Best Places to Retire when the Mom Job Ends

Obviously being a mom is a career that never comes to an end. However, you could retire anywhere in the world and give your children a reason to travel or study abroad. This way you can continue to instill in them an ability to learn and experience new things even when you are in your retirement years. Besides, who wouldn’t want to retire to some of the best places in the world when the “mom job” ends?

When you begin considering places to spend your golden years, think about the things that are most important to you. If you are anything like a vast majority of people looking toward aging, that cold weather might have to take a hike. Therefore, the places on our list are all rife with gorgeous beaches and warm climates.

Best Places to Retire when the Mom Job Ends

Top 6 Best Places to Retire

Why not make that phase of your mom-hood a grand adventure? Maximize every dollar you’ve been saving couponing with your fiscal responsibilities. Use that nest egg to traverse the world and settle into a globally conscious union with one of these incredible places to retire:

  1. Costa Rica– Located in Central America, with Nicaragua above it and Panama below, this may not take you too far from your children, but definitely far enough. You could consider purchasing a townhome through Tamarindo Costa Rica real estate. They’ve got great views that include tropical orchid gardens, hummingbird sanctuaries, a lake, and a butterfly reserve. And, they are currently taking deposits for 32 spacious residences.
  2. Portugal- Specifically, Algarve, with its great weather, low costs of living, and cheap real estate. They speak English there too, so that’s a plus side for you and the kids when they come to visit. And, if you are interested, there are 42 different golf courses and 100 miles of Atlantic coastline to keep you busy.
  3. Belize- More importantly, Cayo. This is another Central America locale. The country’s official language is…English! The rivers and rainforests will pique your sense of adventure as soon as you set foot in the country. Supposedly you can live and run a business there tax free. That’s just in case you wanted to employ some of those gifts and talents that had to be set to aside while raising the kids. Read more.
  4. Colombia- Although it was a drug ridden city 20 years ago, we would like to present Medellin to you today. The climate allows for a nearly eternal springtime. That is probably due to its mountain setting. You won’t need AC or heat here. A modest retirement budget will provide you with luxury digs in Medellin.
  5. France- Bet you are surprised to see that on our list. Pau, located in the Basque region, offers up some intense geography. Valleys, mountains, meandering rivers, woodlands, forests, wild coastlines, and rolling hills give this a very lush green appearance amidst the Basque red you find on all the architecture. With $2000 a month, you could retire here!
  6. Malaysia- Last on our list, historic George Town, is home to at least a dozen museums. And, there are secluded beaches, jungle parks, and even amusement parks to utilize with the kids and grandkids! There’s first rate health care and unless you are eating in the most expensive restaurants, you can eat for $3 per person everywhere else.

It’s hard to imagine retiring when you are knee deep in diapers and laundry. But that time will eventually come, and you might as well start planning now to enjoy the last parts of your life somewhere beautiful! For some more ideas check this out.