Tricking Out the New Baby’s Nursery

We like to keep it real on this site. Therefore, we won’t tell you to buy thing that you don’t need. We want you to be able to have the best stuff at the best prices. So, when it comes to tricking out the new baby’s nursery, we won’t suggest you get the most expensive bedroom set, or the Pottery Barn bedding (unless you can get it second hand).

Not everything needs to be new. In fact, there are a lot of things you can get for the new baby’s nursery that will allow him/her to be the newest entity in the room. When it is necessary to purchase something brand new we will certainly advise that. But, if we can save you some money, we are going to do that as well.

Tricking Out the New Baby’s Nursery

The 7 Most Important Items for the Nursery

We are choosing to include the 7 most important items for the nursery because we don’t want you to be overwhelmed. New moms have a lot on their plates already. And, we don’t want you to overcrowd the nursery. The items on this list are quite important though, so don’t neglect to add them to the room:

  1. Crib- Obviously you need somewhere for the new wee one to sleep. Of course, you will probably do some co-sleeping, especially if you are breastfeeding (which we recommend). You don’t have to purchase your crib brand new. Getting a used one is completely acceptable. Just make sure you look up the recalls to keep your baby safe.
  2. Bedding- You can’t let your new little love sleep on a bare mattress. So, you will definitely need to get some bedding. But, this can also be purchased second hand from places like Once Upon a Child or Sprouts Consignment (check them out here).
  3. Diaper Pail- Unless you want the place to constantly smell of dirty diapers, you will definitely want to include one of these. This is an item that you should buy new, unless you want to smell someone else’s kids’ dirty diapers. If you need help picking the best diaper pail, the attached link will certainly benefit you.
  4. Changing Table– Some people might forego this item but if you want your back to be less problematic, don’t do it. You don’t need a new one, just a sturdy one. Diaper changing is considerably easier with this addition to the nursery.
  5. Rocking Chair- You will want one of these, and the older more well-loved, the better. This means look for a cool and comfortable rocking chair in a thrift store. We found one for $10 in a Goodwill and used it for two out of the three kids.
  6. Nightlight- Even if the baby hasn’t developed a fear of the dark just yet, you will want the nightlight. This way you can check in on your wee one while he/she sleeps. And, it makes for a great diaper changing light without having to light up the whole room.
  7. Dresser- You are going to need a place to store all those super cute outfits from friends and family. And, if you are smart about it, you can get one cheap (or even free) and then paint it yourself to match your décor.

If you need additional suggestions for the nursery, feel free to read this.

Best Buys for New Moms

New moms are so cute. They have no idea what they are doing. Unless we older moms show them, they won’t know the difference between a useful investment and one that’s just eating up their already limited funds. On this site we strive to provide moms with great buying suggestions. Therefore, we would like to impart to you the best buys for new moms.

Before we start our list though, there is one thing you must purchase above all else. That is a baby carrier. Your baby has enjoyed the residence within your body for roughly 10 months. That means the new real world will be a shocking experience. You want to create the least amount of shell shock. So do your research and learn about the baby carriers that will best suit your wee one’s needs. But do not neglect to make that purchase.

Best Buys for New Moms

5 Necessary Items for New Moms

You have been gifted, new mom, with a precious commodity. Babies are completely dependent upon you and therefore, you should ensure that the money you spend on their well-being is worthwhile. Kids cost a lot of money so there is no reason to waste it when they first arrive in your arms. Here are 5 necessary items for new moms:

  1. Crib and mattress– Please do your research before purchasing or accepting a crib. There are some that have been deemed completely unsafe for your wee ones. And, those bumpers everyone suggests you put around the inner edge are really just an extra non-necessary expenditure (they might actually be dangerous).
  2. Diaper bag– This will be an essential inclusion to your wardrobe. Do not skimp on the diaper bag. Get one with lots of pockets for the various creams, medicines, and snacks you will carry on your person for the next year (at least) and make sure that there is plenty of room for multiple changes of clothes (for the baby and maybe even a few shirts for you) as well as diapers, wipes, bibs and burp cloths. Check these
  3. Stroller- Here’s the thing about strollers, they have to fit two things, your lifestyle and your car. If you are driving a smart car (which is kind of stupid with a baby) then you will have to settle for an umbrella stroller. However, if you’ve got a decent storage space in your vehicle, we recommend a stroller with all terrain wheels and a sun shade. That way you can take your new little anywhere your heart desires and he/she can be comfortable at the same time.
  4. Car seat– Since we are talking about cars, it is important that you start out with a rear-facing seat for your baby. It’s the law so there’s no need to try to argue with us here. We understand that it makes it difficult to see your child, that’s why they created mirrors to attach to the headrest. If you want one that can stay with the baby for a while you should also look at the best convertible car seat on the market.
  5. Breast pump– We’re not going to lie, we recommend breast feeding your baby for the first year of his/her life. Research shows that breast milk is the best thing for your child (learn more). However, we understand that women are not always able to remain at home. Some of us have to go to work. Therefore, splurge on a really good breast pump (your insurance might actually cover this) so that your baby can still get the nutritional benefits only a mother’s body can provide.

