Free Stuff for Moms

We know you come here for the benefit of saving money. So, surely you are thrilled by the title here. We certainly live by the mantra, “If it’s free, it’s for me.” That is why we wanted to impart to you these incredible free deals for moms-to-be and current moms. These little samples and freebies will certainly help you when you are accosted by potential financial struggles.

One such moment may arise if you are ever in the situation in which you must file for medical malpractice in Maryland. Heaven forbid, but if you encounter some sort of birth injury or a birth related disability when your wee one arrives, this might be a necessary evil. And, if you have to hire a lawyer, or pay for treatments, at least until your case is closed, money might be tight. Hopefully, these free things will make your struggle a little less painful.

Free Stuff for Moms

15 Great Freebies You Want

There are probably more than 15 of these, but we are sure you will want the ones on this list. Every mom can benefit from free stuff, so please choose to share this list with all your mom friends. We would love to be able to assist as many of you as possible. So, without further ado, here are the 15 great freebies you want:

  1. Seven Slings– You are going to be looking for a way to comfortably carry your baby. You can get a free sling from this company as long as you are willing to pay the shipping cost.
  2. Udder Cover– Please, please, please breastfeed your baby. And, if you’d like, order a free udder cover for the price of shipping. Learn more.
  3. Parents Magazine– There is no strings to this freebie. You’ll get a one year subscription. Free!
  4. Baby Leg Warmers– This is another company that requires you to pay shipping in order to receive the free item, but at least your baby will be warm.
  5. Similac- You’ll have to sign up for their Strong Moms program, but then you’ll get tons of freebies.
  6. My Gerber– Just join My Gerber and they’ll send you coupons to save tons ‘o’ money.
  7. Earth’s Organics– All you have to do to get free stuff from them is sign up for their newsletter.
  8. Huggies- Huggies Rewards allows you to collect points toward free gift cards for additional products.
  9. Luvs– Sign up for the Luvs Network and get all the deals and coupons you need.
  10. Pampers- A Pampers Village membership will let you free samples from Pampers and their partner companies.
  11. Seventh Generation– This company’s Generation Good Program opens doors to try new products and get exclusive offers. Read more.
  12. Nuk– You will be able to save up to $11 on their products, and if you join, you will receive additional deals 6 times a year.
  13. Johnson & Johnson– Logging into Healthy Essentials will provide you access to printable coupons to save money on a number of their products. But, when it comes to soap for your baby, you might want to consider using all-natural versions like those found here.
  14. Dreft- The Generation Good Program is sometimes on this site as well, so keep checking back for deals.
  15. Nature’s One Organic Medical Nutrition– You can go on their site and request free samples of their products.

There are always opportunities for free stuff out there for new moms, just keep looking.

Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

It is always ideal to keep your baby with you for at least the first year, especially if your little one is breastfeeding.  A lot of moms work from home to accommodate their tiny babies so they can have the best possible care. But caring for your little one while you try to earn a living from home is quite tough.  Babies can take a lot of time.  I mean seriously a lot of time.  They are constantly changing their daily habits.  During growth spurts they will mostly sleep an only wake for feeding.  Other times they will want to drink every two hours and can be cranky and moody for a great deal of the day which gives you almost no time to get anything else done.  A baby swing can help you survive difficult days much easier so you can still be profitable while nursing your little one.

Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

Great for babies with colic

Colic babies are tough… Colic is still one of the biggest medical mysteries when it comes to babies.  A colic baby can cry for hours on end even though they are fed, dry and healthy.  There is no real medical reason why they cry and the medications for colic is often does very little to calm them down.  Colic babies love to be rocked.  The motion helps them deal with craps and pain and soothes them during these though times and this is exactly where a baby swing can help moms out.  You cannot rock your baby all the time.  If you do you will never get any sleep and you will certainly never get any work done.  An automatic baby swing will rock your baby for you so he or she will be relieved of pain.

You can work while your little one gets rocked

The baby swings are fantastic for getting work done.  You can move it close to your desk where you can still keep an eye on your baby and so your little one won’t feel alone.  The swing will rock your baby while you get some work done.

Sleep while the swing soothes baby

Babies love to be rocked and they sleep a lot better when they are rocked.  If your little one is extremely fussy during night or naptime you can use the baby swing to soothe them to sleep.

