Single moms rule

Today it isn’t strange or out of the ordinary anymore for moms to raise kids as single parents. It isn’t frowned upon.  Growing up with a single mom gave me the opportunity to experience so many advantages and learn so much about life and being independent. There were the times that I had to deal with the frustration of explaining to friends where my dad was but they were few and far between. My mom worked hard to provide us with the best possible life and really took the time to out of her busy schedule to teach us about money, responsibility and chores. We all had errands to do which luckily enabled me to be quite efficient around the house and in the kitchen. Click here for statistics of single parent homes.

Vegan Pasta

When I was 21 I decided to go vegan. I watched a couple of online videos and felt that it was the humane thing to do. Mom didn’t really agree with my decision but was supportive as usual. I remember inviting her for dinner the one night and made a delicious tofu and vegan pasta. I don’t think she was really fond of the tofu but she still smiled and ate every last bit. I don’t think I would have turned out to be the strong individual that I am today if I weren’t raised by my single mom. For interest sake I did decide to look up some benefits of being raised by a single parent. Read someone else’s opinion here. It is quite interesting and almost shocking to see how many children are raised by single parents nowadays. Mom’s working hard and independently raising their children isn’t a thing of shame anymore but rather a respected thing and people now look up to single moms. That is of course how it should be.

The greatest benefit of being raised by a single parent is most definitely the fact that there was no time or money to grow up spoilt. Don’t get me wrong, love was ever present and my mom, my sister and I lived a fantastic and fun filled life together. I just never had the time to take my life and everything in it for granted. I had a lot of friends that grew up spoilt and got everything they wanted from their parents because obviously money wasn’t a problem. They never really had the benefit and gratitude that comes with working for your own rewards and appreciating it so much more.

In conclusion being raised by a single mom was the best influence in my life and yes, it would have been pretty cool to have a dad around to beat up the boys that broke my heart but did I want or need for anything without a dad? No, I didn’t, I loved every minute and I still do. The only difference is now I take care of mom and I am happy to do it, as a single mom she deserves the best I can offer.