Host a Camping Party in Your Back Yard

A birthday is the one day when you can make your child feel super special and the best way to do this is by including your kid’s best friends in the fun.  You can break away from all the Frozen and water themes and be a bit different by hosting the perfect camping party in your back yard.  If you are too afraid to host the camping party outdoors then you can always start off smaller in your living room to test the grounds.

Get everyone to bring their own camping gear

Kids absolutely adore camping out in tents and the occasions to do this is becoming scarcer and scarcer.  To make the experience more unique you could request the parents to send their kids own sleeping sack, tent and camping gear such as flashlights and lanterns.  Reading the best backpack reviews will give you a good idea of an excellent quality backpack for your child that can contain all his or her camping gear.  A camping party is a fantastic way to prepare for the real thing, get your child excited about a real camping trip and to dust off and air all your old camping equipment.

Camping Party

Create easy to make snacks

If you are having a lot of little campers over then you should try and invest in easy to make meals and snacks that they can perhaps assemble themselves.  Hot dogs, burgers and BBQ meals are fantastic camper food ideas.  Getting your young campers to grill their own marshmallows can entertain them for hours.

Prepare some entertainment

Assembling the tents can keep everyone busy and entertained for quite a while but you should still have a few activities planned out for the evening to make it a truly exceptional party.  Google up some fun games to play and be ready to provide your campers with a few interesting camping and environment facts so they can learn while they play.

Gather ghost stories

What is a camping trip without a few ghost stories and adventurous tales?  Try and find some of the scariest tales or stock up on a few adventure books that you can read to your audience of campers late in the evening.  You could also involve some of the parents and give them a go at ghost story telling.

Decorate camp style

The fun part about camp parties is the fact that you can create most of the decorations yourself.  There are tons of tutorials that you can follow so you can create a beautiful atmosphere for your little campers.

Star gazing

If you’re all camping out in the open then star gazing should definitely be on your list of activities.  Study up on astronomy and make some fun printable for the kids so they can learn more about the universe and all the glorious planets and that are out there.  Buy or borrow a telescope so the kids can try and find all the famous star constellations.