Get the best baby swings here

Baby Swing Centre offers reviews on all of the best baby swings on the market.  You can have a look at some basic manual swings or you can read up all about the electrically powered swings that automatically rocks your baby for you.

Remember to alternate

Babies needs frequent rotation, stimulation and alteration.  You cannot leave your baby in a baby swing all the time.  Their heads will grow flat on the back and their development will slow down since they aren’t getting enough tummy time and aren’t able to move around enough.  You should alternate between the baby swing, a play mat, stroller, cot and personal contact frequently.

Age defying tips for moms

Moms are busy and sometimes have to be superhuman. There are so many tasks and things that have to be done and taken care of by moms that it is hard to think of anything vanity-related. There are a couple of easy to implement ideas that all moms can take part in to make themselves feel rejuvenated and also turn back the time where looks are concerned. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a bit of time for yourself mom, here are a few helpful tips about rituals you should include in your daily schedule.

First and foremost it is important to get enough sleep, it has been scientifically proven that lack of sleep is really bad for your skin and can make your age show up much quicker than you would like it too. Take time out if you can and get an early night as often as you can. It is also incredibly important to wash all makeup and grime off every night before going to bed. It is important for our skin to breath and that is impossible without a good cleanser, one that is preferred for your skin type. Read more about why enough sleep is incredibly important for you.

Age defying tips for moms

It is also very important to choose the right makeup. There are many cheap brands that worked pretty well when we were in our twenties but that is not really ideal for aging skin. Take a look at best makeup for aging skin for some fantastic tips on choosing the right makeup to look years younger. There is nothing worse than seeing a lady in her forties with cheap makeup on. Make this an investment, ladies it will be worth it in the end.

Finding a beautician that understands your skin and your needs is a great investment for anyone if you can afford it. These people are skilled at keeping us looking our best and it is always great to gain advice from a specialist. Click here to read more about why you should invest in a beautician. Invest in the best moisturizer and use it every day. Your skin doesn’t need any opportunity to become dry and with climate changes this can happen incredibly easily. Take time to buy the right moisturizer that is suited for your skin. Also invest in the best sunscreen and use it every time you are outdoors. The sun is no good for aging and wrinkles goes hand in hand with sun exposure. Take the time to use sunscreen with the right SPF count and make sure you wear a sunhat on a hot day.

In conclusion these are a few tips that have always been available to us by our mothers and grandmothers which make them old but reliable tips and it will not end up costing you an arm and a leg. We only live once and it is fantastic to age gracefully without having to invest in any plastic surgery.

Things moms should teach their children

Our children are our pride and joy and it is imperative that we teach them about the importance of certain things in life. To make the most of your child’s upbringing you would need to invest time and effort into it. In the old days children were raised pretty sheltered, today it is important to note that life is challenging and that your child will be faced with temptations. There are a few uncomfortable things that can be avoided by keeping your children informed. Here is some advice on things that should be discussed with your children.

Things moms should teach their children

Teach your children about intimacy

Your child will be faced with great relationships in their lives, family, best friends, enemies, business relationships and eventually love. It is important that your child knows how to handle intimacy and how to be open and commit to people and relationships.

Teach your child about authenticity

It is important for a parent to let their children know that they are one of a kind and that it is cool to be individual and authentic. If they have dreams and goals that might not fit in with your plans for them it is important to let them know that you support them and also that everyone else is authentic and should be respected.

Teach your child about the law

It is also important to keep your child informed about what can happen if a law is broken. The dangers of getting involved with the wrong crowd and making that one wrong move. There might be situations where your children will get wrongfully charged for any type of conviction where you can take a look at TAKAKJIAN & SITKOFF, LLP in order to get a free legal consultation which can really help in a sticky situation.

Teach your child about taking responsibility for his or her mistakes

This is a very important lesson and should be taught early on in your child’s life. They need to know that if they were in the wrong they would need to take responsibility for their actions and take the punishment or consequences that come with it.  Click here to read more about positive parenting.

Teach your child about peer pressure

Peer pressure is by far the worst influence on our children. It is important for us to let them know that they should follow that inner voice that tells them when they are in the wrong and that their friends don’t necessarily know better. It is a parent’s responsibility to let their child know what lies ahead and to prepare them as best as they possibly can. Click here to read more about peer pressure.

