Let Go This Holiday So You Can Start With Clean Eating Habits In 2017

Christmas time is a terrible time to be on a diet.  Christmas time is a time of family, giving and celebrating.  It is the time where everyone will be showing off their most delicious Christmas snacks and dinners.  The yummy fruit cakes, delicious hot chocolates, eggnogs, crisp baked chicken bites and mouthwatering deserts are just a few of the delights to look forward during this festive time. You don’t want to be the cranky mom who hides in the corner because you simply cannot stand the look and smell of the Christmas dinner anymore.  Christmas time is the one time where you can let go and cheat on your diet because Christmas only happens once a year.  Let go of all of your diets, let go of all of your new year’s weight goals that simply did not work out in 2016 and let go of all of those jeans that still won’t fit you.  Just let go. December is not the month to lose weight.  It is the time to celebrate and have fun with your family.

Let Go This Holiday So You Can Start With Clean Eating Habits In 2017

How letting go of diets is good for you

It’s not humanly possible to never enjoy a cheat snack.  By letting go of your diets for December you are letting go of a lot of pressure and stress.  You are also improving your mood a lot because you can have more fun when there are fewer calories to count and your mood is improved when you enjoy great food.  Embrace big and beautiful this year, relax and have a blast so you can be ready for the 2017 weight loss challenge that starts in just a short while.

Design your 2017 diet in 2016

While you are devouring a delicious cup of hot chocolate with some fluffy pink marshmallows, you can start working on your new 2017 diet.  Set weight loss goals for yourself, work out a new gym or workout routine and start collecting some diets for your big challenge that is coming your way.  You can also start filling in your goals in your 2017 planner so you can be ready and full of energy when it is time to shake the holiday weight.

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