Reverse Female Baldness with a Hair Transplant

When you become a mother a lot of things changes in your life.  Your entire focus shifts to caring for your children.  You are a lot less attentive to your looks since shopping for the new baby is much more fun than shopping for yourself and you have far less time for personal appearances, makeup, grooming, fancy clothing and such.   On some days you may not even have a care in the world as to what you look like.  But even the most casual and unfashionable of moms want a good hairdo.  Great looking hair makes you feel great, and look great even if you are dressed in the plainest of outfits.  Female baldness is devastating to women. Even those who never had a care in the world for fashion feel devastated when they realize that their hair is falling out.  A bald head can affect your confidentiality, your mental health and can keep you from enjoying your life when you feel too shy to leave your home.

Reverse Female Baldness with a Hair Transplant

Causes of female baldness

There might be a lot of reasons for your hair to be thinning and hair loss in women is more common than you might think.  Your hair loss could be due to genetics, a reaction to chemicals in hair products and dyes, it could be due to an illness or it could be due to medication.

How to treat female baldness

The first step towards treating female baldness is finding out what is causing the baldness.  If your hair loss is due to a product, an illness or medication then you should be able to restore the damage by simply discontinuing the treatment or medication or by getting the right treatment for the condition. If your hair loss is due to female pattern baldness then you could try hair loss shampoos and supplements although these are hardly ever effective.  One of the best ways to get beautiful hair is to get a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are one of the best and most effective hair restoration methods currently on the market.  Hair transplants involves  the harvesting of healthy hair follicles on your scalp and relocating these hair follicles to areas where you are experiencing the most hair loss which is all over the head for females with pattern baldness.  The hair transplanting procedure can take 5-6 hours and is usually done in a clinic or medical center. Once the hair transplant is done you can expect regrowth of hair within 4 – 6 months.

Is it worth it?

A hair transplant procedure may seem a bit expensive to a mother who has responsibilities.  But as a mom you also deserve to look and feel great.  When you look great and feel great you are a lot more confident and a lot more willing to explore, visit friends and family and to go out into the world and have fun with your kids without feeling shy or embarrassed about your looks.