If you are stressing out about being a new mom, this site has some additional advice. It will all be great (even when it hurts).

Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

It is always ideal to keep your baby with you for at least the first year, especially if your little one is breastfeeding.  A lot of moms work from home to accommodate their tiny babies so they can have the best possible care. But caring for your little one while you try to earn a living from home is quite tough.  Babies can take a lot of time.  I mean seriously a lot of time.  They are constantly changing their daily habits.  During growth spurts they will mostly sleep an only wake for feeding.  Other times they will want to drink every two hours and can be cranky and moody for a great deal of the day which gives you almost no time to get anything else done.  A baby swing can help you survive difficult days much easier so you can still be profitable while nursing your little one.

Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

Great for babies with colic

Colic babies are tough… Colic is still one of the biggest medical mysteries when it comes to babies.  A colic baby can cry for hours on end even though they are fed, dry and healthy.  There is no real medical reason why they cry and the medications for colic is often does very little to calm them down.  Colic babies love to be rocked.  The motion helps them deal with craps and pain and soothes them during these though times and this is exactly where a baby swing can help moms out.  You cannot rock your baby all the time.  If you do you will never get any sleep and you will certainly never get any work done.  An automatic baby swing will rock your baby for you so he or she will be relieved of pain.

You can work while your little one gets rocked

The baby swings are fantastic for getting work done.  You can move it close to your desk where you can still keep an eye on your baby and so your little one won’t feel alone.  The swing will rock your baby while you get some work done.

Sleep while the swing soothes baby

Babies love to be rocked and they sleep a lot better when they are rocked.  If your little one is extremely fussy during night or naptime you can use the baby swing to soothe them to sleep.

Get the best baby swings here

Baby Swing Centre offers reviews on all of the best baby swings on the market.  You can have a look at some basic manual swings or you can read up all about the electrically powered swings that automatically rocks your baby for you.

Remember to alternate

Babies needs frequent rotation, stimulation and alteration.  You cannot leave your baby in a baby swing all the time.  Their heads will grow flat on the back and their development will slow down since they aren’t getting enough tummy time and aren’t able to move around enough.  You should alternate between the baby swing, a play mat, stroller, cot and personal contact frequently.

How Moms Can Clean Carpets in a Baby-Safe Way

Your baby most likely sits, lies, rolls and crawls around on the carpets in your home. She/he likewise sticks toys in her mouth that have been on the carpet. Clearly, you need to keep your floor carpet clean to secure your child’s wellbeing. In any case, numerous commercial floor carpet cleaners contain brutal or dangerous chemicals that can be pretty much as destructive – if not all the more so – to your infant as the earth or germs that might live in the filaments of the carpet.

How Moms Can Clean Carpets in a Baby-Safe Way

Essential Cleanliness

Minimize the lack of cleanliness of your floor carpets with essential preventive and care measures. Place doormats outside doors to your home so everybody can wipe their feet as opposed to bringing soil with their feet, garbage and other undesirable stuff onto your floor carpets. In the event that you. Then again, make everybody remove their shoes after entering. Vacuum the carpets at any rate twice every week, as well. This guarantees there aren’t any little risky bits your child may experience, that no soil gets ground into the floor carpet and that you’re controlling dust, dust bugs and different aggravations. Consider purchasing a strong vacuum that is equipped with a HEPA filter.

Nontoxic Alternatives

For child safe floor carpet cleaning, use nonirritating, nontoxic options instead of synthetic chemicals. Try to soak up all fluid spills immediately by tenderly blotching with a paper towel or spongy material; don’t rub. Scratch off – don’t scrub – sticky or hard substances with flatware; solidify sticky stuff first with ice. At that point, blend 1 container warm water with 1/2 teaspoon fluid dish cleanser or blend 2/3 glass warm water with 1/3 glass white vinegar and voila! You have your very own natural homemade spot cleaning solution for your carpet that will not pose any harm to your baby’s health. Club soda removes a few stains, as well, including red wine. Sprinkle cornmeal, cornstarch or baking soda over oily stains. Keep your child away for six hours, then vacuum the spot. Baking soda additionally makes a perfect agent for deodorizing. Another successful alternative is steam cleaning with plain water or, for obstinate stains, 2 1/2 gallons of water blended with 1/some white vinegar.

