Ensuring your Family pet is eating only the best

Your family pet is not just a safety asset to you and your kids. It can also be a great companion to you and a fantastic way to keep kids busy so you can have a break.   Dogs have a great way of sensing your emotions and know just when to come up to you for a good snuggle. They are also the one type of living creature that will not hold a grudge against you if you scold at them for being naughty. To ensure your wonderful pet has a long and healthy life, you need to feed them the best quality foods. Merrick grain free dog food is one of the best health choices you can make for your dog.

Why grain free dog food?

A lot of dogs are allergic to corn and wheat. Research done on a dog’s structure and history shows that too much grain in a dog’s diet can be unhealthy to a dog’s digestive system. Another reason to skip out on grain rich dog food is the fact that some low quality dog food brands will add too much grain to their food to reduce manufacturing costs.

Ensuring your Family pet is eating only the best

Why is Merrick such a great dog food brand?

A lot of special care went into the manufacturing of these grain-free food products. Merrick’s dog kibble and canned food have been specially formulated to help a dog’s digestive system function better. The dog food recipes also include a lot of vegetables so your dog will take in a lot of important vitamins and minerals. Merrick also took dog allergies into consideration which is why you can find poultry free, beef free or fish free products so you will be able to avoid these allergy prone products easily. The packaging of Merrick’s dog foods also comes with clear instructions for healthy portion sizes for your dog’s weight so they will live obesity free.

Types of dog food

Merrick’s supply in all types of dog foods but took great care in developing each of these brands to be unique and healthy for your pet.

Dog kibble – There are a lot of different flavors like Salmon & Sweet Potato, Buffalo and Sweet Potato, Lamb and sweet potato. Each of these flavors contains a lot of added vegetables and minerals to optimize your dog’s health.

Canned food – It is important to reward and spoil your pet with a bit of canned food. Dogs love these Buffalo Grill and Turducken mixes and will adore you for providing them with a bit more than just kibble foods.

Kitchen Bites – A lot of dogs are allergic or sensitive to human foods. You can now treat your dogs a bit with these tasty kitchen bites that are healthy and bite sized.

Jerky Strips – This is a perfect way to keep young dogs from chewing up all your kid’s sneakers. The jerky strips are chewy and will keep teething dogs busy for hours.

Your pet is as much part of the family as your kids and it is only fair to take as good care of them as they take care of you and your kids.