Search Engine Optimization for Mom Bloggers

So, you’ve finally decided to work from home to have much more available time for your family and yourself, just like what 53 million people out there did. And now, you’ve also got your own blog, which let’s say, already has several posts. However, the problem is, your blog is not yet receiving any traffic; and since you’re new in the industry, you have no idea how to get people visit your site. That where search engine optimization comes in.

Search Engine Optimization

But what is search engine optimization?

Simply put, search engine optimization, or SEO, as an attempt to increase your ranking on search engine results page (SERP) by using different online techniques. While SEO is a deep and complex topic with contradicting ideas, not to mention that it’s constantly changing, there are a few basic things that you can do as a beginner to improve the visibility of your blog. Read on to find out…


In terms of SEO, keywords are one of the most important tools that bloggers and website owners always consider. These are words or phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for online. For instance, when you’re looking for a blender, what do you type in the Google search bar? If you were to ask me, I’d type “the best blender 2015” or “how to find the right blender.” Those are keywords.

When you’re writing a post, it’s important to incorporate relevant keywords that you believe people will use when they search for topics that you’re covering. You can use Google Adwords or other online keyword tools to help you find relevant keywords for your posts. Remember that it’s pointless to add keyword phrases to your blog when search engines tell you that no one searches for those terms. Also, keep in mind that adding too many keywords is not a good thing.


As a blogger, you might love writing catchy titles to hook online users; but remember that when it comes to ranking, writing intriguing titles doesn’t usually help. Same as with your posts, the title of your blog and title of each post must contain relevant keywords, which people would most likely use when they’re searching online.

For instance, in this post, I’ve used “Search Engine Optimization for Mom Bloggers” as a title, so any mom who is looking for basic SEO or SEO for moms will type the words that I used on search engines, which increases my chance to get found.

Link Building

Aside from keywords, links are one of the biggest factors that affect your ranking on SERPs. Generally, the more good quality links you have, the higher your ranking on search engines is. There are many ways to building links, including guest blogging, reciprocal linking, submitting to directories, and social media marketing.

So there you have it! Of course, improving your website ranking doesn’t end by accomplishing those task mentioned. Remember that SEO is a tricky business. Even if you have the right keywords, but your content is not that relevant to your audience, it is very unlikely that you’ll rank on search results. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines also want content that is high-quality and relevant to the audience. So keep on writing relevant posts and updating them regularly, in addition to building your links and adding keywords. It’s also a great idea to ask for the help of SEO Bristol professionals when things get complicated, or you think you don’t have the time to manage your own SEO.

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