a sleeping baby, than it is to pull out the pen and paper.
  3. Home movies– They have not gone the way of the dinosaur just yet. There are a number of movie-making apps that will allow you to put video clips, still photos, audio recordings, and music together to make interesting home movies. Look at PicPlayPost, Magisto, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker.

If you would like to learn more about the ways you can remember the little things, be sure to read the article found at this link. Otherwise, get busy making memories.