Drying Carpet

To keep your floor carpet totally baby safe, there’s an extra worry on top of its cleanliness and the substances you use to clean it. Floor carpets that don’t dry proficiently are inclined to buildup, as well as fungal growth. At the point when wetting your carpet to clean it, open a few windows for natural air flow. Unless it’s a crisis, don’t wet-wash a floor carpet on humid days or when the climate denies opening a few windows for ventilation. In the event that you have a few fans, direct them over moist carpet. Obviously, make sure your child has no access to them.

Harder Measures

In the event that your home remedies simply aren’t getting your carpet clean, you may require extra assistance. Numerous floor carpet cleaning organizations offer child safe services. Ask with nearby suppliers and ensure you get the specifics on what makes them so child safe. There are a lot of options for carpet cleaning in escondido ca. Search your options and make your final decision accordingly.

5 Formula Feeding Tips for Moms with Babies

The top reasons mums say they swing to bottle feeding are not having enough breast milk, issues with connection, unsettled children and agony amid breastfeeding. Different reasons recipe might come into the mathematical statement are working courses of action and communicating turning out to be excessively troublesome.

It’s an extremely individual choice to decide to formula feed your baby, yet all mums do the absolute best they can. In the event that you will be putting forth equation, it’s critical to know how to go about it. This is what you have to know.

5 Formula Feeding Tips for Moms with Babies

  1. Try not to be swindled

With such a variety of recipes advancing such a large number of various advantages (from boosting insight and visual perception to having a wide range of additional vitamins and minerals), it can befuddle to work out which is best for your infant. The uplifting news is that you’re not choosing so as to bargain your buddy one brand over another. “There is little confirmation right now that extraordinary added substances found in a few recipes have any huge effect to children’s advancement over essential equations,” says Joy Anderson, a lactation advisor and certify honing dietitian with an uncommon enthusiasm for newborn child sustaining. All equations suitable from conception are alright to use for youngsters with no demonstrated sensitivities until 12 months, however “following six months, a ‘take after on’ variant has no specific focal points,” she includes. Check out these know how articles to learn more.

  1. Blend it up

Breast milk’s flavor can change as per what nourishments you’ve been eating, so there’s no reason your equation sustained buddy can’t encounter a touch of variety, as well. “You may jump at the chance to attempt diverse recipes, as everyone tastes somewhat distinctive,” says lactation advisor Shona Cassels, a mother of two who bottle-encouraged her first youngster and breastfed her second. “Your child may appreciate the assortment.”

  1. Get prepared

You’ll need somewhere around two and six substantial bottles made of glass or without BPA plastic, a few teats, which can be produced using clear silicone or caramel latex, a blade to level the powder and a jug brush to clean with. With regards to teat shape, don’t stress excessively. As per the National Health and Medical Research Council, “shape varieties have no specific points of interest unless the newborn children lean towards that shape”. Be guided by what your minimal one preference. While a few specialists don’t trust disinfection of bolstering hardware is important (outside of washing everything altogether, obviously), you might likewise need cleaning gear for the initial six months. Jugs can be disinfected for every utilization by bubbling or microwaving, utilizing an electric steam sterilizer, or with an uncommon antibacterial arrangement.

  1. Be calm

There are a couple of essential strides in warming up recipe for your little one. As indicated by World Health Organization rules, you can heat up the water (counting filtered water) in a pot, yet ensure it switches off or the water goes to a moving bubble before you utilize it. While it may not generally be pragmatic, the rules do say to leave the water to cool to no under 70˚C – that is no more than 30 minutes – in the wake of bubbling. Subsequent to blending in the powdered recipe, cool the food rapidly by holding the jug under faucet water or putting it in a compartment of frosty water.

  1. Try not to include additional items

Regardless of how frequently your close relative or relative lets you know how adding baby oat to a bottle may help pal stay asleep from sundown to sunset, don’t do it! “You would prefer not to be adding anything to recipe as it can change the constitution of the milk and your child can turn out to be entirely debilitated,” Dr Mansberg says. “Unless you’re coordinated to by your specialist, just precisely comply with the guidelines on the tin.” Some mums with refluxy infants might have known about thickeners you can add to recipe, yet Dr Mansberg prompts against these. “It’s ideal to utilize particular reflux recipes than to take the current equation and thicken it,” she says.

Baby carrier safety tips to always keep in mind

When you are a mom, you need to always be sure that your child is completely safe. Even if they have been placed in the baby carrier countless times, you need to check every time that everything is adequately secured and is in good working order. The last thing you want to happen is for your child to have an accident due to a problem with the baby carrier.