Teach your child about respect

This lesson will take them far in life and will help them to make the right decisions at all times. Respect is incredibly important and should also be taught early in a child’s life. There will be many situations where your child would have to react out of respect.

How a Mom Like You Can Deal with Water Damage

There is a possibility that your home has been damaged recently. As a mom, you know that this can cost a lot of money and you do not have any choice at all. You have to remember that even though you may be feeling that your pain is aching because of the problems that you may be having, you have to remember that you can still do things that will help you out with what you have to do. Get to know more details about this here.

  1. Detect where the water is coming from.

There is a chance that you are not quite sure where the water is coming from. You have to determine first where the water comes from and once you find the source, stop the water from flowing into your home.

  1. Cut off temporarily the electricity inside your home.

If you are dealing with water damage, you have to remember that if an electric power source gets in touch with the water, there is a chance that you will also get electrocuted in the process. You do not want to risk it. This may not be too hard if you are dealing with small puddles but if most part of your home is already flooded, you have to turn off the electricity first. If in case you would like to handle small appliances, make sure that they are not connected to any power source or your hands are not wet.

  1. Get to assess the overall damage.

Probably because of the flood or because of the plumbing system, some items inside your home have been damaged. Do remember that you can always change this. You can assess the overall damage and list down the items that have been broken because of the water damage.

  1. Save the things that you value the most.

If there are some things that you consider to be highly important for you not only because of their value but because of their personal value that you can get from it, what you can do is make sure that you will save them and place them in a safe place. The things that you can save will depend on what you like to save.

  1. Get rid of the water inside your home.

If you still have water inside your home and the source of the water has already been turned off, what you can do is to get rid of the water appropriately. You can do what you need to do in order to get rid of the water. For instance, you may choose to do it by yourself so you can lessen Orange County water damage or you may also choose to hire the right company that can help you with what you need.

How a Mom Like You Can Deal with Water Damage

Do remember that hiring the right company will help you out but before water damage happens, you may also want to know more on how you can prevent water damage beforehand. For instance, you may choose to clean your gutters to ensure that water flow is always constant.

What Every Mom Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Does your daughter or son looking to have teeth whitening? Are you having second thoughts if it can solve his or her teeth discoloration? If that is so, then you may want to know more about this process to see if it can be helpful to your child’s advantage.

These days, almost everyone wants to get fast and instant result. The same thing goes with the likelihood of getting whiter teeth. By doing so, it can make their smile even better. There are quite a few reasons why discolored teeth happened. It can be caused by the genes, smoking, age and other sorts of stains. When your child is among those who suffer from such, teeth whitening Colorado Springs can be the best solution to help boost his confidence when he flash that smile. As per studies and researches made by professionals, the process is effective to over 78% of people who have gone through it. Because it is highly popular, more and more researches were made in order to develop the other types of whitening the teeth.

What Every Mom Should Know About Teeth Whitening

It is best to keep in mind that the process is not permanent. It works by the removal of organic matters found in the teeth enamel. It is through the process of dissolving with the help of derivative of peroxide. The teeth whitening process can only be effective for those with lots of enamel.

Professional teeth whitening and teeth whitening kits are the two forms of whitening the teeth. The professional is of course regarded as the safest and most effective way to whiten the teeth because it is supervised by a dentist. It will be the dentist who will assess if the teeth can go well with the process as well as the kind of teeth whitening that can suit best for the case of the patient. Prior to the procedure, the dentist will perform oral prophylaxis, cavity filling if any and to make sure that the gums of the patient is in good health. Read more at

The second type is the kits. This kit comes with whitening gel with mouthpieces that can fit to the teeth. These are not that effective as opposed to the first type. Before using the kit, it is still recommended to consult the dentist first so as to make sure that nothing will go wrong along the way.

Teeth whitening can be effective for most yet just like any process; it also comes with limitations and disadvantages. It can include sore teeth due to the bleach and sore gums. The boding, fillings, bridges and crowns will only go back to its usual color and it will not be whiten even with professional teeth whitening. Not all stains are the same. Different types of stains may need a different approach. Thus, this makes a dental consultation essential to make sure that the whitening of teeth process that you will undergo would work as per your unique needs.

Anyone who has discolored teeth caused by drinking tea, coffee or due to smoking may want to look into having teeth whitening.