RASPBERRY KETONEMAX – Possible Side effects

pure-raspberry-ketonesRaspberry Ketonemax is being slated as the next big revolution in the area of weight loss supplements. It is a naturally occurring compound in Raspberries and this is the greatest USP of this product. It basically works by shrinking the fat cells in your body thereby causing a general reduction in the body weight and mass. The reviews of this product also reaffirm the fact that Ketonemax works miracles on your waistline and fat deposits. Since it is a natural product the chances of interaction with other drugs and side effects are low. Even though insignificant chances exist, we would like to make our readers aware of the possible Ketone side effects not to be ignored.

Side Effects

Blood Pressure

Raspberry Ketonemax is said to be related to an alkaloid called Synephrine. This substance occurs naturally in small concentration in some animals and plant products. It has property of increasing the systolic blood pressure. Therefore, improper dosages and in some people recommended dosage may also cause high blood pressure.

Increased Heart rate

A fluctuation in blood pressure can simply lead to either an increase in heart rate or Arrhythmia; which basically means that this supplement might cause irregular heart beat. This may consequently lead to palpitations and jitteriness also.

Headache and Dizziness

Experiencing headaches, heavy head or just slight dizziness post consuming this supplement is another side effect to look for. Do discontinue Ketonemax immediately. These symptoms might occur as side effects of Ketonemax. Do note that this symptom may appear as the only symptom even though your blood pressure and heart beat register normalcy.

Excessive sweating 

If you have been sweating profusely and significantly more than your normal standards, then it might simply be a side effect. It would be better to consult the physician in this case and rule out any other severe and serious side effect. If sweating is accompanied with palpitations and anxiety then discontinuation of Ketonemax would be the cautious option.


In rare cases, where a user might have ignored the milder side effects for long or taken high dosages of this compound, persistent high blood pressure may cause stroke. It is a rare side effect but not impossible. A stroke may also follow abnormal heart beat and palpitations.

Caution for Pregnancy

Though its effects have not been studied on pregnant women or foetus, but it is strongly suggested that a medical advice be sought before using this weight loss supplement during pregnancy. The logic is simple that a woman must not undergo weight loss regime during pregnancy. Also, blood pressure and heart beat of the mother directly affect her baby in the womb. Pregnancy is also a period when a woman’s blood pressure and hormonal changes are most likely to fluctuate; a dosage of ketone may trigger these conditions rather easily during pregnancy.

Though Raspberry Ketonemax has been reviewed as very safe and effective weight loss supplement, if any of the above discussed Ketone side effects occur then discontinuation is recommended along with a medical practitioner’s advice. As they say “Better Safe than Sorry”!