Domestic Cats: The Purr-fect Pet for Moms

What is it about our feline friends that warms our hearts so much so, that we see them as one of the family?

Cats are the most popular pet in the world, and have been associated with humans for at least 9500 years; this was established when ancient cat remains were discovered buried along side its human owner. It is not surprising that we humans fall in love with these beautifully mysterious creatures. Their graceful walk, stunning eyes, assortment of coat colours and elegant poise, make them irresistibly adorable. Once a person has won the love and affection of a cat, he/she will remain a loyal protector of its owner for life.

Domestic Cats: The Purr-fect Pet for Moms

The Joy Domestic Cats Bring

If a cat is treated appropriately, with love and respect, it becomes completely devoted to its owner – following him, sitting with him, and it will even share sleeping quarters with him. Cats become extremely protective of not only their owners but of their surroundings, and will guard their territory from other cats by any means they feel are necessary.

Cats make wonderful companions and have such charming characteristics that they are able to lift a person’s spirits with their affections. They can even help a poorly person feel better – simply by being there.

Domestic or ‘house’ cats do not bow down easily to human requests, unlike the dog. They make humans work for their admiration, and will stand their ground, allowing individuals to ‘pet’ them when they trust enough to agree to this. This enables both cat and human to develop a mutual respect toward each other, permitting a bond to form.

At Buy By Mom, we always recommend cats when people ask us which pets we recommend. Dogs are great too, but they require more attention, and that might be in short supply at various times of the year. Cats can be left alone and there are even automatic timed feeders that will make that chore easier.