Making a Choice with the Right Exercise Bike

With so many choices for the right fitness equipment that can be used at home, a lot of people settle by choosing exercise bikes that they can place at their very own room. The great thing about the exercise bike is that it comes with a lot of benefits that people will never get if they have never purchased any exercise equipment.

Even if you have already narrowed down your search by choosing to purchase an exercise bike, it does not mean that things will be much easier for you. You have to remember that there are a lot of exercise bikes to choose from. In fact, whether you check online or in a store, you will see so many brands and types that you cannot help but ask yourself how you can possibly choose.

Making a Choice with the Right Exercise Bike

There are certain factors that you have to consider like the ones you can find here so that you will know that you are making the right choice:

  1. Price

You may think that when it comes to fitness, price should not matter but there are times when you cannot help but still consider the price especially if you are on a strict budget. You know that the slightest mistake can help you go out of your budget immediately. Do remember that it does not necessarily mean that just because the price of the bike is expensive, it is already the best.

  1. Recommendations and Reviews

It will be a good idea to also consider the recommendations of your friends and family who have already made use of the exercise bike. Some of these recommendations may help you out but do remember that there are still some specifications that can be different from one person to another.

  1. Features of the Bike

For each bike that you may consider, it may have some unique features that you will not find in another bike. For instance, is the bike that you are considering easy to pack up when you are not using it? Storage can be a bit of a problem if your bike is not foldable. This is one feature that you always have to consider but there are still a lot more that you can check out such as the seat or the height.

  1. Weight Rating

There are already some exercise bikes that can come with a weight rating. Aside from the fact that you will know the right details about your weight, this can also help you out because it will be easier for you to set a goal for yourself. Do remember that some bikes do not have this feature so choose the best home exercise bike wisely.

  1. Warranty

You may not think that the warranty is that important in the beginning but when your exercise bike starts acting up when you have just purchased it a week before, you will think about the warranty of the bike. Make sure that the warranty of the bike covers the things that may break when you are using your bike. Brands that can give longer warranties may be more confident with the ability and capability of their product.

With all of these details in mind, choosing the right exercise back will not be so crucial anymore. Instead, it can be very helpful.

Pros and Cons of Home Exercise and Gym Exercise



As a single mom looking after kids and struggling to make ends meet, there is often a time when one wonders whether the exercise done at home is as effective as that done in a gym. So today we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both: home exercise and gym exercise. Naturally, for most single moms, this might be a no brainer: gym can be expensive; one needs to make time for it and, if needed, even arrange for a baby sitter. Anyway, if you are still wondering if you can get the body you desire by working out at home or whether you should sweat out in a gym for that, we have answers for you:

Benefits of working out at home

  • Home training fits in your schedule 

The biggest advantage of working out at home is that you can do it when you like unlike adhering to the fixed hours that gyms usually offer. Also, many experts actually feel that gym is a place where you need to be social and being social does not always make for an effective workout. Furthermore, most gyms are overcrowded on certain days of the year when everyone seems to be bitten by the fitness bug. At such times, you need to wait in the line or go very early/late when the crowds are sparse.

  • Home gym offers you privacy 

If you are like most stay at home moms, you’d naturally want more privacy while working out. You need not wear the most stylish gym clothing but can exercise in any ‘old thing’ at home. If you are not too proud of your post-baby body shape, you’d not want to exercise before strangers. Additionally, after doing a set of squats or abs, if you feel like sprawling in the middle of the floor, you can do so in your home, but probably not in a gym.

  • Home environment actually offers better concentration 

As long as the kids are involved in some activities and the baby is fast asleep, moms can really concentrate on their workout. Additionally, should your kids need you; you can be there in an instant, unlike in a gym where you’d probably be worried all the time about them.

  • Eww! Germs 

While most gyms are strict about cleanliness, no matter how much you wipe down the equipment you are likely to encounter germs left by the previous user; something your home environment will be devoid of.

  • Did we mention it is cheaper? 

Naturally working out at home often ends up being cheaper though you’d need to invest in resistance bands, weights, dumbbells and/or an exercise ball. Still, considering the membership fees most gyms charge, these will be far less and would also be a one-time expense.