While a lot of the safety tips are common sense, there are other tips that are not well known unless they are learned. It is better to learn about them through this article rather than learning the hard way in practice. There are many different safety factors and features to keep in mind. Here are some tips that will help you to navigate the baby carriers in a safe and effective manner.

Baby carrier safety tips to always keep in mind

Make sure that you know the exact capabilities of the baby carrier

When it comes to baby carriers, you need to watch out for load requirements, such as the size and weight of the baby. All baby carriers will come equipped with these safety guidelines, and it is never a good idea to ignore them as it could potentially create a malfunction of the carrier, resulting in a serious accident. Most carriers will have specific directions on factors such as which way the baby should be facing and what type of carrying positions you can use.

Make sure that the baby is correctly positioned in the baby carrier

Always make sure that the baby is correctly positioned in the carrier, with their upper back being protected by the fabric body of the carrier. You need to always check that the buckles around the waste have been properly equipped and are secure. If you notice that your baby is moving around a lot and is able to stretch their legs out straight in front of them, that the carrier potentially is not positioned correctly. This could mean that the child is in fact too big or too small for the carrier, or maybe it has simply not been adjusted properly.

Always check the carrier for any vulnerabilities before every use

Overtime, wear and tear will occur on the baby carrier, just like it would on anything that receives a lot of use. Make sure that all of the seams and fabrics are in good conditions and there are no tears or vulnerabilities present in them. Ensure that all of the clipping and locking mechanism are working effectively.

Don’t take unnecessary risks

Some people think that a baby carrier is the replacement for a car seat. This is simply not the case and can be very dangerous. You should always ensure that you keep yourself and the baby out of reach from any potential dangerous objects and surfaces, such as cookers and kettles. Even when you are walking around and manoeuvring, make sure that you don’t make any sudden jerky movements that may cause damage to the carrier or instability in the baby.

The Top 5 Baby Strollers to Consider

There are so many strollers on the market. It can be difficult for moms to decide which strollers are the best for their needs. A great way to determine the best stroller is by reading best stroller reviews. These reviews give you a good indication on whether or not the stroller is a good investment to you and will give you an idea of which strollers are the best. The top 5 strollers currently on the market are;

The Top 5 Baby Strollers to Consider

The BOB Revolution Single Stroller

It is a perfect stroller for flexible moms who have a wide range of challenges on their schedule.

Benefits to mom – The stroller only weighs 25 pounds and simple to fold, which is a great bonus for moms who have to get the stroller in and out of the car frequently. It has a single front wheel that swivels for quick and easy turning so you can maneuver easily on even off road terrains. You can also add a car seat to the stroller or add a snack tray for your child.

Benefits for baby – The stroller has an adjustable canopy, 5 point harness and an adjustable reclining seat. The suspension has shock absorbers for a smoother ride.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

This stroller is great for moms who want a stroller that will help them stay fit and offers them great functionality.

Benefits to mom – The stroller is easy foldable, weighs only 27 pounds and has large wheels which will allow moms to go on and off or on road jog. The front wheel swivels for easy maneuverability in thick or rocky sand.

Benefits to baby – It has a 5 point harness, adjustable reclining seat, and an adjustable see through canopy so your baby can explore while you work out. The stroller includes a tray for easy baby feeding or bottle storing.

Britax B-Agle and B-Safe Travel System

If you like a safe and functional combo then this is the set for you.

Benefits to mom – The stroller weighs only 16.5 pounds and folds up extremely tiny for all your functional needs. The car seat also weighs only 9.8 pounds and has added safety features for vehicle rides and for easy assembly to the stroller.

Benefits to baby – Both stroller and car seat has a 5 point harness and is easy to assemble so you will not have to wake your baby when you are on the go. The stroller’s canopy is very large and the seat is adjustable.

Baby Trend Double Stroller

It’s a perfect solution for moms with twins or two tiny kids.

Benefits to moms – The stroller can take 2 infant car seats and the rear seat is removable so an older child can stand on the platform. The stroller weighs 32.5 pounds and folds down into a compact size.

Benefits for baby – Your older child will also be able to ride or stand along for the trip. The reclining seats are adjustable and both seats have a removable child tray.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

This twin stroller is great for mothers of twins who like to be flexible and active.

Benefits to mom – The stroller weighs 34 pounds and is easy foldable. The huge wheels and single front wheel allows for easy movability and freedom to move off road or go on a jog.

Benefits to baby – The canopies are waterproof and the reclining seat is adjustable. There are also large windows so you can keep an eye on both babies.