Why Moms Need To Stay Clued Up On Politics

Women in general have just about conquered and proven wrong every enforced gender rule, suppression and insult that was ever thrown their way by simply living their lives to the fullest and doing what they know they were capable of doing.  They have overcome lots of obstacles over the past hundred years and are now living mostly as equals amongst men with only minor insults and discriminations to bear every now and then.  But the one place where women still have a long way to go is in politics.  Very few women have made it big when it came to politics.  There are hardly any women leaders in politics and even first world countries like America have yet to see their first female president rise to the occasion.  Women in politics are definitely the next big thing that needs to be focused on and you as an individual mom can help.

Why Moms Need To Stay Clued Up On Politics

Why you as a mom should become interested in politics

Most women avoid politics in general.  While men will fight fiercely with one another about their political believes and make a big fuss out of things that they have no control over, women will simply change the subject to something that is more suitable for them such as fashion, work and family life.  This way of turning away from political conversations is exactly what is causing the lack of interest and influence of female political figures because your daughters are learning to do the exact same thing from you.  They cast a blind eye towards politics and focus on something more fun instead.  It is up to you as a mother of a strong daughter to start setting a better example by learning more about politics and by engaging more when it comes to political encounters and political conversations.

Top political figures to start paying attention to

Politics is actually quite easy.  You can catch an update on everything major that is going on in your country easily by simply watching the news or following a few of the major political figures and influences that are making headlines right now.  By simply getting a small update each day you can easily get up to date on politics and pretty soon you will be arguing and conversing with the same passion as any man in the area.

Mark Dubowitz – Following up on news on Mark Dubowitz is one of the best ways to stay clued up on everything major that is happening around your country and internationally since Mark Dubowitz is the director for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and his work is helping keep you safe and sound against terrorism at night.

Barak Obama – Mark Dubowitz and Barak Obama is constantly in conflict about how to deal with sanctions in Iran.  If you are going to stay up to date about info on Mark Dubowitz then you might as well stay clued up on what the president is doing.

Donald Trump – Donald Trump is still astounding everyone with his sudden storm when it came to politics and is definitely a name that you should be acquainted with.

Useful advice on how to take your stay at home mom business to the next level

When you are a stay at home mom, you normally will have some time on your hands during the day to do some sort of activity. The kids may be at school and you have all of the various errands and tasks completed for the time being. This gives you some spare time for a few hours. You may have decided to use this time efficiently and effectively by starting up your own home mom business. Many stay at home moms start businesses like with handcraft goods or some other good or service.

Useful advice on how to take your stay at home mom business to the next level

Everything is within reach

Whatever your own business may be, you will look to make as much out of it as possible. There are many different ways in which you can achieve this, so it is important to conduct a comprehensive audit of everything that you are doing in your business and see which areas can be improved or changed for the better. This will not take long but it will help you and your business significantly.

Another great thing to do is meet and connect with other moms who are involved in the business world by attending think tanks that are run by folks such as Mark Dubowitz. These events will get your idea muscle firing and you may learn some exciting things that will really help to improve your business.

Here is some useful advice to keep in mind throughout the process.

Getting your website in order

When you are running a business, it is vitally important that you have a dedicated website up and running for it. In this day and age, so much of what people do is based on the internet and they research loads of different information and buy things online all of the time. Many moms who sell things like handcrafted goods may sell them on third party websites, but you should still have your own personal website nonetheless.

This allows your loyal customers to stay up to date with what you are doing and stay in touch. It will also allow new customers to learn about you. You should be using as many different mediums as possible as a launchpad for you and your business.

Market it the right way

Many moms do not know how to market themselves or their business sin the right way at all. They will rely on outdated methods or will leave everything to chance. In order to be successful in business, you need to know how to effectively market your goods or services. You should always pay attention to where the attention of your target audience is.

First you need to define in great detail who your target customer is. What sex, age, demographic, area, religion, and background do they have etc. This will allow you to figure out what websites and other things they do. When you have this figured out, you can tailor your marketing efforts to these platforms so you can see the best results.